Eminem - Stan Ft. Dido [Explicit Music Video]

Eminem - Stan [Explicit Music Video] I don't own any audio or video just uploading content. No copyright infringement intended.

the censored version is literally unwatchable because like half of the words are beeped out
Jamaal Curry
One of the best storytelling raps of all time
Never Wolf
Mgk is Mathew grown up 😂
Goat Man
When u text your crush and she don't reply
Franco productions.
Slim Shady makes us laugh Eminem makes us think Marshall Mather's makes us cry Edit: let's hit thirty likes likes
raymond johnson
Im sorry that i didnt call you back...I signed a autograph for you daughter. I wrote it on a Starter cap... Lol Mgk killshot
John Godwin
Stan can write really good letters. He should be a rapper.
hi it's me
Who else gets the feels listening to this ❤😢
James Tims
Stan would be absolutely PISSED at machine gun Kelly
The original version is censored and this shit is synced poorly.
Jason Voorhees
My chest really hurt everytime i heard this.. All he wanted is just a reply..
Jocelyn Mono
Calm down Mgk probably the real stan
Aerial is gay
Stop commenting about mgk
damn post office. shoulda tweeted him
Whenever anyone says em is shit I hit them with this link
Not till relistening to this did I just realise that in kill shot em was basically calling mgk Stan 😂 knee id heard the starter cap lyric before lol killshot makes a lot more sense now let’s hooe mgk doesn’t pull a stan with his daughter 😐
Gavino Yañez
This was MGK at 15 writing a letter to Marshall telling him how he wanted to be like Em his entire life.
Bravery Guy
I just got the "I wrote it on a starter cap" reference
Dear MGK. I wrote to you but your still not calling....
Out of sync. Do it properly or don't do it at all.
Eclipse Madness
Mgk is stan son but never had an autograph from eminem
Best song ever
YouKnow Voodoo
Out of nowhere I want to hear this song; video uploaded a week ago. Synchronicity.
Marcel McFadden
I had to come back to watch the origin story of MGK
Luke Urbanski
MGK, hot damn he really is Stan
This made me cry a little😣
Thanks man Ik it's not in sync because of copyright that sucks but great work man
rahmat mousavi
they call this the ''dirty version'' smh
Joy Roy
2018 music are crap now..mumble rappers are trying to take over but em is fighting dem. send slim i repeat send slim.. *kamikaze arrives*
Isaiah Thomas
Rip Stan lee
Dee Chandler
This was genius plain and simple
the audio is so fkn out of sync
Antonio Garcia
2018 anyone????
Bryce Lastat
This shit still makes me never mind, I love this song man, its still keeping me alive (Rip Stan)
J j
Me personally I like both Mgk and Eminem but I think Eminem goes way hard on his diss tracks
Dank Boii Fortnite
I first saw this when I was 10 (when it came out) and It made me feel so scared for like a week lol
kay kay the singer
The last part of the song almost made me cry 😔
Sean Campos
you can see how stan's state of mind changes and obsesses about slim
Major Win
Only a little over 200 thousand people think like me😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
xavy patroni
I guess STAN reincarnated into MGK men bun but this time you didnt die by accident you died by Em’s head shot.!
Clyde Cromey
I haven't seen this video in years...but I'm here now to hear the story of Mgk Stan.
I love this song thanks for uploading
OpsCozy 16
I was so into the song and the video that I didn't even notice it was out of sync
kay kay the singer
This song is 🔥🔥🔥
stfu with mgk
Cameron Allen
Photek Spor
Who's here after watching Somewhere between, after the brain melt of remebering where you know Nico from??
David Quintero
Machine BUN nelly
Arvee Corros
Been here because of final destination 1. 😊
ColinCavs 6
When Gucci gang has more views then this
Jamie Carlin
Video is way off on the lyrics.
The vid doesn’t match the audio.
Fin Jay
great song
Home Repair
The beginning of mgk diss to em "oh my god bonny"
hamo samoa
Rap god😎😎
Zaire Hairston
Amanda Grainger
Roxie Whitmire
Is stalker/fan a coincidence or did slim purposely name him stan for that reason??
JDOG Adams
The words were so off key
Trevor Cele
Wht an artist, the creativity behind this song!! DAMN. EM has all my brains working, figuring out the punchlines, what he said but meant sumthing else!!! THE GOAT
Garbage Man
MGK is that you?
MGK was delibarately making diss of eminem so people can listen his songs again and to remember how great rapper he was!
Just wow.. deep
Guy who Plays Games
Very deep
Good Song!!!!!
Agha Nahkila
2018 still my favorite Em track
Daniel Kerr
is mk stan??? mind blown
Matija Kovačević
Even though I'm not an Em fan, this song is golden.
Brad's Streets Roller
Me pareció tan increíble haber escuchado esa canción una tarde cuando venia de clases en el metro de caracas Venezuela, me alivio tanto la mente ! .
SB -StarBoi
Come to think about his name was, it was you, damn.
Walking Water
When eminem was good..
**Insert MGK Comment**
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_te-qd4g8E ^^^^^^ 2Pac - Solace | 2018 ^^^^^^
Joe Burton
Why is the video off
Josiah Evans
It's weird watching/ listening to the "clean" version. There's so many words that are edited. Words that weren't edited when this song came out. Come to think about it editing and deleting is what this country is. Don't let your kids listen to edited music, watch edited movies, or read edited books. History is important! Negative, positive, or otherwise.
Hark Angel
The real slim when he was shady 😏Get it 😂
reyfer erasmo marcella
Deiasha Whitaker
think about pacman
This is my favorite song from him tbh
Kenny McCormick
The one who plays Stan, is also Alex from Final Destination
aymen gachoura
04/11/2018 still love it
Jessica Haines
There goes MGK, driving off the bridge......RIP
Naseema Veasey
November 2018
Skull Speaks
*someone says MGK* Me: Who's that?
Hello Bunzin
Thank you so much for this.
Tevin Sparrow
This really lets you know exactly how much Stan's insanity was. Much better.
Jonathan Jones
Feel this song a bit too much man
Lauren Rose
Missing this Eminem
Everything was a bit late
Seth Linstad
I have only ever listened to the censored version and never realized his g-friend was in the trunk
berto Ledezma
King Travis Searles
Kali Marie
reality check☑
Dido sexy AF.
CornRow Kenny
Rip stan. (Machine gun kelly)
Richard Anning
this song still gives me goosebumps 18 years later. thumbs up if it does for you too
Abdeljalil Lemich
i memorized the latest album so i wanted to come back to these old days