The Passenger - Iggy Pop and The Stooges 70's

october 1977, manchester apollo.

Rim Shot
I believe his drugs did drugs before he did the drugs. Just say Yes.
The opposite; drugs didn't survive Iggy!
He looks like he consumed the entire Fear & Loathing suitcase.
Phil Kay
I was there !! time of my life....
Man...that carnival-like organ riff combined with those heavy, thumping bass lines....WHAT AN AWESOME HOOK!!
Mark Boyd
Iggy has outlived both Bowie AND Lemmy. Just let that sink in. Viva Iggy.
The original punk rocker, often imitated, never duplicated.
So much testosterone in such a small body...
Guilherme Jardim
The bass is amazing...
Natasha Pascall
This where I met him at this gig he was so scarey and I was only 15
Lisbette Ein
The smile at 0:43 is kind of adorable.
Kaiden Polanski
Great song, but this isn't the Stooges. They broke up in 1974. This is just Iggy Pop's live band
100x like for that bass guitar....
Birgit Bauhaus
I know him as Person, live, from Berlin, together with David B., we all were addicted, and? It was a Part of our Life, and a lot of Ups and Downs, but very, very intensiv! I don't want to miss ONE SECOND! Nobody can understand who is not in this special "Condition", who don't know this feeling! It's illegal, of course! But: what's up? Who is interested, why? It's not possible to explain... A lot of very, very intelligent and creative people are User or has been User.... We didn't do anything bad to other people, we didn't take money of the governement or the society, we work for our money and spenden it for something we want and we need! No justice, please! This guy is a hero, a artist, a performer... And David is an Icon.... 👍💞💜 I love them truly and warm for the rest of my life!
Brett Allen
That's not the Stooges of course. I reckon its Stacey Heydon on guitar, Scott Thurston on keyboards/guitar, Tony Sales on bass and his brother Hunt on drums. One date on the Lust for Life tour.
James Carmichael
He looks like someone who got smashed last night then got smashed again to get rid of the hangover.
Sabine Holthaus
Most amazing that of all the greats he`s still alive. On this video some 40 years ago he seemed only days away from death.
Philip Shirk
Iggy Pop did for Punk what James Brown did for Funk
David Pike
This is magnificent and pure. Rock. And. Roll.
Paul Davis
This is September 25th 1977 at the Manchester Apollo, the first UK date of the Lust For Life tour. Hunt Sales (drums), Tony Sales (bass) - both latterly in Tin Machine with David Bowie - Scott Thurston (keyboards) - previously in the Raw Power Stooges - Stacey Heydon (guitar) - toured with Bowie in '76 on the Station to Station tour.Bowie played keyboards on the Idiot tour in March and April 1977 and the guitarist was Ricky Gardiner (who also played on the 'Low' album by Bowie). The Sales bros were also in the band on the Idiot tour.
Sean Lynch
I mean, yeah he was probably on a laundry-list of drugs, but it takes some beauty and talent and soul to make a performance like this. Damn, how many of us could get that messed up and make such a great show for a live audience?
i like this music1
Terrence Hewitt
I see the stars come out at night,
He must have the same genes as Keef Richards!
Doktor Hasenhirn
live long and prosper godfather of punk
hak boxer
The drugs couldn't survive iggy 😂
Roy Stuart
This isn't the Stoges, he's playing with the Sales brothers.
Chris Henniker
If there's anyone I'd like to shoot up with, it would be +Jerome Alexandre and Iggy Pop.
Bob Judd
Flippin' AMAZING! Iggy in his prime -- possessed like a caged animal -- just brilliant!
9iovanni 9iovanni
WOW 10 mil views. There's hope!
Hefipale Burp
Spaced out Iggy is the best.
Jaimi Raveneau
my favourite version :D
Lynne Huff
So much talent and charisma !! IGGY Thank you for posting!
jhon garcia
we are all passengers :(,peace enjoy the life and the night
April Showers
Rest in Peace, Scott Asheton!
Leiulf Clausen
The band is the same as TV Eye live 1977. Iggy Pop: vocals David Bowie: piano and synthesizers (on tracks 1, 2, 6 & 8) Ricky Gardiner: guitar (on tracks 1, 2, 6 & 8) Stacey Heydon: guitar (on tracks 3, 4, 5 & 7) Scott Thurston: guitar, piano, harmonica, synthesizer (on tracks 3, 4, 5 & 7) Tony Sales: bass Hunt Sales: drums (The Sales brothers would later form 1/2 of Tin Machine) The early dates had David Bowie on keyboards and LOW guitarist Ricky Gardiner. When David left to record "Heroes" Gardiner departed with him. Ricky was replaced by 1976 Station to Station tour guitarist Stacey Heydon (seen briefly in his afroed glory) while Scott Thurston replaced David on the keyboards.
Matteo Montgomery
Choose life
Kate Riley
I would kill for those eyelashes.
γεωργιος χοροζιδης
I like this music.....
Joel Graham
I saw this tour - the best rock show I've ever seen - in Boston
Aaron W
Dammm wish I was a teen in the 70's looked like they was on some potent shit back then!
London Dada
Carried onstage & out-of-it by his roadies.. classic.
Димитър Апостолов
LEGEND! The way he is at the start.. then the PERFORMANCE... Rock God!
That's a cool sounding organ.
That bass <3
so many drugs
Сергей Веселов
The Stooges split up in 1974. The song is from 1976.
Rowan Rockwell
With his hair as it is in the vid and the bizarre movements, Iggy's reminding me of Lou Reed:)
Shaun Kelly-Kenyon
just aint any better than this
This makes me sad. I wish we still had artists like this. Maybe one day all of the poppys will go away & we'll have REAL music again!!! :)
Matty Watt
most of the worlds best music and artists wer on drugs writing and preforming!,if you think drugs are bad go thro all your cd's and vinal  in the bin,it would not be the same without,and maby thats whats wrong with the like of manufactard boy bands,its missing somthing right! 
Remember when "FM" radio stations played only the rare stuff and played songs that weren't word censored. My buddy sold me on getting "The Stooges" album in 1969 and I liked the raw hard rock and great beat. Michiganders are hard rock lovers. Just go to one of our concerts. Nuff said
Joey Horror
RIP Bowie.
Cindy Gordon
Iggy Pop.... you sexy devil!!! 😈💋
Tyler Ace
Killer bassline here
Maciek Kowalik
Damn good song :) iggy is one of the best
Sandrine Legouverneur
toujours mon préféré! génial!!!merci à vous
Andre Meinert
The Bassline is so Haunting-Great !!
so you are not under influence and watching this.... go watch another version :P
Pink Floydd
This is raw he's a shaman
angelica h r
vendra a Perú en CIUDAD ROCK 2 OCTUBRE ven ya
Harley Gerken
the last true madman left in rock and roll.
Knatterton Best Girl
03:40 - 03:55 is just priceless. Look at that face
How can over 500 vote down on this ?!!! You fuuuuuuuckwads!!!
Quanta energia e quanta "Rabbia", incredibile!!! Un pezzo attuale, SEMPRE!!
Julius Fawcett
It is useful to learn how to enjoy life without alcohol or drugs
Everything is ok. =) relax
Monster Bass and Drums.Sales Brothers at their best.
jonas silva
muito bom iggy..good good very good..
Fon Gomz
I like this music!
Binalong Berrico
A great Rock n roller
Iggy has that Americana punk going on that can't be bought or sold, a Michigan boy.
Carlos Seizer
doidão no chão ,aí ligou quando ouviu a banda ! awesome
Byron Dunbar
Is it just me, or is this version kind of ska-inflected?
Exactly why our cat is named Iggy Pop
Joey Longtoes
Smacked-out Iggy carried onstage.. ultimate R&R classical. HERO
Il più bel live!!
Joe Flip
so damn good I used a spoon to get every drop.I LIKE THIS MUSIC
Debra Salt
Iggy has the most beautiful eyes!
Doodle your exam paper
I can't see the stooges.
hak boxer
2017 still love it !
Billy Badass
Tom Marley
best video on youtube ever
j'adore son style sur scène il a une ambiance décalée mais intéressante et entraînante
Booji Boy
What a rock star!
Fred Zeppelin
Legend has it Iggy was born without a shirt.
Еще на человека похож.
This is so fantastically dark.
See POLICE HARASSMENT by Gang-member Aaron Grumbleby continues unabated (and others!). Belinda's Hot air.
Ángel Velázquez
This man and David Bowie.. both are my gods.
luis emilio rodrigeuz
Hunt and Tony <3
Giorgia Dalla Bona
bellissma canzone👍
Ladys Ruml
554 dislike? Why? Perfekt record :-)
Giorgia Dalla Bona
like bellissimo♥✴♥✴
Roby R. Bellows
And here I'm, a 17 yo kid from Costa Rica who rocks with Iggy since 12. Shit, hope to see him live someday
Drew Shelly
This is one of the 1st songs my mate's and me ever workked out on guitar...pure class, thanx Iggy :)
James thank you