OZORA Festival 2017 (Official Video)

0— CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO —-0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEB: />FACEBOOK: /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Pumpui // /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist 00:46 Bwoy De Bhajan - Universal Squid Express Iboga Records, 2017 4:49 Arkanoydz - Capricorn 15 /Eat Static remix/ EtnicaNet Records, 2016 6:26 Burn In Noise & Regan - Soul Patch Nano Records, 2017 9:42 Dust & Lunatica - Lazy Mechanics Looney Moon Records, 2016 11:01 Arcon - Mystic Fridays Zero1 Music, 2017 13:06 Onkel Dunkel & ECT - Rock Prostitutes Parvati Records, 2017 15:13 AntHill - Shadow & Substance Sangoma Records, 2016 17:05 Kikagaku Moyo - White Moon Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, 2017 20:27 Eat Static - EIEO Interchill Records, 2017 22:13 Chancha Via Circuito ft Lido Pimienta - Jardines Wonderwheel Records, 2014 28:16 Tripswitch & Gaudi - The Truth Iboga Records, 2017 31:00 Shpongle - Remember The Future Twisted Records, 2017 34:36 Panda Dub - Purple Trip Self released, 2015 38:14 Okapi - Sandy Tales Self released, 2017 41:43 Gabi 2B - Misbehavn’ /Dangur Remix/ Digital Structures, 2016 44:36 Ajja - Stage Left TIP Records, 2016 46:42 X-Dream - Eleven /Astral Projection Remix/ Flying Rhino Records / Gravity Plus Records, 2017 48:08 Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones VII, 2017 50:28 Melting Point - Groover Nano Records, 2017 52:08 X-Dream - Do you believe? /Astral Projection Remix/ Flying Rhino Records / Gravity Plus Records, 2017 55:00 Gaudi - Die Ballade Vom Frosch Rarenoise Records, 2018 Voice overs We do have the permission using parts of linked videos with educational purposes. Alan Watts /> Eckhardt Tolle /> Terence McKenna /> Produced by the Ozora Festival Dániel & Árpád Zimányi Producer Attila Nikléczy Concept Adam Bedzsula /Membran/ Camera Pawel Wieloch Zsolt Szabo /iLumz/ Győző Ádám Jakab Erdély Krisztián Egry Gergő Bene László Gál Bence Mladin András Horváth Viktória Tamási Sándor Menyhárt Levente Török Zoltán Uhlar Adam Bedzsula Aerial footages József Veress László Gál GoPro footages Zoltán Uhlar Camera technician Gáspár Balázs Additional footages Magu Sumita Sam Angeli Christopher Kropat Sara Calderón Lily Baker Föhring Editing Adam Bedzsula Jakab Erdély Anna Stekovics Kata Stekovics Music selection and mix Csaba Gyócsos /Dj Tsubi/ Sound design Benjámin Rigó /Utero/ Colorist Levente Salma Animation Maxim Biljarszki Visual footages Global Illumination The Pumpui stage & cinema crew Katamii, Henzi, Szacsi, Dengi, Dalma, Kápi, Teó, Benji, Áki, Csirke, Viktor, Peti, Csilla, big thank to Tibitibi Thanks to the whole Ozora crew and the Zimányi family Dániel Árpád, Dániel Jr., Erzsébet, Andrea Special thanks to Wegha, Anta, Sári, Mata, Bérces Tomi, Pusi, Angéla, Zagi, Krissz, Veronika, Josko, Márti, Neko, Pocok, Öli, Molnár Ádám, Adorján, Szentiványi Gergő, Dádó, Vicsek, Bodó Marci, Fanni, Linda, Reza, Molek, Clau, Szuhai Marci, Panni, Fáni, Csáki Laci, Zimányi Erzsébet and the whole crew!

Thanks for fixing the audio!
now in stereo, THANK YOU!!
Spiritual Beeing
Ein Meisterstück 🙏🏻 Zeit für Heilung
fabiano dal lago
Ich freu mich schon auf dieses Jahr :3 80daystogo
Timo Komulainen
Wow: What a video and festival! I feel drawn to you all. See you in 2019!
Tomek Surowiec
Awesome set and amazing video :)
Karpuffel Toffer
A festival I want to visit. Greetz from Germany.
srudhin sundareswaran
love ozora ❤️
Insta Mbali___
Ozora 2019, I really want to go but I don’t have any friends that listen to psytrance. I think I’d feel at home here
Péter Simon
szoplak titeket annyira király volt! Tudjátok hogy kell fájdítani az ember szívét ha kihagyja.
Why did you not mention Ott and The All Seeing I in your vid? They made an outstanding opening live and it changed from usual psytrance that is running all week. That was my favorite moment of the festival. :(
Marek Cabala
I can feel it coming guys. Tickets available!! see you thereeeeeee fellow Ozorians <3
There's no big difference from the video you've uploaded like two weeks ago, or?
Patricia Chabot Producciones
Amazing festival !!!!!! it´s a must experience to live and shine!!! see you in 2019!!!
Daniel Mariaš
this was my BEST festival in my life ! hopin' to be back some day !great vid, great everything ! proud to had a chance to visit this !
The festival and the video whith good audio thank you for uploading it every year !
Eugen G.
Fixed sound! Yay! Big thank you! :))
IUJUUUUU!! febrero, 2019, en México!! ya quiero!!
Ozora Festival! Welcome to Mexico 2019
Flora Polnauer
Ohh Lord, it was amazing !!! <3 <3 <3
Maciej Masl
Respect for uploading a version with fixed sound and adding timestamps! ;-D
Crawling Fantöm
The photo of the miniature reminded me of a Warcraft orc bastion
Adnan Addewala
Ozoro 2020 . Love from mumbai,India👌🏻
apoorva rao
Bomb video no words Amazing editing by the camera team . crazzyyyyyyyyy
Neuronal Qlimax
Nice video - love that location! Who´s gonna join in 2018?
Nadia Di Mattia
Deve essere qualcosa di meraviglioso, infatti io in questo 2019 ci sarò 😘
kaly Castro
La parte del video donde salen los rostros esta super me encanta buena vida para todos ...
Oh sweet heaven... I LOVE these Ozora videos so much! I'll do everything that I could participate the next festival!!
Marina Antic
This is life! :)
Александр Владиславович
God i wan't to get there at least one time in my life!!!!
Melvin Kaspar
clean and fast, a new level.
Sphix Neophasis
what's the song at 47:10 ? it's not X-Dream - Eleven /Astral Projection Remix/ as tracklist says.
Eugen G.
Astral Projection played there, needless to say anything else
Stefanos Tsingis
Best music - best visuals EVER
Half Half
1 hour? that's 6-7 times longer than my videos...
Simply Amazing :)
Now sound is normal volume :)
amazing as always thank you
Julius Christiansen
i want back to the festival. amazing gathering
Full support from the Toonzshop team <3
black cat
i wanna go here so bad
Eider J Puerta
This festival seems very special and powerful. I will go next year to travel and connect :)
ja ck
Ferenc Fister
Gratulálok a profi videohoz! Szép munka!
Leopar Inthewalls
Great memories, too bad I can't afford it this year.. For everyone that will be there, have fun 💖🕉️☮️💖
Jonathan Zumba
En 2020 iré
Stu Stig
Leave your brain behind, let's go to outer space - loving the detachment
Nassir Moxa
Ozora is the only paradise i know so far
Neha Bhardwaj
I see lot of India in this:)
Amazing film, as always!
Сергей Кладов
Hi! Please tell me the name of the track. Starts at 14: 33 min.
קארמה ביי כרמית KBK
מתארגנת השדה מהשדה לפסטיבל של ישראלים חפשו ישראלים מטיילים לאזורה בפייסבוק
Is that a Heidelberg? nice!
Old raver here, approaching 40. Looks like a good party, thinking of going solo.
Skorm Refsdal
Awesome music and festival! Just don`t get why everyone wants to look like they`re a swampmonster or homeless.
Ram Dhiraj
Sound adjusted upload?
László Mátyás
Úristen, ez gyönyörű!
crna mamba
one day.. one day I'll be there..
David boisvert
I forgot that i love trance! must be the e in me :)
Inteligent Life
Amazing Vibe...
Claudi Krajcir
where is it please ____,??????i come here :D :D :D this my church!
Pedro Lelis
The correct name of the music at 50:28 is Melting Point-Melting Groove, and not groover how be in the description
Bence Horvai
Maksim Pakhtunov
michael gambini
איך נוסעים מהשדה - פיתרונות ותשובות
Victor Rosas
How money it the coust for be there ? <3
Dimitar Spasov
Track at 34:55 ?
14:14 ozora: somebody dresses like lady gaga, but it actually makes sense xD
Maksim Pakhtunov
I wish I went there once..
Anita Gulyas
anyone knows the song at 22:20 ?
Jordanos Wariatos
kenny damhuis
i have never seen anything like ozora it was the best. greetings from the netherlands
Oliwer Johansson
This place is officialy on my bucket list
Or Tilian
exploring higher conciousness is a great thing but using synthetic drugs and destroying your body with days of noise and hours of cardio-jumping are a pretty wrong method ..... peace
Roland Kovacs
Track 23 min?Thanks
The ultimate sound of the universe found in 51:25 !!!
Yongwoon Lee
I want know when will happen next party?
Léo Carrier
music at 53min....??
Djordje Aksic
Bring Dave tipper to ozora
Oh! from the comments it looks like you fixed the sound! Great news. Can't wait to watch and listen tomorrow. That 1st upload was awful.
Ronny Key
Please help me . Can someone tell me how the card game at 31:08 means?
Mane Volent
Paulo Daniel
Mia Thaves Andersen
Song at 27:50?
Dmitry V. Niemann
Как Вас натянуть "взъеабать", Вы прокололись "проебались".... (фигуру слов, прошу считать стихами)
sound at 34:37?
Shiv Shishya
22:15 what a babe!!! Love her
lil pac
Questo è un bel festone di massa antiproibizionista ✌
Qual o nome da música 34:48min ??
Karsai Szabolcs
Jan Ol
U.Görkem Yücesoy
On one hand it's really cool but on the other hand something about such festivals feels so off. It feels a little too...commercialized compared to how hippies in the 70s were doing. Also, the feeling of oneness emphasized in the context of such events usually ends up being temporary. Just think about it. What happens when the festival is over? Everyone gets back to their normal life sooner or later. Of course obtaining some profound, positive changes in life afterwards on an individual level is possible but what about the collective? Until when do we start to get out of this extremely commercialized system? When do communities like this start building their own sustainable cities where greed for power / money is truly beaten by a rational collective? Again, these festivals are awesome but I'm not sure about their potential to make a true social change. Although I am slightly optimistic that maybe in the near / distant future such events could indeed be effective in positive social change. Time will tell.
Info Zone
why he die that young ?
Elias Königsrasse
Nice Video thx
Alexander Cvetkovic
The Dios
Como quisiera reventarme uno asi lastima que soy pobre