This film shows fascinating seaweed aquacultures and their potential to provide sustainable marine food. We experienced seaweed farming and processing in northern Europe and Asia. This was the first film we ever made :) Hope you enjoy it! Follow us on Insta @seaweed.adeventures Find us on Fb @seaweedpioneers music: David Cutter - @dcuttermusic / />Dyalla Swain - />Erik Lund - @erik-lund-18 (provided by Free Music for Vlogs Joakim Karud - Melvv -

Great documentary ! Best wishes from Germany.
Kale Springs
Such a wonderful documentary! Just what I was searching for! Very informative, thank you so much for creating this great documentary and sharing the knowledge and insights with the world! :D
Puput Malau
this is so incredible! this is what i was looking for
Sang Penakluk laut 2025
manish manek
i am also interest in seaweeds very much but here in india gujarat not geetting information on the same
manish manek
can any one help me out
Nice editing ! Great info
Cel Wu
This is the way to go ... The future needs this, the oceans need this, the World needs this ... Make more farms n be the solution to the ever growing world population!
Mycah Perez
I like the way you present it!
Event Hʘriךּon
goddamn my mouth is watering so much
A great overview of the current development. A must see for those who are thinking about their diet ... *** Ein toller Überblick über die aktuelle Entwicklung. Pflichtprogramm für alle, die sich Gedanken über ihre Ernährung machen...
Kostas Koukaras
Well done!
James Archer
Damn, both Jacob and Peter would make some nice looking babies.
Jonas Kamašauskas
22:18 he says there is no automatic machines"" and that is true. However there is a company in Norway which has semi-automatic seeding, harvesting, processing machines.