Disgraceful defending. An embarrassment. It makes me sick. How can people say this league is the best in the world, when every week, teams like Getafe go out with no game plan, and capitulate before they even get a touch of the ball. Disgusting.
markus s
it was shit defending but beautiful goals
Karan Phratab
La liga is the worst league in the world.
Cool BJ
I love LaLiga And It's King Barcelona
mangle the pirate fox
barsa roals 😊👍💙 my family is barsa they loved this vedeo 👄💙💖
Sajad king
Love you FCB
Riavi Mavi
Poor Goal Keeper
Gady Mendoza
Ivan Gonzalez
Messi -> Suarez -> Neymar -> Xavi -> Suarez -> Messi First Goal: Messi Second Goal: Suarez Assisted by Messi Third Goal: Neymar Assisted by Suarez Fourth Goal: Xavi Assisted by Neymar Fifth Goal: Suarez Assisted by Xavi Sixth Goal: Messi Assisted by Suarez Like if you enjoyed this masterclass by Barca (:
come on man..0.39 minutes,it's not penalty..How possible like this movement that you can give penalty..Barcelona doesn't need your help.I watch this game because of one of the top liague in the wold..
канал Шура
я русский и таджик