Inspiring Tunisia - Shot on RED

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My Instagram: /> This Video sums up a beautiful week in Tunisia from last Summer. I never expected Tunisia to have so many faces and was really surprised on what this country has to offer! At that time, I freshly got my new Red Camera and spent a lot of time deciding, if I should carry that heavy beast with me for an entire week or not... today I am more than happy that I took it with me and can present you this video in an incredible quality! As you can see I shot everything handheld and lots of details, to give the whole video more character. I spent so much time in the editing this time, since I wanted to give the video a certain flow, but not with animated transitions... Every single transition results on the camera movement itself, which means I had to analyze all shots again and again. I hope you guys like the final result and see the effort I put into this piece =) If you do so, show me some love in the comments and share it with the world :D Book your next trip: /> /> Big thanks to my bro Meli and Tunisia for inviting us to discover this underrated place! Check out Meli: /> Not to forget all the new friends I made within this week who made this trip so much fun! Julia: />Keno: />Micha : /> Book your next trip: /> /> Song: Opia - Falling (Wheathin Remix) My gear: Fotos: />Sigma 18-38mm: />Sigma 50mm: />Canon 70-200mm: />Tokina 11-16: />ND Filter: />McBook: />Gorillapod:

Killo XS
I'm from Tunsiiaaa ! DUDE the edit is soo dope ! Hope u like my countryy
Thanks so much everyone for the nice feedback! <3
Hor Cujet
happy to see this video , did u used a Red Camera or A7s II ?
damn bro, epic flow in this video! still missing my double backflip 🤔
Ian Agrimis
Such amazing flow! Quickest 2:28 I've ever seen, can't wait to see more!
Nader Jebali
GOOD JOB (from tunisia)
Vincent Trabucco
Freakkin Insane Luuu ! Nice job ! :D You should do more stuff like this ! :)
baekhyun eats yoda milk
I'm tunisian and this was beautifully shot! wow I'm still mesmerized by the epic quality, the sound effect, and the skilfully arranged edit! I'm subscribing ~ the content is A++
Zied Bargaoui
One Italian guy is more efficient than the whole Tunisian tourism ministry ... Gut gemacht!
Richtig SICK!
marouen doraii
Lukas is the new tunisian minister of tourism 👐✌
beauty of Tunisia
thank you from Tunisia great video welcome to my beautifuul Tunisia
By the sea М.Ф
My Beautiful Tunisia <3 , Great Job, Greetings from Russia!
WAUW! I´m blown away man, the syncing and combining of those shots, awesome!
Chourouk Ben messaoud
This is epic!
What did I just watch here? Holy Crap, what a nice Edit Luu! Enjoyed every single second of it man!!
Amazing work bro! Might be good to cover two more things next time: food and music! You are always welcome man and be sure, the more you will come to Tunisia, the more you will figure out new hidden secrets about this country
Lukas Schwarz
Heftiges Ding Luu! Die Übergänge und die Visuals waren einfach krank! 🔥🤙🏽
L Bohry
epic af ♥ much love from tunisia buddy ^^ keep it up
good job :D <3 #from_tunisia <3
Meriem Gaaloul
This video is beautifully done !!! I'm tunisian and seeing content like this makes me really happy and proud thank youuuu for showing this beautiful side of my country to your subscribes ! You definitely need to come back to Tunisia
Julies Journey
Amazing edit! <3
You're the king! That's freakin awesome, I've been waiting for this eidt to drop since I've seen you're in Tunisia on your insta story :D really epic, I hope one day I'll be making such amazing edits as well!
Anthony Dion
So sick bro!! I really enjoyed the colorgrade on this one
Chihab Eddine
Love Your Editing Brø From Tunisia ❤❤
I'm from Tunisia. Thx for makining that video <3 ^^
Naffeti Dorra
Nice 😍
Rachéd hk
i am from tunisia ..and your work made my mind like in some sort of meditation 👌 good job dude 👍 subscribed 🙏👌
Arnaud Treynet
What an edit dude 😱 i'm out of words, this is what Youtube is about, pure editing ! Congrats
Mohamed Habib béjaoui
Duuude, i'm in love with this work! Respect for all the hard work spent to make this beauty! how much time did you spent here ? Keep it up!
younes ayari
from tunisia ❤ you earned new sub keep up the insane backflips and the edit ❤😀
Mark Heines
ich hab' noch nie sowas schönes gesehen! Wunderbar! :D TUNESIEN ♥
Wejdan Mohammed
Greeatttt , insane , and gorgeous edits ...that's how a country like Tunisia deserve to be known thanks man ❤🇹🇳
Let's make it to 100k
Chihab Eddine
The Montage program using to edit this video?? Answer please 😍❤❤
Thomas Kanzian
That's actually mental dude
Jayki L
Wow i've never seen cooler video about my country .. so much love
Linda Jami
Wow , I liked it !!!!! ❤️ thank you for this gorgeous job !! And welcome 🙏🏽 🇹🇳🇹🇳
kenza knooz
Tschultz Productions
Absolutely incredible! There’s just something so beautiful about this and all the editing that you just can’t explain! Tells such a amazing story!
wonderful fit life of Elio
nice work man
Cameron McDonald
I&b production
amazing video for real.. keep it up
Lynda Ayachi
thats awesome !! very good job!! hope u enjoyed it :D from tunisia
amami nahla
Wow ! Great job 👌🇹🇳
Amazing 😍🖒
baccouch dali
Echt storkes Video Lukas💪🏻
Mouath Taamallah
10 People had their fingers slip on the dislike instead of the like button, dry your fingers lads, this stuff is precious. LG aus Deutschland.
Alex Mazza
I have never commented on any video before, but I just had to say thx for this epic content!...this is really really good stuff! Keep up the good and hard work! :) Greetings from Austria 🎉
youssef bensalah
very very nice well edited video <3 keep up the good work
Nour Khadher
EPIC!!!! <3 <3 cant wait to see more!!!!! <3
Konrad Duszyński
omg, please give us more of that. Amazing flow!
harley queen
5 people could not bear the beauty of the video and flip screen for double like
Youssef Ysf
Soltani Ghofrane
Omgg love it
lol trasher.
Damn! Good Video! I like that style! My friend makes also Videos mabey you check him out! He is also your fan :) He starts with viedeos because of you :) His name in Youtube is M4tze ! He will be happy if you give him feedback :)
2 sisters music
A very good video
Lolly F.
Kranke scheisse🔥 weiter so luu!
mohamed ali mezghani
Baka No Oppai
*ART* <3
Markilo 117
Thank you very very match Tunisia is beautiful and beautiful and what you did is beautiful I wish to be happy Thanks🔝🔝🔝
The Gaming Wolf
Cool edit. I'm from tunisia and i hope u like my country keep up my friend
Olivier Kokkedee
Nice vid but prefer skiing
Khadija Fehri
bruhhhhhh far better than anything i've ever made this is crazy
Malla Forja
welcome to tunisia
Maximilian Leithner
duuuuude I love this masterpiece :O Reminds me on Watchtower of Turkey..... sooo good :D
Corinna Perini Gobbi
This video is crazyyy!!! I love it😍😍😍
Eya's corner
Thank you for this video. I m Tunisian and this is what I call a perfect way to show a bit about this beautiful country. I know lots of people never heard about it so I hope they can discover it here.Thanks again and good job 😍
Big up man welcome to Tunisia 🙏💪❤
Sick! But like the skiing better...
Где Оливки? Gde Olivki?
Great job man!
Shubham Nhalde
Sick edit🔥🔥... Love it❤
Aljoscha Laschgari
Fares Abbasi
lit 😍😍😍😍
Gosu Fanboy
YOU ARE SO TALLENTED BRO 🤗❤❤💣💣 KEEP IT UP o nchalah rabyy y3ynek
Sedki Ba
Welcome to Tunisia Men !
Neirouz Assali
OMG this is amazing literally i love it! Thank you for promoting our beautiful country ! I really love the shots and your editing!
Raphael Pöham
Richtig fettes video!!! Sehr schöne Bilder, geile Musik und super Sounddesign :)
Amine Lakhal
I like that 💚💚
this shit is dope mate <3 thanks for this video keep it up
achraf bouguerra
Great Job ;) ( from Tunisia)
just another armpit country running itself into the ground and where tourists are unsafe!
om makka
Omg such an amazing video I love it so much iam from Tunisia also 😍😍😍😍🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Aaron Weiss
yo man, seeing this for the first clean. Love it!
Damn that vid was dope
vevo international
Thank u boy ❤
wow :o super cool stuff here :) Got back for Kerkennah in Tunisia I've make a timelapse edit that has been enjoyed there! If you have time feel free to take a look on my channel! Best, Yohann
Mr Prod
yeah bro good joob
Zeno Kaufmann
So damn SICK! I'm waiting for a ski edit😉
Thomas Kanzian
Can i ask where you did get that music from
Hajer K
I looove it ❤❤❤
Psy Cho
La tunisiiiiie😍😍😍🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Ramy Mganem
Only one thing let you to do such an amazing video .. that you love our country 😍 Visit Tunisia guys 🌹😍 Keep it up 🙏🏻
sonya nasnousa light
You are always welcomed
nice flow bro 💪🏼
Yag Hamza
Tunisia It's in My Heart 💓