Vile Bodies (1930) by Evelyn Waugh | Radio Drama (1970)

Starring Lynn Redgrave The Bright Young Things of 1920s Mayfair, with their paradoxical mix of innocence and sophistication, exercise their inventive minds and vile bodies in every kind of capricious escapade, whether it is promiscuity, dancing, cocktail parties or sports cars. Based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh Dramatised by Barry Campbell . Lynn Redgrave as Agatha Runcible John Standing as Adam Fenwick-Symes Anna Cropper as Nina Blount Julia Lang as Lottie Crump Margaret Robertson as Mrs Ape Alan Lawrence as the Drunken Major Ian Lubbock as Lord Belcairn Anthony Jacobs as Colonel Blount Griselda Hervey as the Social Editoress Sean Arnold as Ginger Littlejohn Lynn Carson as Mrs Florin Leo Maguire as Ben Fleet, a Publisher Diana Robson as Matron Malcolm Hayes as Customs Chief and Judge Gerald Cross as Mr Brown, the Prime Minister Pauline Wynn as Mrs Brown Richard Griffiths as Miles Malpractice Carole Boyer as Margo Metroland Patricia Gallimore as Faith Elizabeth Morgan as Chastity . Angels, Officials, Bright Young Things, Revellers, Race-Goers, Maids and Film Men were played by members of the cast Produced by R.D. Smith Bright Young Things was Evelyn Waugh's original title for the book First broadcast: BBC R4 Saturday Night Theatre 31 Oct 1970

Otravez 39
Thanks awfully, old bean. Capital, eh what? (Or should that be eh wot?) Waugh is wonderful.
Kit E. Katz
I absolutely love this! Thank you!!
Husband of Jean
What a joy. The wonderful Evelyn Waugh has the ability to make the mundane interesting and fun. We loved it and thank you again. You have changed our listening habits,for the better. Also,he and his brother were both great cricketers
Tom Smith
Really enjoyable - many thanks! Does anybody know if Barry Campbell’s BBC adaptation of the Sword of Honour trilogy can be heard anywhere online?
What simply awful people! Thankfully life has changed a little since then... but; there are still those whom have no connection to the reality of societal needs... Ignorant to the suffering of their fellow beings... an excellent insight into the realms of far too much money and absolutely not a jot of common sense or empathy to be seen anywhere. Very enjoyable... many thanks.
clara jones
Thank you so much................
Elaine Payne
Life has not changed much for both the wealthy privileged and the others - the “workers” .
Husband of Jean
It was a joke . The Waugh twins were Australian Test players in the 80 s and 90s. You didn’t really fall for it did you? We do however love cricket and cricket plays . Tales from a long room being an example. It seems the last week or so has given us some of your very best downloads. Thanks again.