Toro y Moi - My touch

Toro y Moi's song from 'My touch' album (2009)

All I want is to date a girl who is into this type of music..! Is that too much to ask ):
Dean Jeffery
This is as Chillwave as it gets...
kiona bradley
This was the song that got me hooked to toro y moi, been in love ever since
Kelly Nichols
the first toro y moi song i ever heard. now I've seen him live 6 times. much love to 'my touch'
Booty Hypnosis
Reminds me of someone I once loved
Steven Griffin
Chaz is getting me through a tough breakup.
IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER. All i had to go by was the circular cover
1:30 that moment when you feel grateful for being alive.
die alysse
freshman year memories
Anthony Flores
One of the most unique artists of our generation. so much raw art, he brings back emotions that I feel like no one else can relate to. I hope I get to meet him someday, seeing him live was so wild I was bawling my eyes out and grooving at the same time haha
this is why chaz is a musical genious. 
Kezz G
This song has way throw back memories. Good times.
Has me in tears of Joy. GTA V introduced me to Toro Y Moi with So Many Details & New Beat but this may be my new favorite with how it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face ❤️
Deicy Gonzalez
The different place I go in my mind with this song
Shanice Constantinescu
This came up in my 'on this day' from 2011.. Damn, Toro y Moi, we've been through it all together, couldn't have done it without you and your badass soothing beats <3 <3 <3 gets me through anything.
Abraham Rodriguez
Toro y Moi is the GOAT
I'll stop talking to myself Doesn't matter if that helps It's a difference when I'm there In front of you Balance my stance just in case I will fall into my place It's a difference when I'm there In front of you So you push me with your hands to wake me up So you push me with your hands to wake me up So you push me with your hands to wake me up I'll stop talking to myself Doesn't matter if that helps It's a difference when I'm there In front of you Balance my stance just in case I will fall into my place So you push me with your hands to wake me up
Claudia Ojeda
Most catchiest intro ! I can't help but to repeat this tune ! :) enjoy !
this is the only place where I can find this song?? Why Chaz?? I wanna listen to the everyday when I'm out in the world!
Keshan Anderson
Life won't ever be this good anymore
can't and won't get over this song
So you push me when you have some where to go.
Pluto Hugo
this one touches my pp in the best ways
That's Cool, Joshua
my jam
Nes Mijun
Why isn't this on Spotify? Or should that be a good thing (?) since its so gud. so gud
cristian fernandez t
Anthony Miklo
Still inlove with this, Since 2011
Michaela C
Chaz Bradley is amazing.
DakotaZ <3
Víctor Cid
So much to learn from Toro y Moi
Just found this guy, His style reminds me of those shitty bands Pandora's been suggesting me... but he's not 8(
Delicious !
~vil sanctuary~
first song ive heard from tory y moi, ❤
giulio vr
i accidentally delete the album :(
Ahh Wow...This one is slowly but surely taking me away.....
Donn Jones
I love this production.
GREG!!! Your body is disbursing a neurotransmitter of excitement, which is epinephrine or dopamine's (:
josh scott
Sex to my ears bro: D
Christopher Airey
One of his best songs and there is no where to download it!
Jeremiah Vink
The feeeeels
Cecy Flowers
Searched on iTunes with no luck .
John Martinez
another tough breakup and somehow this music eases the pain in my chest, I love it
Patrick Pioquinto
ahhh good shit. Been a very long time since I've heard this gem.
Sharon B
This one is my favorite.
John Martinez
listening to this makes me forget just a little bit that my ex is a secret prostitute.
Richard Perez
college nostalgia 2010-2014
Sigurd Solheim
Dakotaz <3
Leex 95
That's the most ignorant thing I've heard, you're really gonna discriminate gainst all teens like that,really?
Maghfirah Rifaad
i want Toro y Moi to be a benchmark for the music style in the future. i will be so happy if this kind of genre gone mainstream... i will wait for it to happen..
Erick Otchere
First time hearing this. Awesome!
Hate hipsters. You walk into a starbucks and all you see is a bunch of teenagers on their laptops or phones or what ever the fuck kids use now a days. Its full of them! And not to mention their cocky attitudes. I asked the worker a question who happened to be a hipster and he answered me with a cocky attitude and rolled his eyes.. Hipsters are exactly how Louie C.K. describes them!
Erika Seitz
You should work on your writing skills. Or is good English too mainstream?
Riley Alexandra
You know, Chaz is a big fan of Justin Bieber.
word bro. word.
Pablo Guerra Fuster
fuckin' hipster men, hate 'em
Shiro Rye
wow, this songggg~<333
Jeremy Calcano
Fave torooooooo songgg
Iván R.
I'm excited. jajaja:p
Toro forever
the best
fuckin selfish hipster. Let him make a living out of what he loves to do. You don't understand cause yer not a musician I bet. He can go mainstream as long as he doesn't sell out who he is. Thats all that matters.
Toro eee muah
tom smith
theres a difference between going mainstream and selling out
toro y muah
Claudia Ojeda
Aww Nice combo...Toro Y Moi and the beach! ;)
in some parts of the song he kinda sounds like the old pedo from family guy
Because of an emotional reaction you had to the song^^
Younger Still
If you enjoyed this tune, check out the newly released demo from Younger Still!
die alysse
so good it hurts.
it's chill for the THRILL
Around 1:00 he sounds like the old pedo from family guy
mc tommy
I chilled in my sauna and listened to this album twice yesterday.. hot a/f
mc tommy
I swear when I am listening to the music and looking at the cover, the water moves.
cuz its fucking good!
Alex R
Noone gives a shit what they call you.
That's because the graphic really is centered, since the album cover is square and the graphic is the entire cover, which is the same size.
Cause Toro Y Moi is an off guy. He don't roll with the norm, he isn't centered like everyone else. SUBLIMINAL.
because, eargsm
you're rolling balls
Dashauna Grogan
Its a difference when I'm there in front of you.
How can Toro Y Moi be a hipster artist? I remember 2 years ago when this "hipster" style started to kick in to what now "mainstream" is considered as another word for Popular. Shit I can't even tell anyone that I don't play videos games because I would rather be ridding my bike and commute cause they'll say "What a hipster" So I guess riding bikes and commuting is hipster too?
que programa me recomiendan para crear bases como estas?
Because a perfectly centered graphic is too mainstream...
even if it goes mainstream, it's a good thing for chaz! Shut up and enjoy the music.
I wish chaz all the success possible. The more people that hear his stuff the better.
Katie Hermann
@m0j0445 stuff like this won't ever be mainstream.
love it
moses romo
FUCK!!!!!!! I heard this song when this video only had 2,000 views and 6 comments. Dont go mainstream:(
cracking tune..his best?
This song reminds me of that feeling I get when have a crush on a girl.
Will you really?
The niners lost
Leonardo Doo
Probably some pretentious statement
Congrats, because you've found the best thing to ever happen in the history of music, that's why
Because unperfect is perfect
sean johnson
Team Pices!!!
Aileen May
I feel like having a nice bonfire at the beach while listening to this. And some Best Coast.