Pro Tour Kaladesh Semifinals: Makis Matsoukas vs. Carlos Romao

Makis Matsoukas, the No. 1 seed coming out of the swiss, is challenged by Carlos Romao and his Jeskai control deck in the semifinals of Pro Tour Kaladesh.

δεν πειράζει ρε πατριώτη είσαι μεγάλος παίχτης, μπράβο
frederico barcellos
great playing of radiant flames by romao. this is as absolute card against tokens
Harmony Smurf
romao got so lucky with so many radiant flames getting drawn.
Andriy Law
feel so sad watching matsoukas play, completely unfair match up lol
Alex barnes
In game 2, when makes drew bushwhacker, wasn't it only 8 damage? 2 + 2 + 4
Makis could've killed the torrential gearhulk when Carlos radiant flames for 2
Alessio Valentini
noooo. carlos at 39:45 could play avacyn and put the legendary trigger on the stack transforming one and wiping the board :(
Juan Carlos Borges Aldana
Maciej Górniak
what happened with spell taken by queller? why it didn't resolve?
Ματσούκαααααα δείξτους το ματσούκι σου!
why is everybody playing fastlands untapped when its their 3rd+ land D:
Matthew Fleischman
Who are the people standing behind the players with iPads?
Ioannis Metaxas
Bravo Makis!
James Bowen
Game 2 , couldn't he of just outnumbered his goblin that Carlos gimped with dovin, then play his second Bushwhacker with surge and swing for lethal with a pumped up thraben ?
Koen Beeckman
36:50 makis could have used needle spires and attack for 7 on carlos life instead of taking out dovin baan, wouldnt that be better? (sorry for bad english)
Kavi Sterling
I love scrolling down in the comments and seeing I don't just play magic. :)
Rafael Cires
Jacobus Stefanus van der Vyver
that girl at the back is so hot
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