Was Star Trek Enterprise Really That Bad?

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Mario Gonzalez
Unpopular opinion: Star Trek Enterprise one of the best series since the Original Series.
Laughing Gravy
"The Vulcans had been written very poorly in the first two seasons..." I disagree. I guess some people were upset to see the more complex, more realistic portrayal of Vulcans in _Enterprise_ as a race like any other that has its own priorities and is ruled by self-interest. To see Vulcans as less than saintly seems to be an unsettling experience for some fans, but I thought it was great. _Enterprise_ showed that the relationship between humans and Vulcans was complex, and often tense, but that _both races_ benefitted from the partnership. Vulcans became better people because they met humans.
I disliked the last episode somewhat, with it being like a TNG episode. And, didn't even show his speech at the end, which I was waiting to hear.
I'm one of the weirdos who loved ENT, and even if the first two seasons took a bit to get off, as said, it did have winners in those too. By the time of 4, we could have easily made it to 7. With the Earth-Romulan War, and the planned occasional forays into the Mirror Universe (which were fantastic, people loved em - and so many people only died because they only had two episodes to work with), and the other mini-arcs shown, it would have been a fantastic run all the way through. Shame.
sergio basilioli
I loved it! I wished it continued.
hope dies
No. In fact it's my second favorite trek series and it's a goddamn crime it was cancelled right as it really found it's footing. All trek series have struggled to find their way the first couple of seasons. Les moonves can suck a fat one for that.
Zero Tolerance
ENT wasn't given a chance by a lot of fans. Many were turned off by the prequel setting, like myself. I wanted and still want, a show set after Nemesis. Many were burned out on Trek after so many shows and movies by that point. That all said, I wish they would have given it another chance. It had a good core, good chemistry, and it had a ton of potential. As much as any of the other series. And Bakula was perfect.
I've just watched all four seasons again, apart from a couple of boring episodes which could be true for all versions of the ST franchise, Enterprise is one of my favourite versions.. Unlikely but I would love to see more from Capt Archer & Enterprise in the future..
The first couple seasons proved why it was such a good show. The first season of TNG is near unwatchable. DS9’s first couple seasons were a mess. Voyager sucked until the Kazon storyline ended. Enterprise was good from the first episode.
Erisi Dlarit
evil Hoshi was smoking hot
I didn't even know STE existed until I accidentally came across it on Netflix in 2012. I did something I never did before, I binge watched the whole series and then started the whole thing over again. I think Enterprise brought together the experience of the whole franchise in one show. The characters seemed imperfect and real, nobody was supposed to know what they were doing as none of it had been done before. They were out of their element and making do the best they can. Bakula was acceptable for the role but the writers never figured out how to use his talents. The dog was a good idea, like the baseball in Cisco's office, but Scott never really pulled it off or the writers didn't develop it. In fact I think the writers are the ones who screwed up the show for so many by not writing to the actor's strengths in general. The actors should have been encouraged to develop their characters more for themselves. Thats where you get things like the famous Vulcan greeting.. nanu nanu I think it was... I even like the title song, gritty, real and quaint, a theme for the show. But then who am I to talk? I think Stargate Universe was the best scifi ever and I'd like to stomp on the foot of whoever kept us from finding out the truth of the background radiation. I'm waiting for some creative genius to make the next wonder, the next Stargate, the next Firefly. A world I could take part in. I would barf on the bridge of Discovery and go off to become a bartender on Risa. It's difficult to find the scifi on the Sexually Transmitted Disease STD hidden between the steaming piles of social justice. Please, somebody, go forth and create a new scifi for Saturday children's show like Farscape before my brain goes completely numb from being treated like I'm incapable of understanding the most basic concepts of anything.
Craig Goetsch
I was really hoping they would have let Trip and T'Pol become a relatively famous couple and dealt with the problems they would have being one of the first public interspecies couples within the Federation (maybe even inspiring Sarek to consider marrying a human.)
Mark Bivens
The Knuckleheads at Paramount screwed us , Enterprise it was getting ready to bust out and could have been a great addition to Star Trek Legacy but then the PC snowflakes got ahold of the Star Trek Legacy and brought us discovery, it's such a sorry show I've only seen the first two episodes and that's it ,not even going to bother with it such a waste of good Sci-fi.
Edward Nelson
Enterprise was a very, very good Star Trek Series, almost as good as the original Star Trek. However the Series Final Episode in year number 4 was not only a disaster for Star Trek Enterprise Series and fans alike but I'd say it was the death blow to the Star Trek Franchise as a whole. They killed off any credibility of a future for Star Trek Incorporated.
Just finished the finale! Compared to Discovery it's brilliant! Enterprise is no longer the black sheep 😜
Snake Plissken
I remember hearing from William Shatner at a convention a few years later that he was going to play Tiberius in a season five episode before the series was canceled. That would’ve been awesome!
Malik Hedir
Star trek Enterprise was a better show than Discovery
Trillium Burbank
The one thing i dislike about enterprise is the last episode. I think they should ended the show with the real cast instead of them being hologram. And why did they have to kill trip. I love him
Marilee Stetson
Agree completely. Should have had at LEAST one more season. T'Pol was a great character and provided a strong dynamic in her relationships with Trip and Archer. But have not seen anything of Jolene Blalock or most of the rest of the cast since. BTW, the first 2 or 3 seasons of TNG weren't all that either.
Ash Krikorian
Enterprise was a great series, I don't know wtf anyone would rag on it for? I just wish they had 1 more season to get into the romulan wars...
James Temple
I rather enjoyed the series - even purchased complete set of DVDs back in the day. Sure, there were some aspects that could have been improved -- and the last episode, don't even get me started on that atrocity .... but overall, very cool show that had awesome potential if it continued a bit longer
I liked Enterprise. It was the first Trek since TNG where I liked (or at least appreciated) the entire cast. I was a bit sad that it got cancelled before its time. Now we're stuck with that abomination called Discovery.
Maybe I’m a minority, but I enjoyed Enterprise. It had grit, humor, sad moments, intense moments, scary moments, action, and exploring that period before the Federation came to be. I wish they did another season.
The series wasn't really that bad they just keep making the technology on the ships looking more advanced than what it should be in the past
What I liked about Enterprise was the humility and vulnerability of the earthlings. In TNG everyone seemed just a bit too smug.
George G.
Enterprise is my favourite Star Trek series by far.
Antimony Cup
That atrocious intro song though.. thank Zeus for the netflix skip intro button.
The Enterprise series is currently being rerun on UK digital TV. I'm enjoying it a lot.
Dac DT
I like Enterprise, it was a good show.
It's a great series mostly because i love that "this is one of the first ships out there", very low tech and they barely survive out there, it's nice.
Jamie D
The fourth season saw the writing team of Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, authors of some of the greatest Stat Trek extended universe novels as story editors. They supervised the stories in season 4 and wisely did away with the Temporal Cold-War and used the season 3 closer to blend in with Storm Front to end that story arc so they were then free to focus on the more anticipated legacy episodes and they did it brilliantly. The idea of 2-4 episode mini-arcs was an excellent idea and it is a great pity that the show wasn't extended from there. Indeed, in one of the special features Braga claimed that there were around 50 stations in the south, in and around Texas, I believe, who were contracted to broadcast the show, but weren't, and I think Dave's assertion of the glut of new networks and channels would also have greatly contributed to it's demise.
Excuse me. Just one interruption, please. "Voyager" had no quality of any kind. Thank you. I've said my peace. Please pardon the interruption.
stephane milu
With Voyager it's my 2nd series I've loved from the Star Trek franchise
If I'm honest, Enterprise is my favorite Star Trek series so far. To me at least, the first season of ENT is much better than the first of TNG, although TNG did pick up.
Lee Gray
they kind of jumped the shark after season two they went away from the true history to a new line !? it would have been better to have not invented a new history !
Axel Foley
It was good...Great to see Earth during the early years before the formation of the Federation... TNG, TOS, ENT, DS9 and VOY.... All great. ENT was def different, but that was a good thing.
I liked it, especially the ship was great. Very tastefully done imo.
Muon Ray
Star Trek Enterprise was actually the first series of Star Trek I watched in its completion. I really loved the politics of the series, especially considering that it was set during a time when the various alien species were not unified in any way and thus really did appear as though they were living in a bigger, less homogenized quadrant of the galaxy. I particularly loved how the captain was in a conflict between his friendship with the Andorians and his resentment but nonetheless reliance on the Vulcans who were acting as gatekeepers and perhaps even as a shadow government to mankind's presence in space. We really got to see a bit more of the dark side of the Star Trek universe through this series too - many topics were covered in it by proxy - terrorism, drugs, discrimination, warfare and its effects and they were not done for pure ideological reasons they just naturally blossomed from the show's episodes and interlinked very well. The show had effort behind it and I think, with the exception of the last couple of episodes in the 4th season (which were not great) it was a very good series and should have continued.
Ann Lee
I loved it, this was the only Star Trek I watched all the way through
Sean Joseph
I'm watching it on Horror UK and it's great.
Trekker since 1966. Lived for TOS and loved TNG. Voyager was OK, DS9 was so so. I really liked Enterprise.
Theo Heiland
Enterprise is an amazing show! I loved every minute of it. The reason people don’t like it is because they weren’t watching it right. They watched it as the next Star Trek series showing origins of what they’d already seen. In reality, that’s not what it is. It it the starting point for Star Trek. A new “original series”. It is best watched first and provides a way better entry into the Star Trek universe than The Original Series.
I loved Enterprise. I think your analysis is on point here, Dave. Good video.
Esteban Bronco
We needed more easy-going, comical and funny characters, everyone was too serious and up-tight. They wasted the doctor and pilot character slots with characters that had no personalities. This had been overcome in Voyager where everyone had a personality, so it was a step-back for ENT. Still it deserved a season 5.
Gareth Keenan
I didn't like that the Vulcans became antagonists. I always go back to First Contact and see it as the start of a great friendship between humans and Vulcans. Enterprise kinda soured that note for me. I didn't like seeing the Vulcans in that aura.
Yes, yes it was.
yep, much better than STD, criminally underrated.
One Punch Fan
I thought that Enterprise was great and wish it had a full 7 years.
The intro is pretty bad TBH
Lee McGann
No. It was one of my favorites
Simon Wood
Taste (i.e. what is "good" or "bad") in TV is a matter of subjective opinion, and no-one's subjective opinions can be proven. Star Trek Enterprise is my favourite Star Trek series. I liked the uniforms, the first meetings with various alien races, the origin stories of various kinds of technology used in later Star Trek shows, the characters, and so on. I found much of Star Trek Enterprise more believable than the Star Trek shows set later in time, because it was closer to real life technology.
Michael Fischer
i agree with you on season 2 with one exception: cogenitor should have been included in your list. that was a very moving, superb story.
Charles Tran
I absolutely loved Star Trek Enterprise. I thought it was a great series and the characters were amazing.
Maxwell The Brave
I just rewatched Demons and Terra Prime last night and MY GOD is it still relevant. Like, it could have easily been written last week.
Enterprise was brilliant. Loved it at the time and still do! I NEVER understood all the nasty hate and negativity the trekkies gave it.
paul soames
I loved it I think it was a good series & I think archer was a great captain they just never gave it a chance
Elton Pedroso Correa
I love Enterprise so much! It's not so bad as some fans seem to think it is. It's actually quite good.
Matthew Gaudet
I loved Season 4. It only pulled in something like 3 million viewers before it was canceled. But that is not the reason it was canceled, studio poltics was and the breakup of viacom. The Star Trek beginning movie was also sacrificed, not just season 5 of enterprise. The rebranded paramount hired JJ in 2006 to make star trek 2009 and the rest is history.
James F
They had some quality actors and actresses on Enterprise, for sure. Scott Bakula's Archer, right from the start made a great captain with the right weight, the right gravitas for want of a better word. He inhabited the role of an exploration pioneer exceptionally well. Bringing in Brent Spiner in season 4 as an ancestor to Data's creator was an interesting choice but it made for a great story. Have to disagree about the Klingons, though. I don't regard the makeup/style changes between TOS and TMP/TNG as a "goof", and it would have been okay with me to simply act as though the Klingons had always had the ridges; it didn't need a whole (fairly convoluted) story to tie it all together. In Discovery, no mention is made of the revised style that they gave the Klingons, and while we can argue all day about whether we like the changes or not, not referencing it in-universe is probably the way to go. I wasn't particularly hyped for Enterprise when it was announced, particularly because it was a prequel. I was very much aligned with the fans who felt that "we didn't ask for this story". And that's true, we didn't ask for it, but it actually told some very interesting stories regarding the birth of the Federation, and how species like the Andorians played a major role. Jeffrey Combs' Shran is another fantastic character who was given time over multiple appearances to develop. I'm still hopeful that, with Discovery existing at a pre-TOS point in time, characters or stories from Enterprise could be expanded upon in coming episodes. We already had the appearance of the Defiant from "In A Mirror, Darkly", so it's possible!
Alex Mason
I never gelled with the characters of enterprise and just found it boring. I kept giving it chances but ended up giving up halfway through seasons. Just not for me. STV all the way
Ive been watching Deep Space 9 on Netlfix. Decided to give it a shot after how boring Discovery was... my god, DS9 is a very bloody good show.
I loved it. With the exception of the finale. Poor Trip and poor T Pol...they didn t deserve that. I just hoped that simulation was just that, a poor simulation of an true ending
Count Koopa
My list: 1: STNG 2: STE 3: STV 4: ST 5: DSN
Isaac Mounce
I just watching the show for the first time. It's not bad. The first three were incredibly dragging. And it's not TOS and DS9. But very nice. And I will never watch Discovery.
Star Trek Enterprise season 4 is the Mass Effect 3 season, a must watch which was only let down a poorly devised finale.
Iain Marchant
Definitely a case of axed far too soon.
Yasai Picles
The reason why enterprise worked is the same reason Stargate sg1 and Atlantis worked.. excellent cast interaction and choice of dialogue.
I loved Star Trek Enterprise. I really liked the point of exploring news system (weapons & procedures) it was exciting.
Electro Man
I liked the show but the last episode was awful and totally unsatisfying. A terrible way to go out.
Daniel Safholm
I fully agree with everything you said here, and I was very disappointed that it was killed off just as it began to truly shine.
Papa Palpatine
Half the time I was expecting Archer to suddenly glow blue, look at the camera, and say, "Oh boy..."
James Cameron
First 2 seasons of Ent = much better than than first 2 seasons of TNG.
jacob brown
no...the left lowlife who ran CBS at the time dumped it. Now moondog has been fired.....so good ridance.
it was k.... hardly watched season 1 and 2 it's tough to keep up with Anime and Cartoons these days tho, it has gotten so good.
I think it was good till they brought in the Xendi
Loved every episode which doesn't contain augments, great series second only to TOS. Also has my favorite Klingon, Klang :)
kayla Ibrahim
I like this Startrek Serie. Not all Startrek series have to be the same and it is the attractive thing! 😘 👍
roman c
you forgot about Dear Doctor, Fusion, The Catwalk and Cogenitor from seasons 1 and 2 - possibly the best episodes from those two seasons IMO. Oh and, The Breach.
Esteban Bronco
I loved the Vulcan-Andorian arc but it had 2 major plot holes: the Vulcan Council leader was very emotional which should, realistically, have meant being overthrown by the others (imagine a Klingon Chancellor being cowardly!) and it always bothered me how the Vulcan leader of the logical sect was too young, illogical and ill-equipped to lead while T-pol's mom was obviously a better choice.
William Geist
I loved Enterprise. I really wish they would have had a 5th season.
Jamie Pritchard
I didn't really like it... But having now watched Discovery I realise it was actually pretty good in comparison. The thing that I found annoying was them buggering about with things that were canon, doing stuff before Kirk's crew. That didn't sit well with me at all.
Jack Hay
First two seasons weren’t great but it got better eventually!
Was Star Trek Enterprise Really That Bad? Yes, it was.
STAR TREK : ENTERPRISE was 75% PERFECT except the XINDI storyline
I disagree with your assessment on how the Vulcans were portrayed. I thought it was great how it wasn't just Humans who benefited from first contact, but the Vulcans did too. Humans helped them become more true to themselves. This then explains why Vulcans and Humans are so close in the future.
I enjoyed it and rewatching it more than I did voyager(so meh), even DSN
Alex Janssens
I really like it. Its more agressive than the other star trek series
Craig Brown
You never mentioned "Cogenitor", which I believe to be one of the finest Star Trek episodes. When Captain Archer told Trip of it's suicide, you felt all his emotions in that scene. He meant well, but meddling in another species' culture cost lives. You know why I say "it" and not "she".
Gerald Herrmann
despite the title song, i just loooooove the enterprise series, especially the xindi-run ... and i like archer very much.
Its funny how the more new stuff comes out, people become reflective and apologetic for their opinions of stuff they denounced before. New Star Wars makes the prequels seem better, New Star Trek makes Enterprise look good. We are seeing the collective lowering of our media entertainment standards in real time.
Compared to Discovery everything's a classic..Even Buck Rogers.
Wonderous History of Classic Film
I absolutely loved Enterprise.
Andrew Conneely
Literally just finished my first watch of enterprise and I absolutely loved it
Star trek enterprise is def my fav. Its the best
Karl P
My second favourite Star Trek after TNG.
Joe Casson
Hoshi Sato (Linda Park) was much hotter than T'Pol (Jolene Blalock)!!!!!!!!
Kyle Foster
You forgot to mention the Borg episode that retcons the fallout of Picards actions in First Contact. That was a good epidode.
US Pitbull
I liked it and am rewatching the whole series.
Astin Ti
Just finished watching all four seasons, was fun a nd enjoyable to watch....
Gamer Max
I didn't like the temperal war, but the first two seasons and the last was very good, and I was suprised how much I ended up liking this show overall.