Tracking Too-Good-To-Be-True 'Free Vacation' Mail Offer

"Nightline" set out on a mission to find out what happens if we accepted one of these offers.

Shana Leah
Those dudes raced out that room lol
In The Parks with Michael
The typical hotel banquet room seminar scam.
Anime Professor
"I'll be frank with you," "Let me be frank," "To put it frankly..." Someone found their favorite word.
"Why does that free trip cost so much money?" LMFAO
John Connor
Not all crimes are in the hood..
She says his name is THORNE but he keeps saying he is FRANK. LOL
We looked into a scam, and found out it was a scam. Shocker!!!
Lisa Guerrero would’ve shut down the entire company in 1 night just saying
Lakers Fan Till LeBron Leaves
Should we reply to the nigerian prince next?
I watched this like 2 years ago anybody else just get this in recommended?
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
Remember this people, there is no such thing as FREE in life.
Doctor Money
Scum bags of the earth 100%
Han Shen
I feel I'm cheating on Lisa geurrero by watching this
Jeremiah Alan
A bunch of cockroaches scurrying out of the room. 😂
On a side not...Rebecca is fiiiiine!! That is all.
Nick Sealy
They got out of there like the police was coming
I highly doubt his name is really Thorn.
Raul Velazquez
Good thing im waiting for these free tickets while also waiting on a million dollars from a nice Nigerian prince so i can fly to my dream vacation!!! Life is great to me.
Conservative N'at
OMG when all those tool bags in cheap suits and knockoff watches came walking out I lost it! 🤣😂
Pancho's Burritos
No thanks.. I will stick to the fast food coupons I get in the mail every month.🥺
Eric Nelson
Do any actual legitimate business seminars actually ever take place in Holiday Inn Ballrooms? I only know of Amway and other pyramid schemes.
Boy they was getting outta there with a quickness 😂😂
badd dexter
Does this reporter have social media?! I love her 😍
This reminds me of my taxes, Pay registration and municipal road tax? Still have yet to see any improvements made ANYWHERE in my city Crazy how that works
I am the Senate
That reminds me of aspen in South Park
Mr A
so it's a Pyramid scheme. Even when they have them on tape the cops still aren't making any arrests either..
4:49 You can touch your heart as many times as you like buddy, you're an absolute charletan and need to be immediately stopped. Your parents must be so proud of you, not!
Now I know. When I go on The Price is Right and put a bid on a vacation, I won't wager "FREE".
"...but they quickly left, leaving us with this guy..." Those 5 seconds were the highlight of my day. All that shame on display for us to see. It's almost tasty.
The Founding Fathers
Now this is journalism.
Sean Seen
It's like the South Park episode "asspen" execpt they actually get the trip
His name should be frank. Oh well, sucker born every minute.
Lees Solidstory
Legend has it he’s still being forward with you.
Nicolas Palmisano
If he was a smart scammer he would have bought some real tickets and rooms for the news lady 😂
Julie Carson
#1 Golden Rule....if it’s too good to be true it probably is🤦‍♀️
James Raymond
This is why I stick with Nigerian email offers.
Nothing good ever happens in the basement of a Holiday Inn.
Rules of money
News people find the criminals in hours and the officers says they are hard to track. Come on
Wendel Bolide
This is where real journalism shines!
basketball 12
Literally nobody: Dude: “ I’ll be frank with you” “ Let me be frank “
Mike Klug
If anything comes in the mail stating complimentary and you bite, you deserve to be fooled and smacked silly. Trust no one
Veritas Nunc
The old "bait and switch," a familiar sales ploy.
Ken Martin
You should of burst in...right during the presentation with the other..VICTIMS.
Asad S
Sad how honest folks can't escape a parking citation but these obvious scam artists rake in money from gullible, elderly and mentally disabled people with absolutely no worries
I'm giving away 2 complimentary airline tickets...All you have to do is summit K2 5 times and pay me $150.
Ponzi scheme. They should all be arrested for theft.
Ben Kmosko Music
I think Thorne would be a good character for Danny McBride to play.
Friend me at the killer5672 S
Finally a scammer without an Indian accent 😂🤣
Jose G
Let St Peter ask these scumbags when they go to pearly gates: "what was your occupation?"...they will surely turn around as in video, and seek first EXIT staircase to HELL...
Thorn my man just say this shit was a scam and give em an Applebee’s gift card or something
Line snap
these are like the browser extension ...for me everything is no thanks...
gregory Waltz
He’s putting everything. Frankly
James Raymond
Jumping through hoops = paying $150+ for free tickets ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kaytlin Justis
To be frank, just because somthing is said to be 'free', doesn't mean it's ACTUALLY free! Scammers always have strings attached that would only benefit themselves!
This is so common lol, it's not too big a deal haha
wordisbond kema
Everybody should send Monopoly money since they want play games !!!
Maybe the Unabomber could send them a package
Alan Macias
I’ll offer you two nights in any hotel...if you catch my dri-cunnilingus
Allison Goller
We need Lisa Guerrero to do this. She’d get them busted in a minute 😂
Lorenzo Diaz
Only thing free now are those samples from costco
mark lee
Roaches scatter when the lights turn on.
Spam Mail
Don't look around for your friends dude. You are alone
Cutie Pie & Chloe Chanel
I’ll be frank with Thorne. I’m going to end your meaningless life. Malignant Narcissist Psychopath
Valentin Meder
Why would you believe to get a free trip in the first place?
Most of these "deals" are scams. The only legit deals are from big name hotel companies
Ethan C
These schmucks should serve jail time
nin gate
actual news , who would have tought :p
I’ll be frank with you Frank Underwood
Bryce Czirr
"To put it frankly."
I went to one of these presentations once and the guy who was our guide got so mad at us for declining to buy the package. We said we just came because we were promised certain free gifts. He got so angry and said we wasted his time and took food off his kids table. Um, okay. Stop promising free gifts then get mad when people don’t or can’t drop $20k on a vacation package. These people are sketchy as hell.
Dan Leak
Rebecca Jarvis got it goin on.
Htown hold it down mex casarez
At 7/06You can read the lie on his face and eyes hes a bad salesman she broke him
Arakais Claddath
Nothing is free folks. Dont be so damn gullible
D. Joseph
Crooks in business suits, that's all they are.
Horacio Martinez
This guy doesn't know how to be frank, he's thorne
Jared Micho
“You will receive 2 free round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continent of the United States” hmmmmmm
Nina Marie
Can i be Frank with you? Can i still be Garth?
Jay Hardy
"To be frank, we're all scumbags in suits."
OG Fight night
Congratulations your getting scammed
What! No free ticket! What a surprise!
So basically this chick was just bored and finally tracked one of these guys down 😂
Davyd Teather
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
nathan tran
NOTHING IS FREE in this world,, anyone want to work for free?
Jaime Harrison
I love how fast the scam artist ran out of the room!!!! 🤣
Brandon Bandstra
5:25 first he says he is Thorn, now he's Frank... who are you!??
Doi Doi
Nothing is truly free. Something always costs someone something.
Turd Ferguson
"I'll be frank with you", means he has to stall to think of something to say
Bryce Czirr
I love the womans voice its super relaxing
sign me up ! who do i send my Scottish money too? i don't want to miss out on this deal. no way !!!! clear the runway for a drunk Scotsman :) .
2 nights of any of 1,000 marriot hotels...Seconds later they are in the basement of holiday inn....
flag 91
YOU may be too stupid to cal for this scene, but WE were "skeptical".....
Alexander Martin
2:47 that guys an actor! I don't remember from which show BUT I KNOW IT
Ronnie Bush
I haven't watch the video yet but I'm going to guess this is a scam. *Edit: Oh suprised I was right.
Fresh Oxygen
MANS got the voice of Samuel L Jackson !!
Peni Parker
Thorn, is Frankly, one of the sketchiest people I've ever heard, to be totally forward with you.
Savage KingX
I remember this scam. Thankfully I didnt believe this
There’s a scammer every second. Scumbags
Crooks in suits aka LOOSERS.
my grandmother went to one of these and they tried telling her she couldnt leave. pretty good way to lose your life to an old lady
If anyone starts using the lines “honestly” or “frankly” or “I’ll be straight up with you” , all they are saying is they have not been honest and are going to continue to lie to u. Typical compulsive liar behavior and lingo. This guy wakes up in the morning to lie. And goes to sleep to get rest so he can get up and do it all over again. He lives to lie. Compulsive and habitual liar. Aka pos