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Sebastian Hannibal
This is how many people that like 14 I I V
Skeppy: let’s test out 1.14 Skeppy: *joins server which only uses 1.12 stuff*
Inq V
Skeppy: *Discovers Swimming* Viewers: Oh yeah that's a thing
im nin yirs old buly me ples
you just found out about swimming in 1.14? it's a 1.13 update... wtf
6Sence W
Skeppy finds out about 1.14 Plays Hypixel which is mostly the same on any version
What's funnier than 14? _15_
skeppy on bbh‘ s server: **EXISTS** Baldboyhalo:What are U DOING ON MY SERVER
skeppy, i beg that you and a6d research 1.14 and stuff because i lost many *brain cells*
xXWølfieXx xGirlx
*I just love when you make BadBoyHalo mad 😂* *L* *F* *14* *I was testing.*
Thumbnail: 14 Title: 14 14 hours ago
Dad: What are you watching Me: *14* Dad: You're adopted Edit: How did this get so many likes
Saruul Tugsuu
skeppy, a6d and baldboyhalo survival multiplayer. who's with me (repost of astrom1)
Lucas UwU
I was watching this and I just found Skippy on my table. its true edit: I got a like! ... weird, its blue.
JP Beats
Skeppy uploaded a video: 14 14 hours ago
A6d: 14 Skeppy: that was clever BBH: oh my goodness That was in the first video
sli p
Shoulda made the vid 14:14 length ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kiss 2051
Funny story: "A6d" in french can be read "acide" which means in english... "acid" yup you guessed it congrats ur a genius. Ok byyye 😂
Skeppy and a6d = legit everyone that plays in 1.8.9 trying the latest versions
Skeppy: I love 14 Albert Einstein: *gets born on March 14th, 1879* Me: Einstein was born on March *14th*
GD Zypical
*14* pingspoofers eating thin crust pizza with extra pinecones ok I’m sorry
Screen Patch
Old: I was testing New: We are testing Also New: Version 1.14
I love watching people failing at 1.9 and above
Go on Jif's server on 1.14 You really thought I was gonna ask for likes...
Skeppy keeps on saying that the game is broken yet, he’s playing on a server that optimized for an older version. If he tried to play a server optimized for the latest version, it wouldn’t be “broken”
Microscopic E
A6d: WHAT ARE YOU ON Me: drugs
Today is 14th of May. Can’t wait for 14th of Fourteenth
8:33 I think skeppy is having a seazure
Harry RankinGaming
right skeppy has to read this swimming and fish and more were added in 1.13 textures changed in 1.14 look at minecraft net for 1.14 changelog and 1.13
12:34 Skeepy what are you building
Skeppy: this is our first game in 1.14 Screen says: "You Died"
Quality Memes
Idot is ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Confirmed he live in Chicagoo Illinois
Best Name
6:37 French man sees dolphin for the first time
WesterlyPrune99 - YouTube
#49 trending for gaming Lol good job Skeppy
Some_Random Guy
Edit: 159K views and 9.8likes *I think Youtube was just testing*
Harvey Life
hey Skeppy watch Logdotzip 1.14 Video so u can learn :)
BBH apparently gets "notifications" for every time you're on, so troll him by going on and doing absolutely nothing
Skeppy: **posts video titled 14** YouTube: **’14’ posted 15 mins ago**
Dragon ProductionsTM
Title: *14* Posted: May *13* Me: *_Wait. That's illegal._*
When your on 1 hp and being chased by a soccer skin 6:37
StarHeart Cypher
Comments: I lost brain cells Me: having the time of my life
Anime Phantom
when they play 1.14 but are amazed by 1.13 features
Creative Username
1.14 IS OUT Skeppy just found out about 1.13
Imagine if one of them tricked the other into making a thunderstorm and made a channeling trident
nighttrash3 /\
Pvp in 1.14 Skeppy: Spams Viwers:wait for the cool down
skeppy has never heard of minecraft 1.13 swimming
Trevor Van Der Biezen
Says I’ve never lost a game of skyward Flashback to 1v1 against technoblade
United Nightcore
When Skeppy was getting things out of creative “really fast” he kind of sounded like lolitsalex pvping someone “HATTEBABA” 😂😂❣️
My spirit animal is 14. Majestic.
GK Plays
i was testing on FOURTEEN (14 intensifies)
TBNRrayyan19090 A.Rassool
. There r cats,fox,pillagers,ravenger,villagers with llamas,raid,sea turtle,dolphins,ship reck,kelp,block of kelp,corals,sea grass,crossbow,panda,bamboo,loom,lamps,ston cutter,stone grinder,blast furnest,smoker,sweet barry,sweet barry bush,sea turtle eggs,swimming animation,treasure chest,village look much better,camp fire,lily flower,parrots,drowned zombies,heart of the sea,condruit block and other things serch in the internet
Mke a suvival series with a6d and baldboyhalo
- Amin -
Zakkk, u need to start a survival(or Hardcore survival) series in 1.14🥺
I watched this video 14 hours after it came out ((;
Skeppy: (has RTX 2070 and i7) Also skeppy: plays minecraft
Roses are red Violets are blue Yay somebody liked my comment ! Wait why is it blue
Kapitonas utele
dude wtf theres 720/60 1080/60 and 1440/60 no joke
puppyraids _
14/10 title
Slim Slimy
in 1.14 you do more damge if you atack slow
Dude every comment says "14 minutes ago" i'm dying rn
Eliz Fuentes
ILY Skeppy 14,000 times😂
to get full experience watch 14 with 100 volume Edit: o wait 14 is better
BBH: what are you watching? Me: 14 BBH: “This user has blocked you” Skeppy: *Buys a unblock*
Dark Soul
a6d -gets in water- Dolphin: -follows him- A6d-screams as loud as possible- "ITS FOLLOWING ME
"testing the new minecraft version" skeppy you were testing??
Ainsley Hertogs
the hole thing from the tumbnail 1.13 the video 1.14
C a n d i c e
Bbh: *Has a cup of tea, reading tweets* Skeppy: *Logs onto munch you with a6d* Bbh: *Nuclear alarm goes off and immediately joins ts*
skeppy: I CAN SWIM?!?!?? me: yep thats been a thing for over a year now skepwich
Epic win
I've been watching for 14 months already, but I still didn't subscribe. #14
zeronineeight creeper
There’s new villages. Troll video idea Step 1: find a new village Step 2: invite badboyhalo Step 3: tell him you made the Village. Block by block. Just make sure he didn’t see 1.14 yet
Neptune Plays
Nobody: Literally no single loving soul: Skeppy : uses RTX 2070 Ti for minecraft.
Sneaking under slabs, shields, tridents, crawling there was so much that he missed
Skeppy is the dude who bought an RTX 2070 to play Minecraft . I like it
Should've been the Skeppy update with his face everywhere.
skeppy, a6d and baldboyhalo survival multiplayer. who's with me
Elie Saba
We should call ourselves the Carbon family! Because carbon is in group 14 in the periodic table!
Lol who was here when they suddenly saw that this vid had been posted 14 hours ago
Fallen Galaxy
Two memes is one?? I was Testing👈🏻 1.14👈🏻
15 *You never met someone so savage*
Lul Lul
BadBoyHalo: What are you playing, Skeppy? Skeppy: Minecraft 1.14 BadBoyHalo: I'm done *You were banned from the server*
Vintage Fay
Can you like tell bbh you like him already? Like we all ship it.
sli p
As a person who used to play 1.13, this video triggers me.
Finn Kliewer
Skeppy: Plays 1.14 Also Skeppy: Points out and notices all of the 1.13 changes
Md Sahil
Skeppy *Playing the village and pillage update *Puts thumbnail of aquatic update Why you do this
Why was 15 scared of 14? Because baldboyhalo is 15
Guan Edits
Capricorn Power!! Day1
Rexyplayz XDXD
I got clickbaited xd btw happy 14/5
“ive never lost a game in my life” he says right after he loses a game
Number 15.. Burger King Burger.. (FYI if you don't know, it's Fooooot lettuceeee.)
Naftali Picard
This is how many unoriginal comments there are in the comment section | | \/
Jitzau Sahjou
Skeppy: we're playing on 1.14 Me: but your playing on a 1.8 server so no you're not.
Dumbo_YT Gaming
7:40 get it he said a 60 second timer a6d lol
Skeppy: LeTs PlaY SkYwaRs *Technoblade has joined the server*
*How to get Skeppy to listen to you* 1. 1.14. 2... *Master Volume: 14%*
skeppy: i like 14. . . me, FBI: **am watching**
Youtube: notified me this vid when its 14 hours ago Me:
JayTheBoss Lol
14 is a multiple of 42, which times 10 is 420. Skeppy confirmed?
“It’s about HAVING FUN and POSITIVITY” *inception music intensifies*
SKEPPY CAN U TROLL THIS TWICH PERSON HE IS PLAYING MINECRAFT I called him baldboybrent and 14 and i was testing
“I win” *proceeds to fall*
Snow Flakez
Hop in teamspeak speak with a6d and bbh and then uh uhhh in like 10 minutes into the call say: HOLD ON MY MIC IS MUTED, even though they all hear u lol