7 BEST Style Tips For Teens

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luke h
You should make a video for teens once a week or once a month (like if you agree)
Shobna Govan
so basically black jeans white canvas sneakers well fitting t shirt affordable accesorise dont over do it be confident
"Look at celebrities ur age" Looks at danielle bregoli. 😂
Short Filmz
I just wear whatever is clean.
hello hi
the video starts at 0:00
The Savage Goldman99tv
So should I dress like lil pump
Low Kid
We wear uniform in school
Javier Lopez
Honestly all this shit he says helps out so much , I was watching his stuff over the summer & now that I'm back in school, I'm so much more confident
Joey Joey
The one video where he doesn't take 5 mins trying to sell us some bs product I always be skipping that part😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
X Jb
thanks man you are talking very well...but don't forget to breath
League Highlights
Can you pls give me the name of that jacket hes wearing?
I just can’t overdress at school. It makes my confidence go down.
The Electric Cheese Productions
I don't like sneakers. And I'm 13. I wear dress shoes to the mall. .
Oliver 2000
All you need throughout your teens is some Gucci flip flops, balenciagas, LV bag and a Versace dressing gown.
deepak yadav
i think jose the type of zunigaa has 10 - 15 bombers
Justin Y
I have my own style of dressing,but the thing is... im not working yet so my parent have to bye me cloths but some time they can't because they keep saying that i have enough cloths when i really kinda don't.
fat cunt
Here in the UK we just were boring school uniforms :/
Lol "Maybe some adidas ultra boost, then work your way to the Stan smith".. Boi it should be the opposite XD
floop tv
Jose the type of zuniga to steal your girl then create a 5 step video on how not to get your girl stolen then you follow the video and steal your girl back and then he creates a video on 5 reasons why it's not cool to steal another man's girl
Alex Cornick
Nah i buy expensive stuff that has resell value
Skidaddle skidoodle Thank you for not posting another ad from google
Victor Sosa
2:00 absolutely true
rachael story
14 squad here
King Laser
Im fat so this is useless for me😑
George Fielder
This style is so basic shouldn't u try ur own style instead of dressing like a h and m/gap model
SPF infinity SPF infinity
Yeah... I always get roasted lol
Do more videos on teens
Drew Johnson
Thank you for not having a sponsor on this video, preciate it
abhinav jha
Why 7 is getting famous make a video on it
Adebimpe shogunle
Good job good job good job telling us how how they look pretty
Toxic Texzl
Thoughts on ripped jeans?
just get fake yeezus.
Jose make a vid for babies i dont know which onesies to wear, thanks fam
Trips Over
I like going to gently used clothing places for young people. I buy nice brands like banana republic and gap for like 6 bucks
VeryLilKarl YT
Friends roasting u LOL
jason 67
If u live in NY u wont see anyone wearing these stuff
this is also one of the most stupidest advice on style jeeze aahahaha
Rakib is bd
i am 14 years old thanks a lot BIG BRO ! 😍😍😍
UsherCoolboy SWFilms
I love the hand gestures :D
Yanila ranasinghe
Make a video on which type of glasses fit best for each type of person
Victor Petersen
What I does Nike shoes called with the Nike logo you can take of with Velcro
Justin Arnols
Jose plz I'm a big fan of your vids Can yuu try create a app on for Android showing off all mens fashion
IGotClout Mannn
First day of school I had this 1. Red Collar shirt 2. Black skinny jeans 3. Double Strap puma shoes color red
King Fredo
Trust me fitted t-shirts go a LONG way.
Jayden Lee
Can you pleaseeeeee do some for elementary school I’m stuck on what to wear every single day
Jose the type of Zuniga to bring 18 people home to see a 18+ movie.
Carbonzobean !
Everyone at my high school is a hypebeast
Liv Thijssen
k but in the thumbnail picture, the left boy is much better, my opinion tho
hey potato
You need pastel light green bomber jacket Really light blue jeans Adidas superstar White t-shirt and handsome face 😂😂
Julius Ceazar Sungkip
thanks bro..for advice
Michael Ho
I'm 16 and dressing well won't get you roasted. Chicks dig it tbh
Max Halliday
I'm from Australia and all public schools have uniforms rip
Adrian Saavedra
Best style tip for teens, become a greaser!
Banana Bread
You are my new favorite Youtuber!! These tips are so great and my friends love the new style THANK YOU!!!
Salimooo 6475
Im gonna tell you what to wear Wear whatever you feel like wearing because WHY NOT
Max Blackout
Jose, Thanks For the tips cuz I'm going into middle school Sept.6
Gaming w/ Daniel
José (I hope I spelt that correct), what if you have to wear uniform?
It really distracted me how he moves his hands so much
Jose the type of zunigga to shoutout the 5th watches during his wedding speech
glue choomoo
the point about having confidence it works it really does
Zephyr P1
If you go to a slavick school like me everyone wears tracksuits 0
ishaan v
I wish you was my age so that I could dress how you would Love from india
Connie Harrison
Thx for the tips bro.
Pichi Johnson
Delete p Johnson account photo
The Melancholy System
"Anything for boys" .........*IMMA NONBINARY*
I like to dress less basically though. For example: Ian Connor, Bloody Osiris.
Ali Alaamiry
I am gonna work a casher co-worker in summer Any helpful hints ?
Net Neutrality
This might be weird but can you do a video on porn. Like so he can see.
Dog and panda films
Jose I just buy hyped stuff than sell it when I outgrow it
Amerking 97
I have to wear a uniform in England :(
Rios Alpha
This is real work..man I thank you,you changed my wack style completely
Nicolas Medina
He put ultra boost under Stan Smith's I'm dead
i have no clue why i watch all of ur vids i'm a girl??
Abhinav Rawat
I m from preschool
Casper Willekens
Thx Jose for these Tips off Styling for Teens, I Always wear good style now on school!
Yash Kanjariya
Man it wasn't that hard. As it seems to me !!!! Nice video. I'll try ur advice...
Caleb's Channel
I need help for my outfit I'm in 7th grade
I have to wear a uniform tho 😂😭
Nyan Lin
I need some advice...or tips....where can i sell used clothing? 😂
Steel Collins
Thank you so much, I'm 14, and after wathing your video i've now have 3 girls who actually is in love with me! Thanks Dude
Caleb's Channel
Thank you for your help!😎
Samuel Davis
You said gradually change your style, but isn't it better to start then rather than later, so that you break the ice and then get that over with? I remember I drastically changed my hairstyle the past school year and thought, "Better late than never! And people need to get used to this new look as soon as possible." Would you agree?
Jáchymek K
This is definitely not a channel for sneakerheads
Lawrence Pich
I wear the first thing I see that is clean
Alex Evans
Them baggy sweat pants and the Reeboks with the straps
DaddysHome Productions
Omg just found your channel this is amazing
Devon Myr
I agree with everything you say EXCEPT the shoes, shoes that are beet look good in my opinion
Jose the type of zuniga to style his butt hair with Pete and Pedro
Tyler Zwirz
MORE for teens! Keep it up.
Blijon Kçiku Hajdini
I swear the left guy in the thumbnail looks exactly like ricegum but without the gucci flipflops and the supreme logo lmao
Max Flannery
Thanks for the video, problem is in Australia we have uniform . . .
These my favorite videos 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Jan Brummer
If you want to change your style, don't change it gradually. Just change it overnight guys. People will look at you weird 2 maybe 3 times, after that they don't care anymore. Saves you a lot of time!
The Mystery YouTube User
Jose Middle School Students Have Uniforms
Lava Cube
Wait.. something is missing.. the background music..
Mr. Yoka
Loved it!! I'm still in middle through high school and I loved it how you made a video dedicated to us and I hope you make more videos like this.
T Saltz
From SoCal and people DEFINITELY wear this stuff; including myself.
Lmfao i cant do this we got a uniform 😂
Rhiannon Roberts
If you're from the UK primark works
Help me im 11-12 years old and i have €40 and i dont know what to buy :/ help