Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour - Live - Hammersmith Apollo 1992

Megadeth performing In My Darkest Hour live at London's famous Hammersmith Apollo on the 30th of September 1992. Track list: - Holy Wars - Wake Up Dead - Hangar 18 - Lucretia - Sweating Bullets - In My Darkest Hour - Tornado of Souls - Ashes in Your Mouth - Peace Sells - Anarchy in the U.K.

anirudh dv
0:55 the most badass scene in trash metal history
Infinity Cartier
You'll never know How hard I tried To find MySpace And satisfy YouTube :P
I love knowing Dave wrote this for Cliff \m/ \m/ Megadeth RULES!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!
Triple Talkin Jive
Amazing performance. This first verse when the crowd sings is one of the most impressive moments in rock history.
Maryely Méndez
R.I.P Nick "The Beast" Menza \m/
Gaffas Channel
was there. nick menza was outstanding. rip great man.
ru ru
aguante megadeth!
Nick was the Best drummer Dave ever had period, damn he was so good !
Andre Costa Costa
Noone can replicate Young's solo
Scott TImmonds
I was at this gig :) , f******* brilliant.
Barbara T
It has a very big impression on me, i think im going to cry XD
Rigo Sanchez
I love this fucking song...
ivan diaz
ivan diaz
Great, Really Great!
Lucio Mustaine
Daniel Mancilla
Great Song! :D
thanks for share! \m/
Ralph Bovee
Seen Them Live Twice In Amarillo Texas Dave Mustaine Rules \m/ ROCK ON 4EVER
This is a total epic live performance! love it!
Luis gt
I love it Song,is The Best Beautiful in The World.
MaxSim 07
I love the drums rip menza
Long live! Dave Mustaine
Leonardo A.
Danicolasol GamingTV
time has a way of taking lives... loneliness is not "only" "for the fools" it is. Aguante megadeth never walk alone
Was at the Glasgow Barrowland gig same week i think?they played with Pantera.just watching Marty that night was still the best moment of my life.still get the shivers thinking about.Dave also done the crowd singing along bit😃
Ryan Kiley
god damn that snare
mike hell
Bring Marty back in deth
Juan Delgado
Genesis H
Emanuel Fernando
essa eh minha música preferida
I never realized how much Marty fakes the solo in this performance.
Goran Matijevic
Dave. Do us a favor - Shut Up!