David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody (1985) (Music Video - Dave TV Version)

David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo / I A'int Got Nobody (Medley) (1985). Taken from the E.P. "Crazy From The Heat" (1985). David Lee Roth -- vocals Eddie Martinez -- guitars Sid McGinnis -- guitars Willie Weeks -- bass guitar John Robinson -- drums Sammy Figueroa -- percussion Brian Mann -- keyboards

I remember when this first aired on MTV..just watched it again the other day and laughed my balz off..OMG is this funny. I say it all the time Dave should have taken over the Price is Right...lol
Back when Mtv was worth watching!
I've always loved Dave's vaudevillian panache. He's obviously the product of some old school music and performance. Only DLR can do jazz hands and make every dude in a 100 mile radius think, "Shit, dude, Imma start doing jazz hands, too! Thanky bro!"
4:36 You're here for this
Stoopid Pursun
If anyone ever asks me to define the 1980s in ten words or less I won't need any. I'll just show them this video.
Ray Furrer
You gotta love Dave, the Billy Idol part is hilarious, as well as Boy George, only Dave,lolol.
Dave Rindone
You couldn't get any more 80s!
Andrew Dubya
"Oh hey David. What`d you do today?" "Oh nothing much. Pissed off Willy Nelson and murdered Billy Idol."
5:45 if you searching for that Elena winpose from Third Strike
Gail Spencer Choate
I love this video and have for decades....especially the part where he's dancing so joyously he hits the girl's hat at 5:48.
Paul Mc C
Dave from 78 - 86 was unreal just fantastic.
Jack Williams
One of the greatest entertainers ever !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆🏆
leon jo
Lol, Dave is the 80s personified
A micro retrospective of the hottest of the 80's -- from spoofs/honors to Michael Jackson to Cindi Lauper, to Boy George, Billy Idol, Eddie Van Halen and so much more. Apparently no expense was too much! Great times and great videos! :)
Matthew Geary
Holy shit spongebob says that hibbly skibbibly billibloy bop part in the movie during the solo by the ice cream
Peter Wareham
A born showman and all round entertainer Dave you the man.
I remember my grandmother walked through the living room and this was on MTV she said who is this? DLR we said. She watched it more laughed watched it to the end and he is good! She was 70 in 1985. She was a singer and guitar piano player and this stop her and got her full attention she loved it.
Stephen Eisenberg
Say what you want, the guy has charisma.
Dave banged every chick in that last scene. Guaranteed.
Eazy E
miss these days
the editing is awesome; the horse!! that stylist getting punched THE SOUND of the punch and his reaction in the Boy George montage is my top five moments in music video. I laugh every time! And I'm 52!!
Latex Leather and Lace
Whats not to love, Dave TV!!!!!
The band that played on this record is powerhouse! Willie Weeks played with George Harrison! These musicians are top notch and I don't recall a lot of publicity on the band for this particular record. Dave went on to use some legends in his other solo work but this band here was limited to this first solo effort and E.P., "Crazy from the Heat" which was hot stuff back in the day.
Andrew Geraci
Ahhhh. I remember when MTV showed videos. Made for great viewing and learning about new cool songs that didn't get much airplay on radio.
Hakkem Johnson
5:45 Elena's Win Pose lol.
H.I. McDunnough
This must me how Dave sees the world...
Manuel Mendoza
Man diamond dave was something else in his prime. Wild man and very entertaining for sure.
james kesting
Dave at his best. long live the 80"s
FatFreddys Cat
Dayum. There was a time when we had some real fun... d;^)
Timothy Ryan Fisher Old School Music
Davis Lee Roth is a talented guy, Glam meets jazz, he actually sounds a little like Armstrong at times in this tune. The video is ridiculous, but the song is not bad, actually good jazz tune.
Every time I see this vid it brings a smile to my fizzogg, Its a happy vid init? hehehehehehehehehe
Nun Ya
Crazy sexy man.
Roscoe Floyd
Damn it must suck. Being young this days. We had so much good music in the 80s glad I was ther [email protected][email protected]
Vlad Vampirelord
I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go People know the part I'm playing Paid for every dance, selling each romance Ooh, and they're sayin' There will come a day when youth will pass away What will they say about me? When the end comes, I know They was just the gigolos Life goes on without me I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go People know the part Dave's playing Paid for every dance, selling each romance Ooh, what they're sayin' There will come a day when youth will pass away What will they say about me? When the end comes, I know They was just a gigolo Life goes on without me, 'cause I ain't got nobody Nobody cares for me, nobody Nobody cares for me I'm so sad and lonely Sad and lonely, sad and lonely Won't some sweet mama come and take a chance with me? 'Cause I ain't so bad Better love me, babe Sad and lonesome, all of the time Even on the beat, on the, on the, on the beat Bop, boze-de-boze-de-bop, se-de-bop I ain't got nobody Nobody cares for me, nobody Nobody, hey, say Feelin' so sad and lonesome Ain't got nobody Woohoo, sad and lonesome Need love Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop I ain't got nobody Nobody, nobody cares for me, nobody, nobody I'm so sad and lonely Sad and lonely, sad and lonely Won't some sweet mama come and take a chance with me? 'Cause I ain't so bad Been a lonely soul Been lonesome all of the time Even on the beat Johnny, Johnny on the beat Need a long tall darling, mama David said he got nobody I loves Ain't got nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody) Nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody) No one (no one), no one (no one) Loop-de-loop (loop-de-loop) Darling, darling (darling, darling) Getting serious (getting serious) Got to see the walls (got to see the walls) Over there (over there) Nobody (nobody), not no one (not no one) Nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody) Nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody) Nobody (nobody) Nobody cares for me
who came here because of SFIII Elena,please like this comment
back in the good old days man I miss them
Mallory Wagner
Brilliant...DLR such an amazing voice. One of the best music videos ever.
Mississippi Wildlife
2 people are sad and lonely :)
We all just gigolos at the end of the day, ya’ll.
Kevin Blount
Jeez, this guy goes through more costume changes than the Cat from Red Dwarf!
Mrs Chester
Best part is seeing the send ups of The Gloved One, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Billy Idol, Willie Nelson.
Daniel Waggoner
Goddamned Dr. Rockzo
Mj Perillo
What a showman
Xzain Key
The best music video ever.
beach side
Dave was such an icon. Van halen was soo talented but Dave made that band. Eddie Van Halen was great as well
Stephen King brought me here
Only Dave could get away with making a Jazz song Rock! Not only that but made it a song that he will be remembered for as his legacy. Diamond David Lee Roth!!!
This is from Louis Prima look him up and find this 40 or 50s song great stuff
Natalia Chapa
Mark B
got to say Dave was the best front man , then youth passed away .
MTV and Friday night videos! Man I miss the 80’s!
Bleb Han
@ 3:40, what act is being parodied? I'm thinking Motley Crue because of the drummer, but I don't see their lead singer.
so much fun - super video !
Steven Sedillo
Diamond Dave at his finest luv this tune
Christopher Mathern
Edmond Mouton
That was so fun! 🎢
cis rock
Next, hot for teacher
Exile On Main Street
Is it just me, or were music vids so much more fun back then? Miss those days!
angelina the cat
omg this video is relentlessly gay 😹😹😹
Greatest video everr !!!! hahahahah heheheheh
Stephen Dailey
David is very talented! Thanks David!!!!!!!!
I'll take the unbridled fun of acts like David Lee Roth, Cameo and Sparks over the moody, whiny, crybabies from the UK in the 80s.
lori wise
Dave where are you ???????
Damn, this vid takes me back....WAYYYYY back...Sigh...I...am...old.
Jason Mcpherson
They played this video on the video jukebox in the Victoria Lodge on Portland in 1985 endlessly like it was the only video in the machine.
Dary Kinnaman
There are so many thing in this video you might have missed. Like the port o potties behind the brass band. Haahaa!
Marsha Johnson
Can not get this song out of my head the last days.
so much random shit. i love it!!!
Tracy Lee Smith
David Lee always great just love him
rahkin rah
the True Rocker!
This song was so underrated "there will come a day when youth will pass away" Life will go on without me" David has a lot of messages here.
David Jeter
just a song, but damn, I feel the meaning years after
Dary Kinnaman
I still love DLR! Van Halen Rocked with him as the frontman.
The cigarette girl at 2:16 was ms. lockabill
Lisa Castillo
One of the greatest songs ever!!
handi man
this video is creative
Loved this Music Video back in the Day etc.
Love it. Good times back then, when MTV was actually relevant and revolutionized the way the world listened to music. 😎
You’ve got carasma!!!
Damn, Diamond Dave's voice was top notch in the 80s.
Cisco Rodriguez
The single most ever exposion of the game our heroes have had 2 play!
Part that always made me laugh the hardest, 4:39.
FrenzyMedia - We know crazy!
You came here for 4:36. Don't you dare deny it.
Philip Florence
An American diamond...
Eder Niño
David lee roth number one
The world needs more David Lee Roths
Cindy Lambert
David, sir, Jesus Christ loves you. Please give your heart to him while you still have time
J. Marcos
2:51 Michael Jackson?
Brett Ake
Meme 23
David Lee fantastic
S Brown
‘Bad Grandpa’
Did he really get Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson and Boy George to be in this video?
Yasmina Berrabane
👍🏾👍🏿👍😂 PARIS ! 2018
Rick Jones
Diamond Dave... one of the all time greats
David T
Ha. Censorship bored
Super Ironman
Me gusta la música es mi vida
Those were the days, eh...
Scorpion leader
Dave tv you rock bro
My 13 year old Son Gregory has Autism and Just Loves this Music Video <3
hunter wolf of the white winter
Worst move he ever made