GAMA BOMB - Give Me Leather (2018) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

From the new album Speed Between The Lines, out October 12th, 2018. Order now: />Spotify: Apple Music: /> Direted by Kiran Acharya Starring Li Shen-Song as Lady Li Filmed on location at Maison de Debauch, Edinburgh Lyrics: Your submission is my perversion I need the friction, frisson, a mission To get the sick thrills that I love At night I slip outside as I stride with pride Inside the darkside Desire, like a foot in a leather glove There is no greater thrill I know So grip the whip and start the show We want it hard We want it fast Everyone’s paying the fee We want it here We want it now I want what’s coming to me Give me leather Crave the lash of ash on flesh Paying cash from a stash I flash when smashed In the grime of the neon show The underworld unfurls in curls Of showgirls with dirty pearls disturb As I laugh at every stinging blow A shortlist of the things I like: Whips and chains and motorbikes Axle grease and collar spikes Sadists who are businesslike Slipping out in dead of night I’ll pay a man to have a fight In the dark with narrow eyes I watch the violence fetishise In the morn with dawn I’m gone the line drawn Returning to the home to my spawn I keep my nose nice and clean And if we meet on the street or greet Looking neat you know I won’t miss a beat You’ll never know I’m obscene Follow GAMA BOMB! /> /> /> Follow us also on these channels: Facebook: AFM Website: AFM Webshop: Spotify:

Pure Vanilla
This band doesn't have one bad song and never disappoints. Badass stuff guys.
John Chipman
spawn of King Diamond? : ) cool song \m/ good or bad we need more new metal bands to carry on the torch to the next generations!! \m/
Добротная банда - пошли на хуй те, кто против./ Good Band and fuck off than whos against it.
As an Italian guy watching this is making me proud!! Kick ass song!!!
Mr Wizard
really catchy tune
Andrea Gierig
Fantastic guys, many thnx and thrash metal greeting rom Germany !!!!!!!
Rejected Party Thrash
Can someone explain me why it's written in Italian? Aahah awesome but I can't understand
Рысец Обыкновенный
Reminds me of later Metal Church!
Un Dead :v
Really good shit
B Val
Good shit here
Ricky Beachum
Kinda reminds me of GWAR.
Judas Priest goes thrash!
Everyone forgetting about Priest.
Triple _ ST
Oh I missed this band I'm glad they're back
David Ault
Good tune
no talent no skill
Bender Rodriguez
Oh shit, when did Gama Bomb get so good?
Moro Morini
Que buen Speed Thrash hacen estos BASTARDOS
My fav thrash band is back, love this so too
biolol lololololo
Pinchi dross no sabía que se hizo vocalista de una banda de thrash
Júlio Matos
Isso é maravilhoso
Random Nii-Chan
Really nice band. Thanks autoplay !
Miss Azul Music
Cool yeah!!!! 🔥✌
Alejandro Juárez
Yes, great song! I've known it since Citizen Brain's album!
Love everything they put out but this one has too much screaming for my taste.
José Augusto dos Santos
Ever Metal
Great track and video. Added to the Ever Metal YouTube and October Spotify Playlists \m/
Steve Hunt
Wow,... it is SO difficult to craft quality Thrash Metal that is melodic without diluting the genre, this is the perfect balance. - I'm fucking delighted at this.
Baku Takamine
If Jack Black was the lead singer of a metal band haha.
Nico De Vreese
Love it!!!!
Gregory King
Omg I'm so happy I found this
Love that the high notes are back in the vocals!
Gama Bomb
Splinter Thmpn
Sara Fonseca
Love you guys \m/
Andrea Dowling
Ah lads look at ye being all deadly
Maxime Leroy
1:10 ->Judas Priest
Oh yeah really funny bands! Gama bomb is fun to me always
Олег Горбунов
kick ass heavy metal! great band! they bang it the right way!
Eric Thach
I keep my nose nice and clean lol
Phantom Voodoo
Hell bent for leather)
On some subsequent listens, it sounds to me like the guitar tones are a little more subdued on this one.
giovanni di maggio
Paola Rodriguez
At first I read Dammi il cullo 😂 Which would've totally changed the song 😜
Ugnius Stackunas
👍☠🕳🕳💣💣🕳🕳☠👍 💀⛈🌩💀🗣!☆!☆!!!🗣⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Francesco Monaci
i love you guys, even just for the fake italian movie trailer
Fred Romeo
Rik Nel
Iron Maiden on speed.
nick ssh
Реально, Кинг Даймонд :)
Frodo Hobit
Great music😈😯😱🙋🙌🙆🙃👍👌✌👋👏🤘📈🎧🎵🎶🎼🎸🔥💥🔊