Mortal Kombat 9: Cyrax's Story

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so this is cyrax before turned into a robo ninja?
Man i wish i could get stabbed in the eye with a huge blade, have my skull cracked, my spine smashed and then get up and keep fighting, then walk away...
Brendon Lewis
cyrax is a dread head
xD aJ
5:10 u got caged lol
Zulu Saiyan
I am Cyrax
I always knew Cyrax was black before I saw this in the actual game but I thought Sektor was also black. I thought of this because the cyborgs had these dreads sticking out of their head and I also thought the cyborgs were actually humans in the suit but it's just their soul in a robot.
Meme.Marijuana __
I like human cyrax Better
Daniel Noel
this game was so good
Sektor looks like bo-rai cho
Damn, I just realized the channel is Jay Tech TV lmao
Huh? i wonder how Cyrax gotted those Razers or sawmills or wha eva to he's hands O.o
Knuckles The Echidna
If there was ever a MK movie with the Human Cyrax featured, I think Kofi Kingston would best suit the role.
mortal kombat logic, broken neck, stab through brain, merly a flesh wound.
Rasheed Thomas
One thing I like about Cyrax is that he is almost like his own person in the Mortal Kombat. He is like a works for the Lin Qua but yet he acts like a good guy in the game.
Micah Brown
close your eyes and listen does it sound like dirty sex
Kellie Jones
Shang Tsung"You were speaking with the thunder god!" Cyrax "I'm speaking to YOU!"
great stuff enjoyed this video keep it up
great stuff enjoyed this video keep up
5:49 After that, I think Cyrax will need those cybernetic modifications more than ever.
Sidney Williams
cyrax looks like kofi kingston to me
XD scorpion : hmmm: up my hand XD
Thanks a lot, Scorpion's gone but now chibichibifan04 is here
cool smoke is there aswell classic one
teal Maybe
lol i thought that was jax for a second lol
Gotta love how Cyrax and Sektor have all their robot attacks in human form
why don't they just jump the bad guy boss right there and then?
Including the x ray attack. I counted 8 nut shots by johnny cage. Damn
the compressor/the verbal storm
Human cyrax seems stronger than normal cyrax!
i like his human form better
Cyrax got some cool moves:)
Petrus martinus
7:25 ballsss i meant
Petrus martinus
lmao at 7:27
Katarina Du Couteau
sektors moves are so cheap, omg
ali abrahem
الي يحب مورتل كومبات يسوي لايك
Markus Kemp
so hanso hasashi saw his hell spawn form?
Markus Kemp bad.
Dinh Nguyen Le Hoang
thằng này chắc đi vệ sinh xong quay lại đánh tiếp
Alexis Castillo
lol this dude isn't good at this game
Jenna Turner
Crap man just brutile
Cy-hax is being dishespected by everyone.
Dylan Nicholson
Damn it sucks. Didn't he get captured like Kuai Liang or did he just surrender anyway?
MG 05
Is Cyrax a lin kuei member?
Farhad Amin
How he turned into robot?
favorite character!!! Hopefully he'll return in MK11
Sodgerel Nymdawaa
I was like "Dude stop pointless jumping how noob are you ? "
FLAYO Animations
Wait if Cyrax is black doesn't it mean that he's Jax brother and Jacquis uncle. Well.... Probably not
Alexis Castillo
sektor lol
I would love to beat the noobiness out of you in this game.
Henry Reinoso
4:16 Baraka got his ass roasted
Lightning Elemental
I just hate Johnny and his daughter they're are like the most annoying characters in the mortal Kombat series their sooo cocky and ignorant they think their the shit when really they the terrible shit. I'm so glad Liu kang told Johnny to shut up in the beginning of the story so ignorant and disrespectful.