Sniper Scope Camera BEST KILLS 2015 Spettro compilation ITALIAN SNIPER AIRSOFT SOFTAIR

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best kills of my games on 2015!ENJOY :) facebook page:

Leonardo o
looks like good fun.
Trophy 205
well how much fun does that look like!!! shoot and get shot and still live!! That's my kinda war.
Not sure why the thumbs down, you know this looks fun as hell.
dang must be super camouflaged.
Jason Riley
Should have put a hitmarker for each hit!
Saverio Marini
Grande... Il nostro Novritsh italiano ps. intorno alla scope cam mettici il contorno nero stile cod
flack youe
thumbs down only because you didn't put airsoft in the tag. other than that I agree its a badass airsoft win video. sorry but nobody likes click bait
T9 filibahss
Ma il bestemmione a 2.22?
Faze kool-aid Z
Are they playing team death match
That depressing moment on peoples faces when they realize that they would have died just like that if it was for real.
I was hoping these were real deaths and when i saw the bb i was dissapointed. whats wrong with me
Kevin Raymond Khoo
damn.. i tot it was an ISIS video.. lol
looks very fun, i cant believe the sick people that disliked this video because they were expecting to see real people getting murdered, unbelievable this world we live in.
Walter Oliveira
what airsoftgun did you use?
Why you camping bro? Haha
War... War never changes
Leonardo o
what are they using for amo?
Ethan Naron
This would be a damn fun game to play with friends.
willy _pet
I was expecting pink mist
aimbot hack
Emaget Remag
Ottimo video e bel montaggio e finalmente un italiano che fa sniper scope cam sei il primo che vedo.....ogni tanto qualche bestemmia ci stà ahahahahahahahah
Super Man
Falko Airsoft
4:50 l'ho sentito anche io XD!!! Bel video spettro!
Vito Airsoft
Ormai dopo la morte di mia madre che era l'unica che mi dava felicità mi rimane solo il softair.....e devo dire grazie a te e aglia altri youtuber riguardanti il softair per la minima felicità che mi date
That is also a funny compilation :-) The reaction of the hit player
Pollicino Pulcino
Spettro sei fortissimo, dovresti portare più video, sono troppo belli!!
Douglas Sniper
LIKE, gosto muito dos seus videos.
Angelo Gallina
è il primo video che guardo tuo è ho capito che eri italiano dalla madonna che ha tirato uno che hai presto AHAHAHAHAHAH
dimas phobia
Good game
Massimo Rossi
bellissimo video
very enjoyable :) great stuff!!
Like obbligatorio!!! :D 😊😃
War Pig
Tutti ottimi tiri, bravissimo
Dany Borghe
iscritto! :)
osso fisherman
zio sei il nuovo NOVRITSCH
Fritz Hetzenberger
Izael Leal
Show... 👍👍👍
levi wonder
Sami H
هذا تدريب اميركان قبل الذهاب لمناطق الصراع وأبشركم انصادوا في التدريب والواقع هههههه
so many haters here. if you don't like the video, then don't watch it. if you got nothing nice to say then go somewhere else. jeeze people!
baccaros ita
"madonna puttana" hahahahahahah :)) bel video.
+spettro sei troppo forte io sto incominciando ora ad usare il cecchino
Assassins Airsoft Team
Spettro where are you from
Anton Pushkean
что то вяло как то играют.....
Евгений Клименко
My Experience
This was laser tag with real equipment, using blanks and red barrel blocking plugs. In the USA military it was called MILES equipment back in 1994, but no telling if they changed the name of it since then. Very expensive and can be fitted on aircraft.
Сергей Спицин
морозиться что он попал, а потом его завалить и доказывать что одновременно стреляли!!!
Ahmed Mazouz
Tiras a distancia muy corta para ser un sniper eres un fusilero con un cañon largo
Francesco Fongaro
Ma sei italiano?
Samer Maseri
anyone else thought this was REAL sniper kills footage?
Gabriel Gallo
Why the bbs didn't travel straight of the reticle? Is for the wind?
Ser Garlik
Great! Now my youtube 'suggestions' will be flooded with weekend warrior videos :(
Fabiano Bonete
muito bom, brasileiro ia falar LAG FILHA d ....,
I pollici in giù sono stati messi sicuramente da quelli che sono stati colpiti, altrimenti solo dei coglioni possono averlo fatto
Filipe Cunha
They could be more dramatic. Like yelling "I'M HIT!!! I'M HIT!!!!"
levi wonder
Looks fun
Raul Lopez
Que buenooo
CSGO Hacker Buster
Am I the only 1 thinking that this awper is hacking? Aimbot to be precise -.-
Pagan Squaddie
The main reason for all those "Airsoft" hits, is because not a single person who was shot had ANY tactical awareness at all. Most of those guys were walking without "weapon" shouldered or walking without taking in the 3 D's. Shape, skyline, sillouette. There just walking or sitting around screaming "shoot me". Jeez
They could at least scream, drop to the ground and writhe in agony just to make it feel like they got shot.....
Tyler Evans
LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wops
Red Rascal-mil.
perchè tutti quei dislike è un bel video...o figa
Kuro DaCat
Only half impressive. .other's training..look like one on one..Real military don't work that way...
i also wanna play
Jon Saw
people in the middle east do a real fight, these kids play with their guns in Italy.
Mycroft S
airsoft! really f**ker!! waist of time. 👎
عبدالله المطيري
😂😂😂😂 واضح الخوف في قلوبكم ي الامريكان
SVD automatic sniper rifle. Не бедный поди, привод соответствующий приобрести.
Robert Hatcher
Mini mamo
Snipers are the Most Haited people in any war. Even sometimes the Militerry them selfs protected them from their own solders. That is the amount of hait for them. But Hollywood tells you a hole another story. You won't know until you aktially have been in a war, and no I am not eenglish so I am not that good at spelling...
like the italy army in WW2...
wow he killed a lots of ISIL terrorist. Good job
Jay Lew
I thought I heard a loud beeping after a couple hits, was Myles gear used as well
big ass dude
Anthony Wolff
Click bait, nerds with toys
Marco Di Luzio
Maremma 'mpiastrata...!!!😲🎯
Alien Nation
this guy's totally hacking. he's invisible or got an aim bot.
yellowdeer 7
Playing with Toys?
fuck airsoft wannabe snipers
i got 3 subscribers lol
1:00 headshot 😂😂
That place looks really dangerous to play in.......
Mike Quintanilla
That head shot at 1:03 was pretty impressive......
Black Knight 323
This sport looks like lots of fun Also that I think it might be the closest to a real war I mean so far I have seen it requires patience, perseverance, tatics and team work
Samuele Mattavelli
Potessi diventare pure io cosi, ma dato che ho il fucile da cecchino pesante faccio fatica a muovermi.
Fathir HuseinHaykal
This prank?
Gerald Clay
If only they were real bullets...
hmmm does look fun I guess. paintball still better tho
fkns campers
Wicked Coolname
camper aimbot wallhack..........
Henry Wiliams
People who disliked this have never held a sniper in their life.
Alien Nation
i love how the players are just walking around so clueless until they get tagged. LOL
John Dodge
E.T GropeHome
They are like 30 ft away shooting through 3x scopes zoomed in goproscope
Bill Anderson
where do people even do this?
gator 8
It's all fun and games until somebody bruises a thigh.Wop shot finocchio....
just look at this great sportsmanship. only in Italy lol
There is a difference real war vs play station