Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - The Fatalities (Xbox)

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This video shows all the fatalities for the 2002 game Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance on the original Xbox. This iteration of MK offers only one fatality per character and no stage fatalities. Blaze and Mokap are not shown as they do not have fatalities, so there was no point in showing those characters even as victims. Due to the original Xbox console's video limitations in working nicely with HD recording equipment (ie using a composite video connection and no native HD support for Xbox), I could not get this video in "full screen". I could have "stretched" the video, but then it would look like complete crap. Getting this game to record at all was a project in of itself, but I think despite the resolution/screen size issues, it came out very well.

Xbox Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Fatalities Blaze Bo Rai Cho Cyrax Drahmin Frost Hsu Hao Jax Johnny Cage Kano Kenshi Kitana Kung Lao Li Mei Mavado Mokap Nitara Quan Chi Raiden Reptile Scorpion Shang Tsung Sonya Sub-Zero

Ioini Everson
I wonder who was behind Quan Chi's fatality and what kind of narcotic he/she was taking at the time.
Scross Gaming
2002? Wow. I feel old, and I'm only 17.
Shumunya Cho - Oppai Legend
For the people complaining about the fatalities remember, this was new technology at the time. The one fatality per character was a sign of the game having a deadline.
7:01 A wild giraffe appears!
Jennifer Carvente
Wow in This game, raiden's fatality is awesome :O
Random Guy
Even though this game is old and somewhat awful,I still love it,and I love every fatality, why?well even though there is only one per character,they still managed to give ok fatalities (except quan chi) this 3D thing was a bit new for them so, I can forgive the one fatality
Reece Hall
8:03 so kitana how will you do your kiss of death fatality now?
♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞
Li Mei was PERFECT in deadly alliance but her outfit had to turn into the monstrosities the other sluts wear for the rest of the games.Asrah and Sonya are the only ones with more unique outfits.Every other MK woman wears something a stripper would...It's insane.
Christian Flores
The 3 characters with the best Fatalities are... #3. Raiden #2. Cyrax #1. Sub Zero
Unknown__- Us-_er/
Frost and subzero are sister and brother :P
César Rezende
MK5 has some of the BEST fatalities from the whole MK franchise. This is the BEST version of Raiden's fatality EVER.
Jams Franklim Sánchez Cueva
Fatality sub zero my favorite = )
Emiliano Franquet
I'm a Biiiiig Fan of MK!! But this.. Really sucks!!
I like the fatality music in this one
Joey 0714
I think quan chi's fatality in this game is the only fatality in mk history with no blood at all which SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ONE!
julyana carvalho
The best is the hsu hao
Nadege Kouadio
What is the button for fatality
La fatality de cyrax me recordo a fnaf sl
Angel and Mario Channel
Does the distance of the fatality. Matter
Saúl Solís
De las mejores fatalitis que he visto de toda la saga, independientemente de su jugabilidad y sus gráficos.
I love how Kano just keeps pulling out organs for no reason. "Maybe a couple more..."
These fatalities and characters are horrible!
Steven Hubbard
I remember this game back when I was 12 and on the school computers I seen unmasked subzero and I went crazy I have the game now it still works for the PlayStation 2 I unlocked everything for it too
Nick Mendias
Did anyone notice that when Jax was doing his fatality Johnny cage was doing Liu Kang's stance?
Eugene Derry
This is the worst Mortal Kombat game ever. Every character has only 1 fatality. There are no Stage Fatalities. This is the worst Mortal Kombat game. I give it 5/10. This deserves an F grade rating.
Eugene Derry
The only fatality I like in this game was Raiden's and Sub Zero's that's it. This game has the worst fatalities.
Eugene Derry
Quan Chi's fatality is the biggest disappointment ever. All the fatalities suck except Sub Zero and Raiden.
Lynda Beaver
What's the best Mortal Kombat character in this game there's other characters not only 21 characters
Sean Armstrong
Poor Kitana why did you do perform your fatality on her Reptile?
monica rangel
el fatality favorito mio es el de raiden
Ed Boon is the first ever inventor of Nope.avi
4:21 - 4:40 Liu Kang: This is for you... My Love.
Eugene Derry
This is the only Mortal Kombat game that doesn't include Liu Kang.
etrotm12 the Blue Wolf
and only after 14 years i still dont understand how scorpion dies from reptiles fatality when hes wearing his 2p costume because his head is already a skull with know skin and hes already dead too
soy guapo
Luis Villagran Gamez
como puedo desbloquear trajes para mk deadli aliance alluda 😭
Sergio Rodriguez
when te encuentras en el video el logo del Mk DA el simbolo ":v" HAIL SDLG! :v
lil_brotherhood 8805
l love this game and mortal Kombat X
Joe Ferreira
I have one question about this game. What happened to the fighting styles?
Joey Horton
this is one of my favorite MK games
reptile fatality is da same as his mkx fatality. only that he splits their head, not eat it.
I have this game for xbox and doesnt work on my 360 cause it wasnt updated 😭😭😭
Reece Hall
Truth these fatalities are far from satisfactory, although there are some good but a bit overdone, the best is to Raiden.
zJ xFrisky Bro
No there s only one fatality for each character, in mortal combat shoaling monks there is more than 1 for each player
Oscar Cleves
Scorpion, quítate el esqueleto o yo lo haré.. (10:02)
la fatalitys de kuan chi es muy bacana
Agustin Xeneize
la fataliti de quan chi parese un pinshilon como le que la cabeza
angel gonzalez
tank you for the video
esta bueno el bideo xxxxxxxxxxxddddddddd
What they don't have sektor!
What they don't have sektor!
What they don't have sektor!
Mugen Kagemaru
MKDA was on GCN and PS2 as well.
man this game horrible fatalities..
Zen Serenity
Oh, thanks for the feedback mate :)
Kombat Kronicles
No, MK:DA only offered one fatality per character.
Zen Serenity
Is there more than 1 fatality for each player?
Weva Exlo
How do you do these for ps2?
Quan chi fatality is bad!
and shang tsung.
in my opinion, probably the most humiliating
why am I wondering why drahmin is swarmed with flies?
Nitara is one nasty girl. 6:23
& Scorpion
Raiden, Frost, Cyrax, Reptile, Kitana,Sub- Zero, Kung Lao, Hsu Hao, Li Mei, Sonya , Cage had the better fatalities than the others
Weva Exlo
Kenshi is a one-man trash compactor.
jason courtney
i can agree with you on all but QC
Israel Gomez
Israel Gomez
Tattle tell stranger : cleets? Manado : 6:00
What is Johnny Cage's Fatality? Is that their brain, or their skull?
one of the best mortal kombats i ever played
mike freeman
I love sonya blades kiss of death it's so funny my favorite fatalities on here are quan chi shang stung sub zero and mavado
and it really was not worth anything.
Tanya Nicole
raiden's fatality is awesome
Stevan Savić
Reptile got 2 fatalities in 1 :D
Katina's fatality is awesome
Rockett Sally
Man, That's a lot of blood
Intrikit MC
lmao seeing it was funny tho.
Hunter Isaac
Quan chi you are a disapointment
Joe Man
this video would be good without the loading screens
King David Hector
maybe, i don't know.
Soo your telling me when Raiden does his special lighting push thing he's speaking chinese
King David Hector
♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞
Even the Midway guys think so...
in all mortal kombat games.....why everyone spout gibberish
Lelaine Morato
Fatality !!!!!!
Alex of Ander
What's with these guys puking and dying when the ladies kiss them? Cooties must be real...
Kombat Kronicles
@juangarcia2007 I agree. Quan Chi's fatality in MKDA has to be one of the worst ones ever.
Kombat Kronicles
@MisterLaredon Thank you!
@Bamskrull Maybe he likes it clean? lol
i dont get why reptile wud melt the skin off the person's face before eating it. i'm sure it wud taste much better with the meat on it lol