[concert] Bilbo's Song, Kiss and Cry, Bittersweet

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15 мая 2014 года Концерт "Мастера и аматоры вместе" 2-й Международный конкурс пианистов-аматоров "Каштановый рояль" В. Семенчук. Песня Бильбо Кен Арай. Kiss and Cry (из т/с "Шоколатье с разбитым сердцем") Arashi. Bittersweet May 15th, 2014 "Masters and Amateurs Perform Together" Concert 2nd International Competition for Piano Amateurs "Chestnut Grand Piano" V. Semenchuk. Bilbo's Song Ken Arai. Kiss and Cry (Shitsuren Chocolatier OST) Arashi. Bittersweet Sheet music available here: /> I'll be happy to see you @ /> />

Arashi (Musical Group) ken arai shitsuren chocolatier 失恋ショコラティエ

MeiZic! Mei-Chan no Fandubs!
Awesome ♥ !!!! I love it !!! Please do more Arashi songs !! I love so much ♥ !
ying sze chong
wonderful !!! 
aiba omilao
John Toth
I have subscribed and have become intrigued w/ you rendition of Bilbo's song.  I will be celebrating with a friend of mine this weekend his b'day and I was wondering if I might have a copy of the music.  I would be glad to reimburse your for this, if there is a way to do it.  Your very gifted and its fun to see you perform.  John Toth
John Toth
Got it, Varya.  Delightful.  My friend and his wife will be delighted tomorrow eve as well.  I will also share with them your YouTube site so that they can see YOU as the source.  So, if you feel your ears burning at about 1900-2100 hrs USA Central Standard Time, it will be us appreciating you and what you have given to the world. Thank you so much for your joyful and sharing heart.  John
The Common Kitchen
What brand of piano is that?  It's beautiful!
Justin Zhong
Bravo! I liked a lot! Kiss and Cry was so beautiful *-* I really enjoyed :3
Tom Wong
Nice cover for the kiss and cry n bittersweet!!!=)
Georgi Martynov
Наш человек:))) Браво Маэстро!!!:))
ほんと上手ですね! 私も上手く弾けれるようになりたいですー♪
Samantha Adlawan Fok