Iron Maiden - Holy Smoke (Official Video)

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Greatest. Music. Video. Ever. XD
Malith Loki Melkor
You'll never be metal as Bruce singing in a field of flowers.
"But I still smell cleaner then the shit you're in" always makes me laugh XD
Scor Pion
lol, probably they had a lot of fun while filming this.
Majo Fleitas
I like metal because it's everything so dark, black, depressing and satanic..oh wait....... XD 😂
"I've lived in filth, I've lived in sin and I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in". How awesome is that?
Juan Salvador Valverde
Dave Murray playing his solo with a plugged guitar in the middle of a creek while wearing boots is the most serious part of the video.
I love how happy Nicko looks all of the time 😂
Ankush Shetty
the music video is so simple and cool
Warren Buitendag
Dave Murray shredding in a river renders your argument moot.
I just love this song. Classic Maiden!
Radagast The Brown
one of their most underrated album...
this reminds me of those black metal videos in the Norwegian forests
Ruben Merino
I don't understand why No Prayer For The Dying is hated by many Maiden fans, that's pretty cool (Better than The X Factor and Virtual XI)
dhruv Daz
everyone is happy 😊☺
Bruce Dickinson wearing pink, still more metal then you'll ever be.. \m/
This is a very underrated song.
this is honestly my most favorite music video by iron maiden
I don't always fall in love with an Iron Maiden song almost immediately, but I did with this one. Up the Irons!
Classic video and song that must've been very fun for the band to make. Also for those of you who don't know, the guy that all the ladies keep grabbing at and the guy driving the tractor is Martin Birch, who was the producer (who also engineered and mixed) for Maiden on Killers through Fear of the Dark, and for many other bands/artists as well. Hilarious and awesome that he got in on this video.
Max Grundström
I love how all metal music videos seems so cheaply done
Jimmy Saboter
THE WEIRD HOLY SMOKE TIMESTAMP : 0:27 - Bruce welcomes you to their show 0:50 - Plenty Bad Preachers for th devil to stoke! 1:07 - Michael Kenney (Steve's Bass Tech since 1982) fixing Steve's bass 1:18 - Preachers taking a sip 1:33 - Martin enjoying that rub 2:24 - Martin "Ass-Cheeks" Birch 2:54 - Bruce gets busted and dies 3:02 - Steve straightens Vic Vella's hat 3:40 - a 6 year old Lauren Harris with her dad
This is so low budget, it hardly looks like Iron Maiden! It's like a local band paid $100 to go shoot a music video and called it a day. Gotta love it, though
Ankush Shetty
I read somewhere that this was recorded and shot in steve's property
Alexandre Soares
religiao???????? de que serve? controle de massas
A.J. Rowatt
Does his shirt say "Drummers do it with rhythm?" Bad boy. ;)
Chris Mouchteros
Holy Smoke, Holy...Iron Maiden, Holy...Heavy Metall!!...
1:59 always makes my day :D
I'm a Christian but also an "old" rocker, IM fan who always liked that song. It's about the hypocrisy in the catholic church which had forgot the lessons of Christ. Davey's solo is butt-kicker!
As a Christian I love this song so true Awesome
58 people have unholy music taste
World Class Willian
0:27 caught me off guard
Kamil Kamilowski
I don't know why people consider npftd Maidens worst album
C Duron
The best guitar solo on the water
Best Maiden's video!!!!
Nemanja Dejanovic
trees and flowers became so metal
UmCanal AntigoCheio deHistória MasSemVideoAgora
Melhor clipe da história do metal. Best clip of history of heavy metal.
kike fdez-bravo
1:24 :33333
This song can brighten up any situation.
Think Positive
This is heavy metal!
Rishiraj Chakravarty
Bruce Dickinson wearing pink in a field of flowers is still more metal than any of us ever will be.
My favourite video from Iron Maiden!
Waluigi Is A God
This is literally the best music video ever
Løøfty spøøfty
haha this is the silliest that I've ever seen him especially when he does the Nazi salute
good old times, cool
Jeanie McFly
ladies and gentlemen......METAL. XD
'Ironic' Maiden I love this video. They all seem to be fun guys who don't take themselves too seriously. What other big metal band would make such a video? I sure can't think of any.
Israel Quezada
Though I'm christian I love this song because I just don't like Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, TBN and all those tv preachers that care more about money than the souls of people...
Robert bishop
as a Christian I absolutely love the truth behind this song. the TV evangelists are Satan's best friend's. that's why I refuse to watch the garbage on tbn, and other so called Christian television stations that air these individuals.
Kyle M.
1:59 bruce must've took a hit off a joint
Ashley Braddon
This video is so British.
Skendrović Nikola
A lot of people have been ciriticising this Bruce's singning style, even I do not prefer it myself, but I think it suits this song perferctly. It sounds really powerfull. And it think it's a unique way not many people can do. Anyway, it's good he didn't kept that way because he would have damaged his singing voice we all love.
Andreas Boss
3:40 awww
Wynter Schroeder
Great song! And great band!
Any time I've listened to this song, I've always replayed Dave's solo at least once. Just tears it up! So good!
This video is so funny, one minute he's around a bunch of flowers and then he's in the trees.
Bruce grew up in the town I did! :D
"burning records - burning books - holy soldiers - nazi looks"
Jeferson Saran
35 negative = Are posers
SnuskGubben Sweden
Dave Murray's solo always give me the chills everytime! So fucking good :D
Mercia Treasure Hunting
Bet Bruce had the idea of climbing the tree.
susanne williamsson
Metal Heaven...catchy, punchy and hilarious, NO JOKE !!!
Jorma Teräs
This must be the most impressive heavy metal video of all times.
Mike Fuller
Perhaps the Greatest Band of All Time!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play this on the next tour. NEVER heard this or Daughter live !!!
Waluigi Is A God
This is it, the greatest music video of all time
William Leduc
Many people say that No prayer for the dying is a bad album, but I answer that a real fan of Iron Maiden love all albums! Up the irons !!!
I just love Bruce's energy in this video
Yellow Jackboots
At this point Maiden were massive (obviously) and yet still made a two bob video with dave murray playing a solo while standing in a stream, in a pair of wellies. Respect.
Lego Forestman
must have been lots of fun making this video hehe
Jimmy Saboter
Also while you've clicked on the video, press 3 then 4 instantly and repeatedly. That's the Sex scene of the Beast.
Joshua Titorenko
Best Janick Gers Solo Of All Time
Vanei Pontes
First Álbum With Janick Gears🎸😎👊
When Bruce shows up in the first seconds of the video, I thought he had short hair. Then realized he had a ponytail. Lol
Dave Lawson
Uh oh! Bruce threw up a mock Nazi salute and a mock Hitler 'stache with his fingers! We gotta make sure the SJWs never see this 🤯
Cone Nzoe
Among the best of the best rock and roll songs ever. The solos on guitars 2:15-3:00 are as one imagine the rock and roll.
Steve Tucker
I love the lyric, “I’ve lived in filth, I’ve lived in sin, and I still smell cleaner than the shit you’re in.” Such a punch in the face to these televangelists. I wonder if Joel Osteen has heard this song. 😁
Vesselin Krastev
This is the first time I actually see the video to the song. Pretty cool and kinda silly. I love it!
Gregory Chri
Why is Dave playing the guitar in a river?
God dammit they´re great and funny! Love'emlove'emlove'em!!!
Shark Assassin
Such a dark video...
Zuza Makowska
Best Iron Maide video. Ever
1:37 aww wtf that is hilarious
susanne williamsson
I might be angry, sad or frustrated, but THIS brings my good mood back, EVERY SINGLE TIME !!
Alessandro Vadalà
Underrated song...
Head Banging Blake
Hater: "Heavy metal is so Satanic, dark and evil." Me...
Diego Arellanes
I'm glad you finally decided to upload the videos, so I can watch then whenever I want without worrying about the copyright.
kylynd adams
i love this song
2:07 our baby keeps on laughing :D Gets him every time!
Very awesome video from 1990. Have it on both VHS and DVD.
Carlos Ramírez
Bruce at 2:10 looks like Terry Gilliam.
Marlena Tym
Ten teledysk zawsze poprawia mi humor 😂
Grace Casey
The only song they swear in
susanne williamsson
WOW, this song grabs your heart and soul in a heartbeat, and NEVER let go !!!!
Best Iron Maiden video ever
Dennis the menace
a great tune on the evils of religion
Can't wait for the new album !
Anthony Grimes
Love nickos drumming on this.