RM DeAdLyxReBeL (Dualist) vs HARA Kandarr (Cyrax)

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Ft 5 casual set with the homie. We played a lot more than a ft5 but thought you guys would enjoy this matchup the most. SHAREfactory™ Twitter: /> Donate:

Hero Yomi
That Cyrax ! Does He have a Channel ? I'm Not Sure How I've Never Heard of Him Before....GGs Dude I'm Really Loving the Variety of Gameplay and Uploads Keep up the Good work 🤘
it's just a shame liu kang isn't a top tier combo with more high/low combo setups in fact he doesn't have any it's either low start up or 113 high start up at the end if the combo which is really a momentum killer for him anyway it's weird that they made the champion of Mortal Kombat very limited in combat
You are right but
Those Cyrax combos and setups omg, so ridiculous. When I saw them in the first match, mind=blown. Looked like a no contest. But awesome comeback. You are without doubt the best liu kang out there at the moment. And you deserve way more subscribers man!
Mert Alkas
17:01 lmaoo
Epic is the word that describes these matches... 🔝
Alice Dee
11:04, anti-air by THIS??? :D
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo
Nice sets. And a good prestexon as outro lol.
top tier character*
Let's play again later
Kim Liu44
Awesome set!