Far East Movement - Like A G6 ft. The Cataracs, DEV

Subscribe to our personal Youtube channel to watch us behind the scenes: /> We're Far East Movement, we actually use the internet, so follow us here - FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />OFFICIAL WEBSITE: />Music video by Far East Movement performing Like A G6. (C) 2010 Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records UK iTunes -- Released 14 Nov

Holly Latif
Like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick... 
I thought black dudes sang this song never knew Asians made this masterpiece
Luka Radomirovic
Whoever listened to this 10 years ago deserves a seniors discount
I am the dust In ur garage
Director:how nostalgic do you wanna make this video *Far east movement: yes*
Caron Torliak
I just realized...i never actually watched the MV ever since this song was out.
Mr Spectacals
I remember this song like it was yesterday. I'm surprised many people don't talk about this song anymore.
This was everybody's ultimate house party song
Sobble In Comments
14 year old me jamming and dancing to this in 2010 in my living room pretending I had champagne when it was a glass of ice tea. :3
Rakesh Bhat
That moment when u get goosebumps even today when it's played in the club
Lealand Phoenix
This will forever be a classic for party’s
My humanities teacher said no one would remember this song a year from when it came out... JOKE'S ON HIM IT'S BEEN FIVE!
sean micheal
Thumbs up if u still listening to this in 2019...track still lit..
i wonder what it would have been like if i was in college 9 years ago pumping this song
Aline SilvaaSz
*ALGUÉM EM 2019 BR?* 🇧🇷💚 *N O S T A L G I A* 🔊🎼❤
Nancy Barrraza
I love this song , I still get turn up with this song anyone on 2019?
Kundrák Dénes
I remember the time when this came out... It was so futuristic omg
Bruh the line- "Poppin' bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, when we drink we do it right, gettin' slizzered" Has stuck with me all of these years 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🔊
tall bish
3 year old me screaming incorrect lyrics because I'm a Mexican and I didn't know English.
Microphone Artists
Who here is from Tik Tok Reply MIDDLE SCHOOL CHECK
Lowkey start of KSHMR I believe he was in The Cataracs.
10k Subs With No Vids?
How much auto tune do you want Far East Movement: Yes
Dubstomper divine
the music of this video was made an Indian also known as KSHMR
Cole Taylor
kindergarten me jamming to this on my shuttle bus to my grandmas house to have some chocolate pudding and wait for my mom to pick me up
10 year old me listening to this thinking I was so badass and cool
D. Peterson
Who remembers when this song was played like every 10 minutes in 2010?
Arilma Reis
Nostalgia total essa música!! Ah e continua foda!! ❤🇧🇷
Billies Bil Sack
How much AutoTune you want? *_Yes_*
Far East Movement really said "Like A G6" then dipped.
Kevin M4X
Take Me Back Too 2010 Damn it 😩
Na Fianna
Sober girls around me acting like they drunk Some things never change eh boys
Its still unbelieveable how Far East Movement dropped 3 bangers then dipped
Kelsheiy Heponia
This song was one of the popular song back then. Even though I was still 5 years old when this song was released
GMan Baz
kopral bejdo
Wow just watch 22 april 2019.
"Poppin bottles in the ice" INSTANT butterflies of nostalgia rushes over like a blizzard..
This takes me back to my skating rank days in 2010 & 2011 😭😭
I remember how cool i felt when i told people I listened to this song
Ben Dares All
Here from Dance Central 2019
tiffscx edits
I’m disappointed, normally people put the lyrics in the comments but I can’t find them 😭
Nikhil Koshy
Jason ok
This song never gets old xD
Damn bro I’m really missing elementary school rn and my childhood 🤧
Elias KA17
Otário essa música foda vai ultrapassar 2050 porque pedi se tem alguém ouvindo em 2019 😂😂😂, esse som é foda ,muito top 😎😎😎
stinky loves
Damn 8 yrs agoooooo shit I'm so freaking old....time is flying
Lucas Cruz Fernando
Brasileiro 2019 alguém ?que musica fodaaa pqp !
Klara Polajnar
I wasn’t born in an english-speaking country so i always thought they were rapping about “gay sex” lmao
Abdulaziz Barjaa
So many years since this song dropped but still couldn’t figure out wtf is G6.
I’ve been coming back to this video every month for 8 years
manal Bijjou atmani
18/mai/2019 from moroccoo🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Renad Mostafa
My childhood was lit 🔥 !!
Ethan Oh
I remember when this song was the shiet.
Suyash Awasthi
KSHMR all the way.
4 Rst
Ты тоже вспомнил этот трек в 2019?)))
J-Spliff came out in Gran Torino
Iwo Ruuzz
you guys inspired me to start drinking from the age of 12, proud of that
oh, worm?
made this bop then dipped
Syed Syaficx
who's still listen this song?? put ya hands up..
Jaelson Flavio
First time watching the MV after I graduate middle school and high school
علي البغدادي
Anyone with me,May 2019?👍❤️
Elena Petrova
This song brings back so many memories! 😺
Chrystal Official
The bass is a *masterpiece*
I was 5 when this came out and I still remember loving it lmao
Andrew Peterson
Obliterated out on tejon street in 2010 2011 listening to this
Madara Uchiha
1:56 Спасибо Теперь это мой идеал красоты девушка вонзилась мне в сердце. Кто она??
Ninguem pra amar
Julie Anna
Still hearing this in 2019. 😩😍
Diamond girl
Anyone after BLACKPINK?no? Ok...
Joseph Huynh
Turn up the sound in the car and yeah plus kids wont ever understand this back in the days
Like a moto G6 PLUS
Clarice Mendes
I remember when I was 12 and felt like a crazy teenager dancing with this song now i am 18... miss the old times
Ataberk Ayeken
Like a G6! I was 7 years old when I listened this song.
April Andreas
Singin in front of a mirror while wearing a large eyeglasses.
Rhino in a suit
Warning: the following nostalgia will punch you in the face. Me: oh my god, I used to listen to this playing Minecraft 1.5.0
To Do List #4 - shouldn't it have said "Meet at FEM show"?
2010 was a good year for music.
On a old song spree.. who else is? This song is part of childhood Asian Black Eye Peas was what I thought of them
I remember when I, my brother and my friends used to make GTA SA:MP Montages with this song back in 2011... FCK So many memories with this song. I miss the good old days.. <3 :(
Dr. Skillz
And they were never heard of again.
Ian Mød
2019? I'Back future
If LG doesn't play this song in it's Commercials when the LG G6 comes out, they don't know how to advertise.
jakki _queen
Every time I hear this song I dance, sing or even just Bob to the beat who else is with me 👇
Connor H
Someone needs to play this on their LG G6, in their Pontiac G6.
Dillan Ashman
I can remember playing this song through my headphones on full blast feel like im doing 20 mph lol on my push bike doing my paper round. That was a tough job lol
roblox nostalgia
Mirian Mendez
2019?!!!! Happy new year everyone!! Omg thank you for 2k+!!! 💖
Winchester Brisadão
Nostalgia do kralho! 💜
MagicSarap 0
Now im feeling so fried, like a cheese sticks
Marcellus Nietz
Saudades adolescência. Quando ia pras festinhas e tocava essa música no talo.
Winnetou Kowalski
Now I'm feelin so flat like a cheese sticks...
Avan Patel
this dont get old.
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Yashaswy Ghosh
Back when KSHMR was a part of The Cataracs😂🔥
GMan Baz
NOSTALGIA 👍!!!!!!!
Pramakas Suryanegara
The true example of my early mid-school year
I wish it was in NFS Hot Pursuit
Arvin Kamberi
When this one fist got released, I was 19 and not having the tiniest idea what to do with my life...... 10 years later still not knowing. Like a G6!😂
Jam Lee
This and Memories from David Guetta was the shit back in '10
Pickle Person
I just realized this is what “ racist coffee” is based off
King Dany
Dropped harder than my grades.
Adriane Guedes
Like G6😎🎧❤2019