SUBARU Engine Rebuild - EJ20 / EJ25 Teardown How To

We begin our EJ20 / EJ25 Subaru engine rebuild by doing a full step by step DIY disassembly and how to engine teardown. Check out Team Valvoline: /> Support us and buy parts from our new SA Shop: />Join Our YouTube Community: />Our Patreon page: />Our Merchandise page: /> Favorite Tools: Astro LED Work Light: />LED Bay Shop Light: />Milwaukee Ratchet: />Milwaukee Impact: />Miwaukee Sawzall: />Fluid Transfer Pump: />Uvex Face Shield: />Astro Rivnut Tool: />Rivnuts: />Canon 70D Camera: />Canon Lens: />Rode Microphone:

Speed Academy
What chassis should we put this engine into when we rebuild it?
david hewell
Goodness. It's like a Japanese puzzle box!
Kyle Tice
This video just makes me appreciate how easy American OHV V8 based engines are to work on,specifically the LS platform...
Just to add a quick note, the LH cam gears that are loaded are easy to mess up and bend the valves, they didnt do it the right way. The intake gear needs to be spun clockwise, the exhaust gear needs to be spun counter clockwise. Most of the time you can get away with doing it like they did but theres enough spring pressure that if one of the gears slips it will catch the edges of the valves and will easily bend them, and no one ever checks after they do it which can lead to the car running like crap, or turning the valves into a tossed salad.
These Subaru engines are engineering Marvels but so difficult to work on as everything has to be done perfectly and in the right order or you're screwed.
hope I do not need to perform this after finding out the Salvage WRX I bought is Dyno Tunes Stage 2 :/
Awesome!! After seeing this I dont think I ever want a sti lol
man i feel like bmw and subaru engines are no where near easy to work on compare to b and k series.
Geez those boxer engines are so much more work to take apart & put back together compared to a inline four design.
Acaicia Hogan
Any extra tips on removing the access panels? I used the technique you used but ended up stripping my screws half to death
Marcel Terhardt
Seems that the cause of the burnt valveseat is either a bent valve or a damaged valve guide, as nam seems to need way more force than normal to pull this one valve out.
victor mendoza
I love the way You teach. Thank You so much!
Barrens chat
I disassembled a 2001 STi Limited Wagon block the case half 12 point bolts almost broke my 500 ft lbs impact gun then with a cheater 4 foot pipe they almost broke me LOL
James Nunez
You should do a side by side comparison usdm vs jdm motor tear down would be cool to see what the states don’t get
Adam Zebrowski
Awesome vid guys. Thanks for sharing. Love the content on this project so far!
Build Bros 208
Very interesting. I never would have thought to dismember the rods from the pistons to complete a tear down. However the access ports for the wrist pin clips was pretty neat!
Frosty Flowers 420
Never owned Subaru engine so many videos on rebuilds Must be Youtube TOP rebuilt engine online
I have an Ej255, so i'll probably have to do this sooner or later :D And I basically live down the street from NvAuto, so that's a bonus.
3 Drinks In
This video is fabulous. THANK YOU!!!
Dylan robbs
Have a 2004 Subaru imperrsa ts 2.5 sounds like Has a knock feel free to text me if u wanna rebuild it
Devi Lal Rawat
Price in india =?
Jose Torres
the white guy was hella cringy
What was the mileage on that thing approx.?
Matt Mills
Subaru flat motors are a lot like harley or other older vtwin style engines that have vertically split cases. Thats pretty neat to see how it breaks down to such a small engine block that a guy can move it around on the table.
Zach Garbutt
Can you do this for an EZ30?
Ilya Feynberg
Wait, so what motor oil do you guys recommend? 🤣😂 either way great video! Good job!
John Muteti
Best EJ20 breakdown ever.
Douglas Fox
Give me an American 2.5 iron Duke, Chevy 250 i6, Ford 4.9 i6, Dodge slant 6, Cummins 6bt Engines of pure Simplicity.and Bulletproof....I owned all except Slant 6...God I miss the good old days of America...Them Subaru's and 95% of todays high tech engines are a Nightmare to look at and work on today...EPA Gansters created this Mess.
Oh shit... I know Dave from Headgames. He does amazing work. Good dude.
Idk jack shit about Subaru. So thanks for this!
I used j20 cylinder heads for the j 25 turbo engine, but I did somes modifications with the j 20 cylinder heads to work with the engine j 25
Lao Han Tun
Subarus are really really art of Japanese engineering....
jok mars
in car world everybody knows Japanese always keep goodies to themselves...
inSight Auto
The NV Auto guys! Hamilton represent 👊🏽
Amazing how similar these are to aircraft reciprocating engines
Daniel Deville
Its so funny he talks about how unreliable the 2.5 is and i blew one lmaooo
Robert NES816
These engines are like Suabru's biggest blunder lol. A blunder that lasted for almost 10 years! Oil consumption, piston slap, blown headgaskets, rod knock from oil consumption.
vikarm saini
Sir ej20 old model patrrol engine weight without geyabox please sir
Murphy Castro
bro i need NAM to build my wrx lol no cap
Swap it into a BRZ 🤯
Justa carguy
This video came at the perfect time, im about to tear down my old EJ25 with rod knock.
mayhem kings1
The. Track Scion frs
inSight Auto
Factory Five Racing has a pretty neat tiny Miata-ish affordable build setup specifically for these engines :)
Dodong Andoy
Hello brother.. what problem of my engine.. I restore only.. bt now.. if I try to full throttle.. the engine is almost die.. but it's good running..ej20 engine
Lao Han Tun
Thanks buddy......I've been wanting to know for like 10 years ago....
Merle Willie
Question....Who do you take it to if you want the engine rebulid?
Really impressed with his knowledge. When a mechanic is that proficient at engine rebuilds you know those engines are terribly unreliable lol
Acaicia Hogan
You took off the oil pan like it was nothing. It took 3 hours for me to get it off
Thank you Car Gods!! Lol.
blake jensen
youtube strategy: if you dont have any expertise use somebody elses
Jim Dailey
Most complex engine I have ever seen.
Bob Pegram
Tons of VWs have Subaru engines. This might be a nice upgrade for a 914 if you feel like exhuming one! A transplant you won't do is fairly popular among pilots, put a Subaru engine in a plane. They like it because it does not shake at all and has good power. It is not approved by the FAA but the approved engines are dynasaurs!
That Guy Chris
Alot of poeple complaine about subarus being complicated but thats wat makes them fun
Thank you so much from Morocco.
Jordan Porter
Did nam get a haircut !?!
Gamma Light
Well, not my oil brand of choice these days and not the most cautious motor teardown.. Good job? Just please don't mess up the EJ name anymore, it's a perfectly sound design that requires caution and patience that many people don't have. It's not a Honda motor, treat it like a Porsche. The engine timing was off btw.
Automotive Anatomy
Best automotice channel hands down!
Justin Rios
Yea y’all did it all wrong lol I work as a tech at Subaru
Nicolas Lee
hows the jdm ej255 hold up compared to usdm ej255? anyone has experience with them ?
Chris Ortega
Where's the vape holder ?
Can you please do parts prices on this?
i pull these apart all the time for work and you guys make it look soo difficult.
John Brophy
defo close deck the engine. if nothing else will be good viewing
Thomas Staples
Are all the single avcs jdm ej205’s semi closed deck? Such as the jdm forester xt 205’s with single avcs or the early legacy 205 with dual avcs. In all my searching I only found the the 2.0L’s are open deck. But clearly this engine is semi closed. If anyone could help me figure this out I’d really appreciate it.
Corey Pearson
Thank god those circlips weren’t spirolocks. You would have been in dental pick hell. Leave it to Subaru to come up with some crazy shit hahah. These engines are too cool.
What ? No close deck or sleeves ? I'm disappointed 😔
How much money went into this project? As a layperson, I expect it's quite expensive.
Steven Barnette
Anybody can take an engine apart; putting it back together again is the hard part.
Brandon Capone
Maybe spray some penetrating fluid in the hole in bolt
Anthony Leung
How much cost for this Job,
Kahlin Koertner
So watching a bunch of videos... It looks like the tear down and build of these are going to be the same along the different variations IE EJ255,207,251,... Whenever people are commenting and talking about EJ25 or EJ20 they are just referring to engine displacement? I only ask because I am considering rebuilding my EJ251.
Great video, I own a 2002 Subaru WRX wagon that has 192,000 miles on the engine- it's stage 2+ with a full TBE(catless), uppipe(catless), cobb SF airbox & protune, ended up making 210WHP & 218TRQ on a all-wheel dyno(93 octane pump gas). EJ 2.0L motors can last a very long time if you do the maintenance. Check out MRT performance on Youtube he has alot of good videos on these EJ engines you will learn alot!
A Kind Guy
Is the EJ25 or EJ20 the same as a EJ205??
SubieTech 1.6L
Hahaha ring land
Michael Lippert
So psyched for this
chris ennis
Not all USDM motors are drive by wire, only the 2.5L turbo motors are (04+ sti 06+ wrx) in the us. EJ205s are all cable driven.
Miguel Sanchez
why is the 2.0 block thicker than the 2.5? is it because they are the same block but the 2.5 has larger bore, therefore making the walls thinner? woulden't it make more sense to make your bigger displacement engine be stronger because it has more displacement?
EJ207. I'm jealous
Edward Grindstaff
are those not e-bolts
Jonah Shetterly
Just someone here thinking about doing what y'all do: What kind of schooling ya got to do to have a job like one of y'all?
Old cheap $15K Porscha.
David G
horrible engine
Robert Kohut
Nice!! Like this stuff!!... :-)
Virgil Rosa
What shop is that agin
Daniel Deville
Thats a forged crankshaft isnt it??
Chris R
Trump 2020!
Virgil Rosa
just replaced my ej251 with the ej20 on my 2002 fozzy..
The Rice Rocket
Those cam bolts are a nightmare...
Now that it's torn down, time to put it back together. How many horses do you anticipate? Oh, and thumb up.
Blown head gasket time 😂😂. Subaru are absolute rubbish.
Bobilator Realitywall
Buy a Subaru legacy 2019 . Transmission problem . Wheel sensor problem lost 4 wheel drive , abs , traction control in a corner in a snow storm at minus 36 degree C. I will never buy there product again .
My god these things are ugly. I prefer to keep mine hidden under the hood.
jim wolf
I’m gonna be honest with ya. I don’t think this is a JDM motor and here’s why the #1 difference between JDM an USDM EJ20’s is the crank sprocket. JDM is 6/7 and USDM is 36-2-2-2
James Kocks
so does history repeat itself? is the fa20dit better than the fa24dit?
Lupo Ch
midnight run
Subaru WRX sti
Naren V
fyi, i owned a USDM 2.0 WRX wagon, and it has cable throttle. I believe in the US, the EJ257/ej255 was the first engines to get DBW. and the 2.0L EJ was no longer in US WRX after 2005.
Isn't a wire the same as a cable? A cable is made of many wires.
the one they call AP
how dose this compare to the fa20 engine? i know you said its the same as the old ones but what about the new?
Jim Johnson
What is the weight of that engine???