Marcin Patrzalek - Toxicity (System of a Down) - Solo Acoustic Guitar

➤NEW EP "REVAMP" including Toxicity available on and all streaming services! ➤TABS available on />"Toxicity" arranged and played by 16-year-old Marcin Patrzalek Like me on Facebook: />Instagram: @marcinpatrzalek />Booking: [email protected] Subscribe! More videos coming soon! -- Video recorded and edited by Tomasens Instagram: @tomasenscru Mixed/Mastered by Piotr Patrzalek - [email protected] Tuning: CGCGCEb This arrangement comes from Marcin Patrzalek's newest album "revAMP" available on all streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music etc. You can buy the EP on /> #toxicity #fingerstyle #acousticguitar

Marcin Patrzalek
My new video is OUT NOW! I believe it's my best track yet - check it out here: Tabs for all my pieces (including Toxicity) on Thanks for the support! More fresh videos coming soon!
fauhan_ sy
yap, nothing to do here. time to burn my guitar and kill myself
Zie Zevlag
Guitar : Pls Don't hurt me. "Plays toxicity " Guitar: Disorder! Disoorrderrrr
Masterxl MVs
*Step 1:* Pick up guitar *Step 2:* Devote years of your life to learning how to play sufficiently *Step 3:* Watch this video *Step 4:* Put down guitar and stomp it into pieces because what's the point
VENIMOS DE PARTE DE UPDT Excelente trabajo!!!
I bet hes the kid in class making annoying pencil beats 😂 lmfao
krmen jessalyn
Vengo de parte de un poco de todo y la verdad me encantó el vídeo
Marcin, I bought your guitar, how come it doesn't sound like this? 😂😂
Little Devil
Acoustic drum version 7.0
Jaramey H
I know this is from 2016 but, DUDE!!! you absolutely killed it that was amazing ... nicely done.
Petey Lavoy
Just saw you on Americas got Talent , you are a guitar god !
Awesome job here and fucking fantastic job on AGT! You killed it!
Jakub Woziwodzki
When the rest of the band doesn't show up.
Charlie murphy
Honestly sounded better on the other guitar. This just sounds to clean ya know. Still fantastic
Badr O
Still rocking that tommy emmanuel guitar.👏👏👏
Boris Yorbis Silva Castillo
HOW CAN SOMEONE PLAY LIKE THAT? He's like what? playing the part of what? 4 people? all by himself?
Shamil Men
0% mistakes, 100% pure goddess talent.
Jonathan Perez
each down vote is a jealous hater. masterful performance buddy keep it up
Ricardo Silva
Esse menino é top, bom demais. Maravilhoso, espetacular!!!!
Dan Trottier
Makes me wonder why jimmy Hendrix is regarded as the best... Don't get me wrong the man was totally awesome but nobody can dismiss this virtuoso kid!!! Simply amazing !!!
Came here coz i saw you in AGT. I knew you got some Youtube vid. Thats freakin skills!
Gyanendra kumar
I came here watch all your videos after watching your AGT performance. You killed it man!!! Great work man ...keep growing Love from India🇮🇳
FUNciak PL
Aż mi wstyd że dopiero teraz Cie odkryłem. Jesteś najlepszym gitarzystą jakiego słyszałem. Dziękuje w imieniu Polski że świetnie reprezentujesz nasz kraj.
Vilkas Bratovitch
Damn kid, stop pissing in my mouth as a guitarist. :P Seriously: fantastic, congratulations! ;)
justin arreaga
Never, ever put that guitar down my dude.
jhunmark sondia
AGT brought me here. So awesome dude🤘🤘
Michael Kofman
This is just a straight up "wtf, how is that even possible" performance. Absolutely masterful, virtuoso performance.
Just watched you on AGT. 👍
Fast AF
Hope he leads the way to area 51
Zaza Ali
U fantastic ... U born artist ... Music is running in your blood!!! congratulations n all the best
TheNick Pérez W'AF
《Amazing!》 ●UPDT●
Julian Scott
When it started I thought it would just be another medicore, boring "clap on the guitar" video, but it turned out to be VERY cool, man! Great job :-)
Maribel Salazar
ahora me siento mas inútil en la guitarra :´)
Steve Wheeland
Only one word comes to my mind.. "Phenomenal"!!!!
Laurie Suzanne
Marcin, your artistry is absolutely beyond - Magnificent! All the best to you in your long and most rewarding career.
Ugh! All these video cuts are horrible. The playing is so amazing that it doesn't need camera tricks to enhance the experience. In fact, it makes it hard to watch.
Special Agent Bill Maxwell
♪ Eating seeds as a pastime activity ♬
I think I might even prefer this to the original. Smashing work there lad.
Elijah Wolfe
I really love this. You did such a great job. I'm a guitarist myself but I have never seen such talent before. Well done!
Andrew Rabin
Absolutely mindblowing! I cannot believe that this person is real and I am so addicted to listening to his playing guitar. I have lost words to express.
Vero Lorenz
Excelente. Que bien hace el ritmo con golpes. Algo moderno y bonito. Recordando a Sistem of a dawn
Amit Thapa
Well I don't know I am getting inspired by this video or annoyed at my guitar skills after watching the way he is playing...😂
Janice Nair
🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍This style suits toxicity so well. Well done
I absolutely love this style of guitar play checkout Mike Dawes and Jon gomm
TemGamer oficial
like to updt
Damn, I knew I've had seen this kid before! Saw his audition on AGT, it was awsome!
Amazing bro rock ,system and Guitar 💯
Greg Brechelt
Is that Tommy Emmanuel’s signature on his guitar?
Is your guitar signed by Luca Stricagnoli? Loved your cover.
Damien Lim
744 dislikes from drummers, vocalist and bassist whom are gonna lose their jobs...
awesome! great performance, Marcin!
Tim Eno
We're all glad that if anyone ever told Marcin, 'You can't do that', or, 'That's not how you do that', he paid no attention to them. Bravo!
bojan desmaels
Hold my sushi, this master once said b4 he lit up his stage.
Killjoy who makes some noise
"Conversion software version 7.0" more like "Conversion slaying version 7.0"
How old were you when you did this and how many years did you learn to play like that? I'm surprised
Max Seep
Next, I wish you play CANARIOS in your terrific style :) P.S. How, in the hell, you can play metal strings like this ??? :)
My jaw literally dropped...I thought Sungha Jung was one of the best young guitarists I've seen but you have a much more unique and refined style. Hope your playing takes you far in life because you deserve it!!
Ju Ju
Lol that's ironic because I was literally just watching him on America's got talent😅
Quentin Wipier
One more guy who has sold his soul.. great job here bro
evil spirit ariana
His nails tho. (I know, I'm focusing on his awesome nails instead of the music lmao but I just have no words to describe how amazing it is)
Dennis Boots
Incredible! Love this all the way. Keep up the good work! Dziekuje!
Abir K
Your cover is mindbowing, seriously ! You covered like the 3 instruments and the vocal at the same time with just one guitar ! Keep going you're a very talented guy :')
Tony Power
I have played Spaniard guitar for years...on nylon strings....when I play in metal fingers hurts...and I loose my nails....the whole thing sucks...and here is this kid...wowwwwwwww
It's like doing beatbox on guitar
Jesteś porostu świetny, każdy by chciał taki być
Austin Hamilton
So badass. Huge fan of the original and your remake. Great work
Emil Bakowski
Daron Malakian disliked this video 62 times
Thobile Nzimande
Oh my word!!! I'm AMAZED!!!!
Karol Klosowski
Rewelacja. Fajnie że młode pokolenie sięga po takie utwory. Ten ma 18 lat. Brawo. Jesteś MEGA.
hari baskar
Wow !!! Guitar's Music is Toxic 😍😍😍
you played part of this on agt?
I've seen a lot of cover but this one....will be in my top list
This guy has TABS available in the description... so I can fail and sob with accuracy lol. 😍 Mind: Blown 🤯
ariel baron
I already mastered this in grade school. Then I woke up..
Absolutely mindblowing. What a prodigy. Keep it up !
Dazlina Daly
The best fingerstyle so far for Toxicity. Well done from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Ogorek Ogursky
Marcin, you are very much like Chopin. He left Poland and then understod that his music is Polish and his duties are Polish. Gosh, I do not envy you.
Jennix Jynx
Absolute guitar GOD!
Ruben Corvera
I know my power chords bro
Sande Sande
Amazing 😍😍😍
Arabind S
This is really motivating video. I'm selling my guitar. Thank you
Looks like Rodrigo y Gabriela Had a Son
Mr GetRect
You’re amazing! Watched you last night, brilliant!
Willass Maximus
Just came from seeing you on agt bud! Awesome execution of this song mimicking every instrument with just one! Subscribed.
Walter Studio
En estos momentos tengo dudas existenciales :'v
Thobile Nzimande
Can't stop rewatching!
Sr tomate
Es de los mejores músicos la verdad ya es uno de mis favoritos amo su trabajo!! Nada homo jajaja
Kevin Arce
Que envidiable manera ingeniosa de tocar la guitarra.
Amazing job dude! But I must say you kinda fucked up master of pupets, but this is amazing nice job.
Shane Wright
This is what he meant. THE BLUBOTTON IN GRIMM. Monroe
Ayan Bhattacharya
Thank you lord for you gave me life in the very specific timeframe in this world where I could bear witness to unprecedented talent such as this kid right here.
Nick Slade
Far and Above what Amazing can be
Wan thousand
Petakilanya Amazing 👍
Dirga Mcbirink
Most of us come here after agt 😅
Grzegorz Królikowski
Szacunek.mistrzowska interpretacja i wykonanie. Jesteś mistrzem.
Ariel Villanea
Where is Serj and why isn't he throwing money at this kid? And why isn't this on Spotify!?
He will have any girl he wants!
whos here because of Agt
The Darkness Horseman
Se você achar isso difícil então algo está errado no seu aprendizado
Nazarudin Ismail