SUSHI DORITOS! | Rainbow Six: Siege (w/ H2O Delirious, Ohmwrecker, & Gorillaphent) R6 Blood Orchid

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E.B. Farmer
Cartoonz protec, but he also attac!
et 37
26:50 Gorrilaphent is 12 years younger huh? Time for some math
rainbow unicorn
I died when delirious said "konichiwa" and "yes sir, I would like some Kung po chicken"😂😂
i hate how his sub count is getting lower it pisses me off
Natalie Thai
I love it when delirious, ohm and cartoonz play together:3 Edit: woah I got back from my shit and I see over a hundred likes! Thx peeps and sorry i didn't include gorillaphent. I don't watch him
Glory 96
Ohm getting bullied and roasted yet still being humble about it gives me life.
Mr. Man
Delirious: "Why don't we have a guy who throws ninja stars? Or a bow and arrow guy?" Me: Genji and Hanzoooooooooo!!!!
Mr. BeatsMachine
After watching Ohm and Toonzie play this game for almost two years, I finally went an bought R6 today. Got in, thinking I'd be decent-ish, y'know, not being a shit gamer and having watched so many hours of footage of this before. But THEN - Jesus CHRIST this game is harder than it looks. I still haven't decided if I'm gonna go controller or mouse yet; I shoot 1,000% better with mouse but I'm not good at moving; vice versa on controller
Diego Aguilera
I love this thumbnail, i want a poster of it!
#bringbuttsexohm back
Wayne B
This video killed me with delirious and his Asian comments or randomness with 'konitchi waaaaahh'😂😂😂
Good video like always 🔥🔥
Damy HueCa
7:35 KONICHIWA! Hahahaha Delirious!
Jaziel Ruiz
I want to thank you cartoonz for helping me thru this time I'm in with the hurricane in Florida I know not much would matter with this comment but I want to say you are a real cool guy with a good gift of helping people get thru tough life situation and to keep up your success and don't stop and your by far on of my favorite YouTuber thank you so much
Nick Parr
"Hello Asian hoochies" Delirious is keen
Slickest Spade
I just left a Smitty video with the intro being "oh wow" into this video with the intro being "oh wow"
Stealthy Archer
I enjoy when Cartoonz plays with Ohm, Gorilla, and H2o. Really enjoy when all play together
Historia Orejon
Delirous in the backgroud : Konichiwaaaaa
Best part is 24:29 wen the grenade falls infront of delirious cartoonz was like Oh!
Doctour Two skull
Ya know delirious can be pretty cute sometimes
Max Doberman
I love that delirious is back dont let him leave again!!
Love how the topics switch around in a matter of seconds. Goes from balls, Ling being a beautiful woman to eating Sushi off a woman's privates.... :D That's why I love these guys so much!!
Redwing 7
Doesn't ohm sound like a robot on 3:35
Optimistic Nightmare
Time goes by fast I thought they were young af but nope there in there late 30's I'm shook
3:30 ohm sound like a robot
Sereda Hawke
I love how Ela sometimes says, "This will be fun," when she deploys her suction cup dildoes.
Kerin Argueta
The only black guy accused of stealing XD
As an Asian hoochie, I take offence to delirious. Actually I'm not her, but damn delirious
Andrew Saunders
So glad Delirious is back.
Antonio The GOAT
Hurricane Irma
Hysterical Genie
"It requires a level of commitment that I don't got!" Lmao
Nicolas Chaplin
I died when delirious say konichiwaaa XD
itsyaboii skinnypenis
Cartoonz telling delirious what to do and telling people not to steal his points makes him sound like his parent.
_ IronBubblez _
Anyone else realize that Cartoonz sucks at twitch yet he plays her every round...
SunshineHobi TxT
Awwwww my Boi is so adorable ♡♡♡ saying Konichiwa and stuff ^3^ aww I love him ♡
Kermit the Frog
You guys need to see whos thicker IQ or ELA
Mac 'N Cheese
More delirious action!!
Koey LNYi
i really love it when delirious screaming "konnichiwa" in around 8:00 lol
Riley Kwiatkowski
U should use the twitch drone more often
Ape-X Gorilla
K- freaking anal Gotta love cartoonz!!!!!
Bombastic XD
Don't you dare touch me with that sushi
Jason Striker
Plz no in the name of Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Just Skullz
I like Ela :)
The Joker
You so cool 😎
Watch out for that skyscraper 😎💯
ethan stark
Yo you posted on my bday I'm 16 finally btw I love your vids keep doing what you love to do and don't worry what other people think
Dane Scott
Anyone else hear ohm say ela....eela?
Ghost me
They are all funny so everyone drop a like now in this video of cartoons. And everybody scream cartoons!!!!!
Dark JellyFish
This thumbnail is wholesome.
Hi There
Jesse Meyer
Sushorito? Dorishi?
Damn a year later and still no one comments but me
I see why delirious doesn't play rainbow anymore ):
Zeanlen LM
They should update it that if you get somebody down and somebody shoots the guy you down counts as your kills not asists.
Clearmotivesglass #1
Ohmwrecker is racist if he thinks sushi is only for one race...
Danny Boy
You should play WWE 2K18 when it comes out
тαcнιвαηα кυяσsαкι
Im Asian tho.
hey cartoonz im a real big fan. there is this one show ill think u like its called arrow its awesome i think u should watch it its on netflix and btw i watch every video u post i hope u wach it and tell h2o to watch it plz and tank u
Peace Keeper
The official Daniel Wellington store in Bangkok is on sale. Should I buy a 40mm Classic St Mawes (Brown)?
Lance Steele
How come we don't have a bow and arrow guy H2O I am thinking of Capitao
ArnoPlayz Things
3:48 Is Delirious talking abt Genji and Hanzo from Overwatch?? Or do I just play WAY too much Overwatch to see the reference
Jessie Downs
Love you
2kcheesegodyt cheese
my notification popped up h20 delirious has up loaded ten secs later cartoonz has uploaded was like what do i pick 😱😱😱 and i did any miny moe and cartoonz won 😀😀😀😀
konnichiwa , Delirious✋
Gabriel Zavala
He didn't trigger the poison because it was the cap not the actual trap. If that makes sense
Cartoonzs sounds lik
Andrew Mclaughlin
Hey CaRtOoNs i love all of your video and you are the best YouTuber ever 💖✌👍
Glowingsubset /Terrean
You ohm h20 and gorilla should have a 2 vs 2 please
YunDivided Attention
Peter Martins
Is it just me or did anyone else paused the video at 8:24 to see Ela thickness? cause damn she thicc.
Dylan Fent
H20_Delicious am I right
3:50 delirious needs to play overwatch
DeliriousArmy 10M
Has CaRtOoNz ever REPLAY or PIN anyone before!?!💖😞
7:36 why is delerious screaming kunichiwa😂
Niklas Dormann Termansen
Hey Cartoonz i love your vidioe's keep up whit The good work
They call Me RAIN
You guys are the best thank you for making me laugh everyday 😊💖.
Toonz rilla ohm an H20 let's get it !
Jackson Reed
Squad goals
Kevin Barajas
H20 using a controller?
I see someone need money...
Nathan Ojahan
8:23 Ela is damn fine
Immersive Mira
Houdini's McFallen
I like the rock of ages better
Kazuto Kitiguya
Bullseye Sam
27:20 - 27:40 is the best part of the video js listening to that singing lol xD
Hafeez D. Husnin
112 likes No dislike 😊😊😊😁👍🤙
Ela is thicc
Torterra 01
Look I have played this since the beginning and I am a diamond rank and cartoons I love you bro but you need to practice...🤣🤗😁👍🏻
XxgravediggerxX /luke-the-zomb016
yo boi
How Goth is Ela? Answer= so gothic that when she holds her handgun she has a rock sign
Niklas Dormann Termansen
Hey Cartoonz Can You tell to h2 that i hope he is goning to play more rainbow six seige
The Joker
itsyaboii skinnypenis
Hello world hope you have a nice day and sub to everyone and me and i hope you have great week!!! 😋😀😀😉
Tell ohm that Ela is baby girl not ying
PeKka Gamer
Another one of your babies(drones) have died. R.i.p. cartoonz babies :-(
This video made me put doritos on my sushi and i have to say not that bad and search it up on google i was suprised that there were actually people who did that
Rainbows are red blue orange ... ... ... and violets are blue I like cartoons and I hope you do