Swanz The Lonely Cat - The Eternal

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Swanz The Lonely Cat - The Eternal (Joy Division) From the album "Covers On My Bed, Stones In My Pillow" (Desvelos / Audioglobe, 2017) Arranged, produced and performed by Swanz The Lonely Cat Viola, cello by Francesca Musnicki Additional production by Thomas Guiducci (Good Luck Factory) Mastered by Antonio Gallucci

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MONK The Channel
..Grande rilettura!
Christine IX
Lavoro davvero toccante. Lo amo già quanto l'originale.
Silvia Vaula
interesting, I love it!
Antirka Periferica
with heart with soul
Mila Esenin
Bella versione.
Stupendo punto di vista su un brano immortale. Grande!
Julien Dagostono
fantastico ,bravo , mi emozioni sempre