Dandelion Lifecycle

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A short movie about life of a dandelion. Shot with Canon EOS 1000D. All of the 1700 frames was shot with following settings: f/5.6, 1/6s, 55mm, ISO200. Title is made with Adobe After Effects and the whole movie with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Levi Johnson
Sped through the part I wanted to see :(
Jesus christ It yada yada'ed over the best part
Why didn't it show the part we all came to see??
Mark Baker
This isn't as much "life cycle" as it is "Beginning, End." It's a short movie about your editing. Change the title
Sigh. Lovely and all, but I thought I was going to get some information about the life cycle of a dandelion out of a video called "Dandelion Lifecycle"! But this does not depict a life cycle; this is an artistic time lapse of one dandelion losing its seeds, which is a small part of the dandelion's life. It's very pretty but not at all informative. This lovely video has a shitty like to dislike ratio, and I'd wager that the above is the reason! I recommend changing the title of this video to something less scientific sounding so that people who are looking for information don't come here and screw up your stats. Change it to something that better represents the artistic nature of it, so that people who are looking for that sort of thing can just enjoy the art for what it is. Thanks for sharing, this really is a pretty video, and I especially like the music! <3
Lab Rat
I agree with schradeya. I came here looking for scientific information and I was kind of irritated to see that it was a fluff film. If I had come with a different mindset, knowing that this was an expressive piece then it would have been more enjoyable. It really is a nice video, but the title is misleading.
ZNyla Robertson
i love those
Wow this is clickbait bro. Take this down.
ZNyla Robertson
Hannah TG
This is my dance choreography stimulus!!
Matt J