How to Find Your Blocked Players List (2018 - Xbox One, S, X)

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A brief, but detailed explanation showing how to find a complete list of all players you have blocked on Xbox Live using the latest Xbox One Dashboard Update. THIS VIDEO IS UP TO DATE (last checked 8-31-2018)! Step-By-Step Instructions: 1) Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. 2) Scroll all the way to the left till you are highlighting your profile, then press "A." 3) Press "A" on the "My Profile" button. 4) Scroll right once to the "Social" tab. 5) Move your cursor down and to the left until you are highlighting the "Following" section. 6) Scroll right once to highlight the "Everything" box and press "A." 7) Select "Blocked" from the drop-down menu that appears. FAQ: Q: Can you find a list of players who have YOU blocked? A: No, such a list does not exist. The whole point of blocking someone is to anonymously and completely end all communication with said person. Q: How do I unblock someone. A: Simply send them a message or press the "Unblock" button on their profile. MY LINKS: -YouTube: />-Twitch: />-Mixer: />-Twitter: />-Facebook: />-Donate directly to my PayPal: />(Note: I never ask for donations, nor do I need them. This link is ONLY for those who sincerely want to go that extra mile and have the financial means to do so. ANY amount is unexpected and greatly appreciated.) SETUP: -Headset: Astro A40 & Mixamp Pro (sometimes use an Astro A50) -Controller: Microsoft Elite -Capture Card: Elgato HD 60 -Monitor: Asus VS247H-P (23.6in) -Microphone: Blue Yeti (with two pop filters) -Chair: Maxnomic Pro-Chief TBE -Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X -Webcam: Logitech C920 -Computer: 2014 Mac Pro (500GB SSD, 16GB RAM, 3.5 GHz 6-Core processor, AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB graphics card)

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I didn’t know about this
Thanks this really helped
As always great video. I had been aware of this awhile back, but I was always dumbfounded at the number of players I had blocked. I didn't remember blocking them. I legitimately only remember blocking a handful of them, and yet I have hundreds. Do you know why this is?Also you know me I like your in depth map analysis videos. May I suggest some solo BTB? I do like your team based ones of course, but we aren't all lucky enough to have those teams. Thanks again. Hope to see your next video soon.
A Rae
If I block someone, will I be still on their friends list as "Offline?"
Military Wolf86
someone keep messaging me I don't message back I keep blocking them
What does the ‘8’ mean under friends and followers on his profile mean? Mine only says ‘1’
Sean Wilson
Do the people you block get notifications of what your doing like streaming
Thanks this helped
Jake Wiebe
Hey Genesis great video! I love how detailed and in-depth your videos are. It's always exciting when one pops into my sub feed.
Great vid, been looking for this for ages. Subscribed!
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kjfd fs4
Hey just a question, is there a limit to how many people you can block?
Olivia Stacey
Really helpful, thank you
Emilee Candy
This helped me so much! thank you. 😌
When I unblock someone, they get added back to my friends list?
Zinc Legion
Is it possible to unblock them without going one by one?
Mondo patrick657
How do you know who blocked you
Edwin Cruz
I dont know why people dont just move on
Thx it help.
Ziggy T
Hey nice video but I have a question about the deleted friends list on xbox one: Is it visible and if it is is there a way to get your old friends back
Great video, but I have some more in depth questions. If I block someone, can they still read or have access to previous messages I have sent them? Also if I change my gamer tag, will the blocked individual see old messages(conversation) with my old gamer tag. If I unblock them after changing gamer tag or keep them blocked, is there anyway they could tell who I am or see my old gamer tag and identify me?
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This help me so much thank you so much I love you
Staff Zodo
this video may have just changed my life and possibly thousands of others,ur doing Gods work
thanks bro
Is there a way I can find people I have removed from my friends list?
bleehh63 blahhh
If you blocked people years back and you changed gamertag can they see your new gamertag and see if your playing a certain app
Jake Mcmenamy
Thanks so much
lawson carpenter
You're a lifesaver! The only other tutorial I found was for the old dashboard, which quite obviously did little to help. Really liked the professionalism, very quick and to the point and the explanation at the end was nice too. Quality tutorial.
Jerome Green
Very helpful, very helpful yes
EvoK Ironman
Really helpful man thank you.
Lol I have 300 people blocked
Kane Canales
Thanks bro
Jerry Black
Thank you.
I only had 92 blocked, thought it was way more tbh
Jack Nerwinski
Thanks this helps a lot
Thanks this helped when I accidentally blocked my Frei d
sTaTiic JorkeRz8
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
Thanks Genesis Rider also I have a question anyone in the world on Xbox live can't sent me a message?
Roberto Perez
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thank you
jacob roman
Best video so far !!!! Good shit going in depth 💯
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Gaming news
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Don’t know how this isn’t at the top rn
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Lil Grandmas on the floor
I just found out I have 1000 people blocked
Mathew Kanapilly
You can definitely tell if someone has you blocked because you won’t hear them in the Xbox party that was an easy one
dummygood kills
Good shit man thanks
Nice video Genesis, please upload more.
Niko Turcaz