RM DeAdLyxReBeL (Dualist) vs HARA Kandarr (Cyrax)

Ft 5 casual set with the homie. We played a lot more than a ft5 but thought you guys would enjoy this matchup the most. SHAREfactory™ Twitter: /> Donate:

Hero Yomi
That Cyrax ! Does He have a Channel ? I'm Not Sure How I've Never Heard of Him Before....GGs Dude I'm Really Loving the Variety of Gameplay and Uploads Keep up the Good work 🤘
Mert Alkas
17:01 lmaoo
You are right but
Those Cyrax combos and setups omg, so ridiculous. When I saw them in the first match, mind=blown. Looked like a no contest. But awesome comeback. You are without doubt the best liu kang out there at the moment. And you deserve way more subscribers man!
Alice Dee
11:04, anti-air by THIS??? :D
Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人
ood matches. That was a very good cyrax player.
S3KT0PL3X 157
Geez he juggled you hella that first round, never seen a Cyrax that good. Your Dualist is by far the best I have ever seen as well. Great video man💯
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo
Nice sets. And a good prestexon as outro lol.
top tier character*
it's just a shame liu kang isn't a top tier combo with more high/low combo setups in fact he doesn't have any it's either low start up or 113 high start up at the end if the combo which is really a momentum killer for him anyway it's weird that they made the champion of Mortal Kombat very limited in combat
Let's play again later
Awesome set!
Kim Liu44