Swad Digestive Drops TVC 1995

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SWAD Candy TV Ad Buy online at : www.SwadBazar.com SWAD DIGESTIVE CANDY & SWAD CHATPATI CANDY are tasty & tingling candies that you can have at any time of the day. Buy now for exciting offers!! About the company: Panjon Limited is a leading FMCG company since 49 glorious years. PANJON has marked its presence with significant achievements and today commands a remarkable market status. Panjon today has renowned products like PANJON Tablet , PANJON Balm , PANJON Inhaler, PANJON cough drops, Swad Digestive Drops, Swad Chatpati Drops, Swad Chyawanpra Candy,Percy Masala Candy, Panjon Swad PACHAK range : Shahi Anardana, Special Jeera Goli, Hing Peda, Albela Aam, Khatta Meetha Khajoor, Chatpata Amla, Chulbuli Imli and many more. Our story of success is based on our dedication to Business, Commitment, Profit & Relationship. For exciting offers on our products like Swad Candies, Swad Digestive Drops, Panjon Swad Pachak range, Swad Khajoor, Panjon Balm & other products, log on to our online shopping portal: www.SwadBazaar.com

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