More changing channels on analogue sky satellite tv 1997

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starting on discovery, changing to (8) sky gold,(9) uk gold, (10) mtv, (11) cnn, (12) bravo, (13) tcc family, (15) nicklodeon, (16) QVC, (17) Uk living something about fat and sexy, (18) cartoon, 1plus with a dubbed desperately seaking susan, DSF, 3SAT, NTV, PRO7, RTL2, RTL, SAT1, N3, VOX, and back to TLC disc channel

Its weird how this used to be life for us before digital came along
George Collins
Is this what we got on our televisions before Sky Digital TV
who came here from that array seven video
Ryan Laur
Hello, can I use this for my perosnal work?
Andy Fennell
Why did Sky have German channels?
And they want you to think ...believe in better .... yeah right ...
James Edwards-Marche
Sky was the greatest thing back in the analogue days!!! Now it all looks so wrong...out-of-sync, crap visual (digital). Horrible!
I thought Nickelodeon was on channel 7 back in the day... It was on our Sattelite system. I may have the same reason for remembering Cartoon Network being on channel 9...