GTA IV All Easter Eggs And Secrets

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► Watch GTA IV the SITCOM: /> All Best Easter Eggs, Secrets and References found in Grand Theft Auto IV. * There are many little minor Easter Eggs such as brands and logos parodies and references which I deliberately left out, because this game is packed with lots and lots of references so I chose the best ones! If however you think I missed any Easter Eggs or Reference worth of mentioning, please let me know! I might then make Part 2! * I apologize for UNCLE Vlad mispelling * Some one liners are added in the post production, e.g. the ones about Holidays and Emails * Please visit and explore my channel before you write a suggestion for a game. Music: Main Theme OST mixed with Loading Theme OST The List: 01. Tiny Buildings 02. GTA Characters Artwork 03. Picture of Claude 04. Claude's Outfit 05. GTA 3 Pager Ringtone 06. Guard Names 07. GTA Postcards + Dollar Notes 08. Ice Cream Van 09. ZiT Text Message Cheat 10. Science of Crime (CSI: Miami) 11. Babies Over Night (Pets Over Night) 12. Le Knobeliske 13. Statue Wearing a Traffic Cone 14. Error: Unleash Ninja Guru 15. Super Mario 16. TV Programs: GTA San Andreas, Bully, Red Dead Revolver, Halo 17. Purple Dildo 18. Loot & Wank (World of Warcraft) 19. Forbidden Website 20. Donald Love (GTA 3) 21. Teddy Benavidez' Bloody Bed 22. CJ On The Billboard 23. Madd Dogg And OG Log CDs 24. Happiness T-shirt 25. The Heart of Liberty City 26. Clinton's Face 27. Thor Toys 28. Menu Choices 29. Wilhelm Scream 30. Characters Names 31. Vinewood Backdrop 32. Previous GTA Cities 33. Maverick Message 34. Love Fist 35. Rockstar Logos 36. Rockstar Music Store 37. Cluck Norris (Chuck Norris) 38. Jerkov (GTA 2) 39. Blood Trails 40. Deadly Burger 41. Adult Humor 42. Woodfellas (Goodfellas) 43. The Jet-Stones (The Jetsons + The Flintstones) 44. Area 53 45. Face Paintings 46. Cherry Popper 47. Mr Wongs Laundromat 48. 21 000 Polygons 49. Ladies! Please Wear Protection! 50. Police Brutality 51. PacMan 52. Ecola (Ebola) 53. Madness 54. Strict Park Rules 55. Manhunt 2 Drugs 56. Top Hooker (America's Next Top Model) 57. Heavy Weapons X (Bruce Willis) 58. Secret Rare Car MANHUNT 2 Easter Eggs And Secrets: ► /> GTA SAN ANDREAS Easter Eggs And Secrets: ► /> BULLY SCHOLARSHIP EDITION Easter Eggs And Secrets: ► /> MAFIA 2 Easter Eggs And Secrets: ► /> Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!

x Preston
My friend asked me, "Michael, Franklin, or Trevor?" I responded, "......Niko."
Ertan Soner
Look at this atmosphere...Dark, mystery and full of secrets, I miss you Liberty City.
Niko Bellic
The Dimka
Am I the only one, who likes GTA IV more, than the other GTA games? And yea, I've played them all
That ice cream truck thing is kinda creepy...
Channel Closed Kanal Zamkniety
Did anyone noticed Concrete Jungle Starts With C And J It Forms CJ There's even Cj On The Billboard Lol
the gta IV theme is so chatchy than gta V's theme
Cerrado Diablo
Gta iv is better than gta v
I have an extremely important question Can we go bowling?
dank ton
Sultan RS is the rarest car, until you're driving one
*Hey Niko, let's go bowling*
Niko is the best protagonist
Was there anyone else that would just pick a random person to piss off, have them chase you, and get them to punch you in front of a cop car? It was amusing to watch them get hunted down by the police lmao
GTA 4 is my favorite game and Niko Bellic is my favorite character.
Matija T Gaming
24:20 I dont think so lady
Lel a german-woman is screaming 2:26 "Achtung, attention he has gun" (is a nice easter egg too, PS: I'm german.) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Luke N2O
"Ask CJ"... Nuh-huh... Ask Smoke, he's the expert in N°9s and N°6s with Extra *D I P*
Channel Closed Kanal Zamkniety
My Top 3 Fav Gtas 1.Gta Iv 2.Gta Sa 3.None
*roman calls* Cousin, Mallorie Is pregnant... If it is a girl, we will kill her Nikolina, If it is a boy, we will call him Niko
The SunChaser
33:06 In gta 5, when you choose to do the jewel store heist on “Loud”, the guy jumping on the “X” is the picture for it.
Do you know that: - Liberty City is actually New York City (NY) - Alderney is actually New Jersey (NJ) - South Bohan is actually The Bronx - Broker is actually Brooklyn, NY - Star Junction is actually Time Square in Manhatten, NY - Claude (from GTA III) got probably killed by Playboy X - Dwayne is CJ's uncle - Tommy Vercetti got shot by a Italian mafia - Go to Alderney, you can find a biker ghost roaming around by the Lost club house - Niko find underwater base in ocean, if you swim under water GTA 4 - Trevor is found somewhere hiding by Johnny house in Alderney - Secret mission somewhere south Broker, very well hidden - Another secret rare car very well hidden in south Alderney some where - Niko and Johnny knows each other. But Niko and Johnny doesn't know Luis and Luis doesn't know Niko and Johnny
Rashawn Hill
This game gave obvious hints to gta5 and gta 5 giving obvious hints of vice city... 🤔 gta 6 in vice city
PRO iveDevi
I miss GTA SanAndreas
Marian M
You are so underrated man. LOVE your vids!
Edward The Good YouTuber
Let's invite CJ to Liberty City just so he can go BOWLING.
Max chris
I think gta iv is better than gta v
Godfather Menace
The guy at ammunation in gta 5 mentions Republican space rangers
Lone Wanderer
I wish they put niko back in gta
Kylie Jenner Is My Bae
I really want that pager ringtone in gta 5 😭
Clayton Vaughn
why in 2017
Roses Are Red Flowers are pretty I Dont Know Why England Is My City
SoulEater 2429
Did anyone notice the penis on the guard names
Amirul Haziq
why that ice cream song sound like scary huh?
Daedric Warrior
Ah, I was here last night with severe stomach pain (I was trying to relax) now I'm back feeling fantastic. I was at the hospital for two hours. Thanks kacpi for being by my side :)
do team fortress 2 easter eggs maybe ?
I didn't understand the guard names.
ggisfat DX!
Why he have a Nokia with buttons in 2008 ?? 😂
Dubstep Chickhen
Wow some if these easter eggs are new to me and im surprised they refrenced red dead revolver
24:19 Niko is against porn lol
I have No life
How could you not add in the swing set thing that is pretty much an Easter egg/secret
Eugen Popa
At least these easter eggs are more normal than in gta V
I love your work dude keep it up
The Truth
My top 5 gta 1: Gta san andreas 2: Gta 5 3: Gta 4 4: Gta vice city 5: Gta 3
SB 05
resident evil easter eggs
Blest Games
gta 4 tlad and tbogt easter eggs plz
Hey dude/female Are yu man or female I don't yu angry me if i call dude and yu female👩
Ege Sertkaya
red dead revolver? WOW IT should be res dead redemption!
Michał Madeja
I didnt know many of those, R* have very good sense of humor
ッGRIM R34p3r
I love this game and the theme song this is like the best gta in my opinion
just saying I don't believe the 2d 3d HD universe
21:00 *easter eggs might kill you*
Lazo from Gta 3 the chatterbox radio!
dirt bike addiction
Gotta love the gta theme song.......lez go bowling
MunTeanu !!!1!
imdeadinside Crypilindepresion
wow these do help I'm getting gta 4 like in 3 weeks
"Best commercial ever" Niko:"i don't think so lady" Perfect timing😂😂😂
Good job man you put a lot of work into this👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Muhammad Farrel
make overwatch easter egg pls
Ethan Drewery - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)
I'm Early So Let Me Make 2 Non Over Used Jokes I Really Do Hate People Who Ask For Likes... Read more
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love you daddy kacpi
Ched Alfante
Jaxe 12
4:15 penis
Nico Robin
*AHAAAJahahaahhahhhah* *Achtung* *Attention* *He has gun*
5:45 haha
lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other *
What about the swings that launch you in the sky
ĦѧŁİŁ Đųʀѧŋ
*You finally left the cave.*
the gaming all
So many Easter egg and nice video
Great stuff man thanks, already knew a lot of them because i played this game so much! Has to be my favourite GTA game.
Yousef Al Jahani
How great you are rockstar games
Dankus Mememicus
Guess what. Niko wants to go bowling
Gta EFLC has better mission than gta iv but gta iv is the best gta i love ( I dont why i love this GTA)
chul dae hyun
5:30 that's why ice cream truck drive slowly
Taimoor Ashraf
It's a pattern GTA 2 Easter eggs in GTA 3 GTA 3 Easter eggs in GTA 4 GTA 4 Easter eggs in GTA 5
Jayden Saxton
Who tf is C. Shutchomouf? LMFAO
Hey, też jestem z Polski (jesli jestes z niej)
Shitty Balls
You forgot eddie low
What's on the other side of hapiness shirt?
niko lets go bowling
Tanya von Degurechaff
DO various Hentai doujin game easter eggs
gamer 23
One like for niko 0
Hillary Trump
uhhh,nibba?this is 2017 and you just upload gta 4 easter eggs and secrets?
Ny GeeK
I love ur video 👍
Nikola Peh
Gret vid men. I dont now 2 gud to write, but vid is gud. Dwayne
AlpacaRazvan 66Official
*Hey, Niko, Lets Play Darts*
Nice Video
u wot m8
5:17 I want that version!
İlgaz Kayili
Amazing <3
mxtt // Sly
you're literally 9 years late
Arrogant Swami
Anyone think gta 4 is better than gta 5 in a sense?
Sock Puppet
27:58 Rockstar missed the opportunity to reference Al's Toy Barn from Toy Story... childhood might ruin
He kinda looks like Trevor.
You forgot the statue of liberty heart easter egg.
nicolas with
Gruppe 6 is Danish an im from Denmark 24:09
valent 16
I find this easter eggs in gra chinatown wars in android))