Vladimir Arzumanyan with "Mama" from Armenia: The winner of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

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Powered by Armenia's Vladimir Arzumanyan won the 8th Junior Eurovision Song Contest, held in Minsk, Belarus. Congratulations!

crazy karter
Whos watching 2k18
who's watching in 2k17?
nika bayramova
I'm from Azerbaijan,but I like this song) congrats,Armenia
Eurovision Fan
A deserved victory!!!! A great, catchy song and strong voice!
Nurlan Rehimov
Я из Азербайджана...И песня очень шикарная...5 с плюсом Владик😉
Damn catchy...I like it! It deserved to win and this little boy is adorable awwehh <3
Ansa Hansson
love armenia and all things came from that land 😍 greetings to all armenians from indonesia😘
Arayik Petrosyan
The best song in Junior eurovision
he was the best, so cute
Milenka Grigoryan
Shat lav ergecir Vova jan,apres !!!
It's still cool in the Year 2014!
Harut Hovhannisyan
amazing song and winner
12 points -armenia
Maca Catalan
Think is a real winner, since 2014 everything become so bad (not the songs, the voting) (sorteo if I write something wrong, i'm chilean
Juan Dávila Bravo
Is Qele Qele!! Eurovision 2008, armenia
123456789 987654321
apres axpers halala qez
I really thought it was a a song about his mum. :))
Sounds like Sirusho-Qele
lyudmila a
2018 tvakani [email protected] nuynpes shat shat lavner ev nman er Vladimirin sakayb qaxaqakan iravijaki patjarov nran miavorner chtvecin ev arajatar tex chgravecinq😢
Vkator Forever
I am not a kid but I am Armenian girl and I do not care what the others say about armenian kids because I am sure that when they were kids they were not better than vladimir
Derkamal Official
I love❤❤Vladimir a amazing,nice,magic and cute vioce!Great performance!Armenia a very nice country!Greetings from Poland!
well done, Armenia <3
Liam Holton
Did you see his picture on fb at the contest in Malta? Man he is hot right now!
Kianush Tavakoli
This song has the same beat as Qele Qele (Armenia in ESC 2008)
Sergejs Plonkins
i love your song
Lily Hakobyan
ova 2017-ic like
Angel Goranc
Ду амена амена амена лавнес пучурс, Арач гна!
Eurovision Fan
This song reminds me Qele qele
iLOVEeurovision YAY
Who agrees the chorus sounds like Qele Qele
Baddest winner
Kate G
Raisa Hoekerd
good heel good
Liam Holton
Well everyone loved his mother song back then but I'm sure a lot of us now prefer the Italian masterpiece of this year "Cara Mamma"!
avi gaming
abiris bales
Håkon Stenseth
The song was produced by Canadian-Armenian music producer DerHova if you want to know that :)
Индевич Илона
Кто от Карины и Марины?
олеся заец
Håkon Stenseth
I have heard Vladimir Arzumanyan can speak Russian too :)
Qele qele? :D
Janna G
enes yavuz
bad.....çok kötü
Elen Mkrtchyan
Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️
Mariam Ayman
Sveta Avagya
[email protected] justine bieberic 100% ov lavna
Ars Games
Sata Lav Inch Karam Asem
Daan Hedayati Sohani
Daan Hedayati Sohani
Marko Petrovic
Smeker xD
Ellen Asatryan
azerbaycan esgeri
allah ermenileri oldursun it  usagi gozel torpaqlarimizi aldilar
Danny Smits
Awesome song but horrible voice, sorry for my opinion.
Sebine B
very very bad song
Илија Вељковић
Well,well,these azers are just like analbanian scumbags,but only worse.And from when are we friends with azerbaijan?I really dont care about politicall bullcrap.Just shut up.OK?
Arayik Petrosyan
Кто эти гады  что поставили dislike
Ken Beimer
Best postcard in (Junior) Eurovision ever!
Nurlan Ragimov
Ара если бы карабах был вашим давно бы признали его независимость а пока Иван не разрешает)))Торгуется с нами продаст вас как и в 19121 гоу нам с нашей столицой Западного Азерб-на Иравань и нашими албанскими церквями Эчмиядзина!Так что ты сам пока обьект или субьект Российской Федерации!Если и есть что то у вас то это ваши цыганские традиции !БОША!
Vergusha S
shat hamovna shat!
TrainHard FightEasy
Karabakh is already Armenian. Fuck the politics.
Vovka is cute and talented! Nice child!
Narek Khachatryan
Mary Maryy
Armenia the bessstttt.....!!
Vlo Vlad
Vladzimir Jan Apres Amenalav Ergner u Shat Lavel Katarecir Bravo Qez Vor Haxtanak Mez Berecir
Emma Korhonen
And azeris should give Karabakh back to armenia almost everybody there are armenians or at least used to be
Emma Korhonen
Everyone there shouting "azeris are the best" there are no azeris you're just turkish and turkish are the descendants of armenia. Armenia was founded way before turkey and turkey and azerbaijan belonged to armenia so both turkish and azeris are the descendants of armenians. And the turkish also killed millions of armenians in the massacre :'(
RapidFortza Laurance
I love this song.....this can easily win at the big contest:)greats from Romania
Umad guys?
Peter Fleijsman
Vet goed man!
Benny Rook
Wow. Nothing else needed.
Vova, please don't change when you grow up! :-)
Yes you are! :)
Դավիթ Յան
they have nothing else to do so they look all day Armenian videos hahhaha they are a fucking country ARMENIANS fucked them in the war ;-) !!!!!!!! AZERI=LOSSERS HAHAHHAHAHA
Richy Fetsa
Mernem janid :* Apres
Elen Antonyan
I am proud of being Armenian
Very, VERY good song!!! I like it so much! But I understand nothing, except the word "Mama".
Ishkhan Nersisyan
last sentence is wrong because azeri people havn't a taste like Rouben Hakhverdyan
Louise M
We are a small nation but we have so much talent in us. Ես սիրում եմ քեզ ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆ
Louise M
I'm Armenian and I want to thank you on behalf of very armenia :)
Azcecenturkgeo fukarm
Director of the State Choir of Armenia Mr. Armen Arabyan said in an interview that "The fact that we now hear in a restaurant in Yerevan is Azerbaijani music with the Armenian word" soloist of the National Opera Armen Badalyan.V interview with "Aravot" the singer said, "Some Yerevan musicians took correspondence lessons from Youtube Aygun Kazimova and Alim Gasimov. Armenian bard Ruben Hakhverdyan "Modern Armenian musicians steal the song of Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Lilit Maksudyan
AMG Abrahamyan
@tenc tupoy logika menak dzer [email protected] kara unena. tget egel eq tget el kmnaq
Yung Thugg
why you so mad :(( oh lol nigga go listen to chief keef if thats what you into????????
this is some really fruity shit
Anna Ghazaryan
Golden voice of Armenia : )
Անի Հայ
very beautiful, sweet happy song ... i love this very much..<3 Tank you Vova for this song...(y)
Ada Erman
Qnar Suchian
Thank you :) :)
Awesome! ;p
The cutest kid!
DawidJan Armyan
es incz szat siruna jannn !!
Sona Keshishyan
hiyastane tock abre mecheve gyon chuka!
I Love This song so much! my friend is armenian too , WOOOPWOOP!!
Elina Karapetyan
vladimir you has beautiul voice
Omar Alejandro Deniz Amezcua
This song could also win normal Eurovision.
goga-armenia armenia
vive l'armenie je vous troooop toute façon c pa choquan quon gagne en gagne toujours je vous aime (fuck les jaloux)
Naomie Wesseling
he is cute and has a beautiful voice! <33