Sniper Scope Camera BEST KILLS 2015 Spettro compilation ITALIAN SNIPER AIRSOFT SOFTAIR

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well how much fun does that look like!!! shoot and get shot and still live!! That's my kinda war.
Saverio Marini
Grande... Il nostro Novritsh italiano ps. intorno alla scope cam mettici il contorno nero stile cod
Kevin Raymond Khoo
damn.. i tot it was an ISIS video.. lol
dang must be super camouflaged.
Leonardo o
looks like good fun.
flack youe
thumbs down only because you didn't put airsoft in the tag. other than that I agree its a badass airsoft win video. sorry but nobody likes click bait
That depressing moment on peoples faces when they realize that they would have died just like that if it was for real.
Jason Riley
Should have put a hitmarker for each hit!
Tuco Airsoft
Parabéns pelo trabalho! gameplay top!!! meus videos estão no link -->
Not sure why the thumbs down, you know this looks fun as hell.
aimbot hack
Douglas Sniper
LIKE, gosto muito dos seus videos.
Walter Oliveira
what airsoftgun did you use?
Ethan Naron
This would be a damn fun game to play with friends.
Wes/ 4chan memeLord
You watched American Sniper, but now prepare for... *ITALIAN SNIPER!*
Why you camping bro? Haha
looks very fun, i cant believe the sick people that disliked this video because they were expecting to see real people getting murdered, unbelievable this world we live in.
very enjoyable :) great stuff!!
E.T GropeHome
They are like 30 ft away shooting through 3x scopes zoomed in goproscope
Alien Nation
i love how the players are just walking around so clueless until they get tagged. LOL
Samer Maseri
anyone else thought this was REAL sniper kills footage?
I was hoping these were real deaths and when i saw the bb i was dissapointed. whats wrong with me
just look at this great sportsmanship. only in Italy lol
levi wonder
Looks fun
Jake Tomlin
lol... dramatic craw through the jungle, sneaking up on the enemy. Suddenly! "Ouch! was that a bee??!! Ohh right I'm playing a game...."
Had me chuckling the whole way.
War... War never changes
That is also a funny compilation :-) The reaction of the hit player
HustleKings Entertainment
Can you make a video about reviewing this sniper?
Pagan Squaddie
The main reason for all those "Airsoft" hits, is because not a single person who was shot had ANY tactical awareness at all. Most of those guys were walking without "weapon" shouldered or walking without taking in the 3 D's. Shape, skyline, sillouette. There just walking or sitting around screaming "shoot me". Jeez
John Riggins
Why aren't people dying? I see, a very polite war!
My Experience
This was laser tag with real equipment, using blanks and red barrel blocking plugs. In the USA military it was called MILES equipment back in 1994, but no telling if they changed the name of it since then. Very expensive and can be fitted on aircraft.
Faze kool-aid Z
Are they playing team death match
Like obbligatorio!!! :D 😊😃
ahahahahha le bestemmie immancabili XD, morte agli Hilander!
Jay Lew
I thought I heard a loud beeping after a couple hits, was Myles gear used as well
Yes lets just wear bright orange in an airsoft war
Црни Хумор
Fiiiga che brao che sei..! 😆😆
The guy that knows the camp always wins .....😆
Guile suit - stands up in field. Come on man. Nice shooting
They could be more dramatic. Like yelling "I'M HIT!!! I'M HIT!!!!"
Alien Nation
this guy's totally hacking. he's invisible or got an aim bot.
человек паук
Totally killed them bro...
Marce Martinez
So literally this Sniper killed them all!
Fabiano Bonete
muito bom, brasileiro ia falar LAG FILHA d ....,
Vito Airsoft
Ormai dopo la morte di mia madre che era l'unica che mi dava felicità mi rimane solo il softair.....e devo dire grazie a te e aglia altri youtuber riguardanti il softair per la minima felicità che mi date
Gabriel Gallo
Why the bbs didn't travel straight of the reticle? Is for the wind?
Ильдар Кушаев
Ебаните мне лайк,чтобы иностранцы думали,что я написал самый охуенный комментарий!
Fug Babylon
Dude you got one in the balls lol
Falko Airsoft
4:50 l'ho sentito anche io XD!!! Bel video spettro!
i would be saying "I totally ducked!"
hmmm does look fun I guess. paintball still better tho
Tom Pin's
Il joue a la guerre, il est content
I love everyone's look of disappointment when they get hit from nowhere
but... they are playing!! I came here to see some gore, I am disappointed
There is a difference real war vs play station
martin joseph
der sphlunt ach proont
Fritz Hetzenberger
T9 filibahss
Ma il bestemmione a 2.22?
Sin of Pride
that last one hahahah good job dude
Pollicino Pulcino
Spettro sei fortissimo, dovresti portare più video, sono troppo belli!!
Riccardo Lucioli
oddio so morto 2:22 "preso madonna lupa"
Black Knight 323
This sport looks like lots of fun Also that I think it might be the closest to a real war I mean so far I have seen it requires patience, perseverance, tatics and team work
Patrick Fróes
Brincando de arminha. Little kid gun game.
where is the counter-sniper and squad mortar suppression?
Lữ Bố
So nobody died....damn But hey nice shoot bro.
willy _pet
I was expecting pink mist
I took a dump while watching this. Like if you did too
Jeff Mwangi
Crap, I came for blood and gore.
what kind of rifle do you have?
Noviristich does this everyday...
Leonardo o
what are they using for amo?
this is BEST TRAINING EVER !!!!!!!
Dat thumb up in the end xD
like the italy army in WW2...
iRx Destiny
that's not the way you move in a war zone
osso fisherman
zio sei il nuovo NOVRITSCH
cannon m
graphics are excellent in this game!!!
Super Man
dimas phobia
Good game
Henry Wiliams
People who disliked this have never held a sniper in their life.
Mohandas Jnnnbj
هههههههه هاي لو يمنه جان كالة هيج من ربك هي مال شقه
Tom D
What rifle are you using? Brand etc?
Massimo Rossi
bellissimo video
Goldmann Alexander
Sehr gut geschossen.👍👍😉
Emaget Remag
Ottimo video e bel montaggio e finalmente un italiano che fa sniper scope cam sei il primo che vedo.....ogni tanto qualche bestemmia ci stà ahahahahahahahah
Leonardo o
Gratsi amico.
I like how most of these guys weren't gonna call there hits xD
Conan Denovixh
To know that all those people wouldve just died that easy good grief
Dany Borghe
iscritto! :)
Sexual Tension Generator
Where's the quickscopes, 360 no scopes and lens flares?
i want this, italy? also in the netherlNDS?
US Marines have no fear!
Matty McMattamus
if you put "airsoft" in the discription there would not be so many thumbs down. i will spare you this time.
Omega Wolf
Isn't this like war games or something in the military ?
Federico Ferro
Ciao! in che zona siete a giocare??
Yam Yam
He was only friendly firing?
Virgo70 Virgo70