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Tom and Jerry from Japan
I love how people in this anime just accept that they have to watch out for random, flying vending machines.
Superman with anger management problems versus a sadistic batman o.o that's all i see here
Amanda Bond
Makes you wonder how much the city pays just for the damage done by Shizuo alone. The price has to skyrocket. Especially if you count Izaya's damage. Ikebukuro has to be rich.
21 monkeys
the way Izaya walks at 0:53 tho
Best "lovers" in anime history :D
Now if only these 2 were the main characters in he anime
I have a feeling this anime is completely badass and I should totally watch it right now.
Isn't it weird that Shizuo is so incredibly strong but still, he can't catch up with Izaya when he's chasing him? Like, he throws vending machienes but fails at running faster?
Johannes Aagaard Andersen
I really do love this anime but... Am i the only one who would rather view it from a diffrent perspective than the 3 high school students ?
Yal Rathol
what's the best way to deal with any and every problem? THROW A VENDING MACHINE AT IT!: From the school of Shizuo.
kittykatgamerox :3
And they aren't even the main characters xD Still love them though! <3
Angel Wales
*casually gets hit by a trash can*
Darn this baka-couple always flaunting their relationship complex for the whole world to see.. Erika is gonna die from the nosebleeds one of these days if they don't lay low.
They are like Tom and Jerry XD
La La Land
Sky Queen
I swear the only reason why I watched that series a second time was to see those two go at it. I mean the story was great don't get me wrong, but the most remember parts for me was when Shizuo (blond haired guy)  would lose his cool and so something crazy. Gosh that guy was amazing *-*
Patrick Frost
Shizuo for the 2016 Olympics!
Caroline Winkler
In a way I feel like this is an AMV supporting the Izaya x Shizuo crackship :')
Shawn Renaerts
This AMV is what introduced me to Durarara about a year and a half ago. I've watched the series several times since, and....Izaya is the best anime character, ever.
La La Land
Just a couples war XD
Sara A.
To me Shizuo is the best character of DURARARA ! !
Izaya's fabulous strut xD
Somehow I have a crush on Izaya :3 but I haven't watched this anime. Is Durarara!! worth watching?
When they sing 'nanananana' izaya is so fk cute then <3 . <3 shizuo is also fk cute <3 . <3
Cookie Buster
Woo Shizuo and Izaya rock >:3
mejai israa
Hall of you came here for the thumbnail don't lie to yourself
The Fandom Demon Princess
I ship shizuo and izaya they are so cute together <3<3<3<3<3<3
2:00 J'ai gueulé : *"I'M BACK BITCHEEEEEEES !!!"* comme une conne devant ma tablette. Suis-je normale ?
Beth H
2:25 attack of the horrible fangirls....shudders
I ship those two so hard.
I wish DRRR would continue, if only to find out why Izaya and Shizuo hate eachother...
Only complaint with this amv is that Shizuo didn't hit him into that sign, Simon did. It kind of makes me mad that they made it look like Izaya lost the fight in the end.
I dont care I ship it 🎵
I want a second season of this! \(´0`)/
Terry Mcginnis
Oh yeah, this songs not getting old any time soon.
Mohammad AlKayyali
love it, there always seems to be a pole beside shizuo to pull out and throw, rofl =p
Liesbeth Hodges
Cool XP +Madeline Walter you should see this! Possible Shizaya sightings....and why does Shizuo's hand-to-hand fighting remind me of Sanji's in this? (Except that Sanji only uses his feet)
Esra Eken
Izaya-Kun and Shizu-Chan ❤💟
Dat dude who smoked (idk how many times) feels like he just smoked 3 sec and then threw the smoke to ground and taked a new smoke. x,D
Okabe Rintarou
Can't wait for the next season ! 
Watching those two fighting reminds me of tom and jerry
Durarara    Épico!
Isabel D. C.
Me: Please.... Just stop throwing them... The poor frigdes....
I can't wait till Shizuo gets a grip of Izayaaaa.
Season 2 is coming in ten days~
Random Dude
does this anime involves supernatural?, cuz a guy throwing and trashing around huge iron tubes is not normal *-*
Michigo Sinister
Ok after watching this Amv many time, I am convinced that blonde anger management superman is immortal. I mean he gets hit by a freaking truck and he's still alive. Either he got really lucky or he can't be killed.
Jeffrey .v.D
Pls reupload it in 60 fps.
When ever i watch this AMV i realy want to start watching Durarara .... some day i will  :D
Durarara AMV? Pffft more like Shizaya AMV don't you think? XD
Elisa Salvaggio
Beautiful video!! :)
Kida Masaomi
DRRR is betteeer than Baccano!!!  Waiting for the second season <3
Ив Вольф
Люблю это амв, очень хд сколько смотрю, столько радует. 
se buena cansion buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jodidamente buena, quiero desir esta bien.
This should not be on a best AMV channel. The AMV is great, and I love the anime. But the best AMV channels are for the AMVs with top notch editing and timing, something this one doesn't quite have.
Matthew Aaron Sugiyarto
What is the anime name
My League Of Legends Version of this song  We fight in a cold dark world with phantoms before phage  You can spin it in my face (Garen Spinning)  But i know il w away (lee sin)  Its my only attack  I need the warwick to gank  A ball in chain , Get some MR to stop leblanc  Dont fight meh, Im tanky, come at meeeeh   So when you feel like you should have engaged at the team fight  Back away, Dont worry I can carry , I am a tank, that jumps around,  you stun me fear me but I just W Away, Cheat  (I am lee sin catch me) Just W away  (I am lee sin catch me) 
Cool video * -*)b Some people still don't understand that fanservice is well sell in an anime. Not even to mention that Narita (Drrrr!!'s creator) kinda shipps them both: Izaya and Shizuo. He even made a yaoi oneshot where these 2 had sex. Is inevitable not to feel anything like that...
jc monk
what is this anime even about?
what is the Name of this Anime?
Symone Reid
0:54 is my absolute favourite part of this completely awesome and fitting amv. The end of course is hilarious as well XD Spectacular job XD
Tammy Lopez
I love Durará, omg love it want season 3,4,5 please start I can't wait
haha lol xd
... How many accounts do you have seriously
Bookbear the greatest
they really dislike each other don't they?😊 and is the anime any good?
Zeph Shoir
Izaya being in the thumbnail + the words ''KICK HIM!'' = +2,000,000 views
Fujoshi XD
I don't know why but I find it fcking hot when two guys try to kill each other xD
Waya Kamejima
eyyy I see what you did there... Made it look like Shizuo punched Izaya into the LOVE sign, but it was actually Simon.
Nicholas Mckinnon
I love Durarara!!!!! just for them!!
Morgan Lemons
I could just watch them fight and the series would be 11/10 for me.
Ted 2 confirmed, currently watching an Ad for Ted 2
Andrew Blake
loki vs thor hm?
This makes me want to watch dararara again
Jean Pierre
Shizou making people fly and run in terror since back in the day
Lucy Baker
I accidently clicked on this but it was wroth my time
Tamara Valdebenito Acuña
Asombroso I love love love love.
Nico Buehne
This anime doesn't have enough Shizuo in it. FFS
Aldoluis Cantu
the manga continues where the anime ends right?
sabina larsson
Fitts them so well :)
Idk if I should watch Durarara or One Punch Man first....
Kellie Montgomery
why are there two of these? Did you give permission to the other user to repost your video?
I prefer the first animation style not the one that's used for the second season
mizuki miu
Asuu Durarara ♥..!!
Suki Silva
I only watched this anime for Izaya, Best character in any anime hands down ^_^
Psychopathic Tendencies much?
Nightcore Кnifu
Great AMV bro!!! I love it!!!!
ALilliToThePast Omni
What's the song called
Autumn Marie
Secretly they both love each other.
Paulo Bouquard
Jéssica M
What anime is this?
So this show's about some punk and his gang trying to take on a guy with super strength? That's the entire show? Not sure how you can get more than two or three episodes out of that.
midnight mightbe
I can kick him (Izaaayaaa)
Révész Andrea
can i get the anime name?
Stefi Ivanova
I hate the song but the amv work is on point
Purple Exorcist
Another day in the life of a blond hulk and a working class tony stark just replace tony's ego with a "I love all humans" mentality lady's and baka's :D