TLC - R U the Girl Episode 1

TLC's " R U the Girl" Episode 1

Vanessa Lewis
T-boz and Chilli are shopping for their kids and started playing in the toy store you just got to love them
Jermari Woodson
My only bleeding hope is that through all the endeavors and things that T-Boz and Chilli have been through, Lisa is up in heaven smiling and laughing down upon them. Three girls with ups and downs and Lisa was just as important as the others. God I wished I grew up on TLC but by watching their videos, the biopic, the reality shows, and other footage of them, I feel the love among these ladies. And they are funny and bigger than life. And I am so so glad that T-Boz and Chilli will always have love for Lisa in their hearts. No greater love than that.
Melissa Scott
Brandi had the stank face for everyone audition but then go up there and sound like Flavor Flav
Camille Salaam
chilli's order though lol
Yo! Is it just me or does Alju look like a young Brandy??
lol they all too calm. if chilli and tboz came to see me i would of been hollering and so enthusiastic
Who's still watching in 2017 ? If so, hit that 👍🏽 button !▪️🙂 #TeamTLC
sweet candy
Chilli or T-Boz i'm 18 but PLEASE adopt me!!
you better go through a million more audition tapes, because nobody is gonna replace Left Eye... absolutely irreplaceable
Shaunte Liburd
Chilli look bordered when brandi was performing
Michelle_ 96
Lmao chilli stays hungry
Julie Lemoine
t boz was really pretty.
DarkSpawn Dynasty
Brandi had the stank face the whole time
joseph robinson
I respect da fact dat they will neva ever replace lisa cuz any other group like DC probably would've replace her dats y I luv them soooo much
there no replacing Lisa but giving a girl a chance to show her talent
neil cokeley
God TLC warms my heart so much!!!!theyre so sweet and beautiful!
Chilli : "But I'm driving" | T-boz: "What you trying to say.." | Chilli: "I'm not saying anything but I'm driving" lol I love ❤️ that moment. One of my favorites with T-boz and Chilli in this particular episode. Especially when they went to the toy store to shop for their babies, Tron and Chase. Even though they're Mommies they are still big kids at heart ❤️ and I loved it because I can see myself doing the exact same thing as a mother... when that time comes lol 😊 #futruegoals
Freaky Deeky
I really do feel like this was a low key way to replace Lisa. If everybody would've accepted the new girl, they would've went with it
DLP Princess D
@ 24:13 T-Boz And Chilli Was Looking Like "He Is Not From Jamaican!!" 😀😀😀😀😀 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jermaine Knowles
how are they surprising them when it's a full production filming them before tboz and chilli walk in...
Vanessa Lewis
Oh my goodness T-boz scared  Chilli with a fake punch that was hilarious 
Lmao @ the fake punch in the car though I was crackin' up
And not to mention, they keep saying how they have to find someone able to work well in a group. What group? They're looking for one girl right? But like I said I still love 'em and their movie was the best.
This show was weird to me because they never gave a main purpose for doing all this. They said they were just doing one song with a fan and doing one performance "and then who knows" at the beginning. Of course all of this would lead us to think they were looking for a new "L". But I still watched it because I really love these two women.
Hannah Follins
Alju look just like brandy
Teriqua Jones
All my clients wanted T-Boz Hair’s hair in the 90’s! It was great; they had to get it trimmed every 4 weeks to keep it fresh. I feel like I owe her part of the money I made off of that style!
Charles Marcus
The Theme song is 'I Bet' by TLC .
ahicks Hicks
How are the cameras on in the houses, before they even know they are going to be in the show?????
Raquel Williams
That fake punch t boz gave chilli was hilarious lol
Gail Armstrong
ask chilli can I be your silly h*e
aja grandma....alright grandma, get it honey!!!
chilli in this food lol
Denise Johnson
Oh snap is that a UPN logo?!
I think they were pressured into doing this because they needed Left Eye's energy to keep it going. They're good but Left Eye completed TLC.
King Neptune
why wont they just let lil mama join??
Nichole Kelley
How you sound......they were pressured into doing this. Did you not hear them say they were doing it for the fans and that they wanted to give a young girl a chance to make her dreams come true! We....Us.....THE FANS are why TLC keep it going! You act like they suck!
Jayla Bradby
I DIED laughing when they went to visit Brandi at her job. it was just like scrrrrrrt. why is she not excited omg hilarious
Whew, UPN, missed seeing this network
Alju really reminds me of brandi oan y is brandi( on the show) so shady just follow her eyes every time someone performs
I'm be honest they should have gone more for that girl of a street hood vibe and gone a little gritty with it in my opinion. .these girls are talented just not fitting for the style of dirty south
Rowan W
you could tell this whole part was staged with lauren because she was wearing the same thing in the auditions that she was wearing at home and at school and with the spare time with her dad AND when she got the call AND when she went to NY lol
Obviously their money troubles were over, look @ all the shit they bought 4 the kids! lol
DLP Princess D
I Like The Way T-Boz Dance @ 23:24 And @ 23:33 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jayla Bradby
Brandi was also rude when everyone was performing lml
Fee Booable
Watching in 2016.
lol they were too nice..I luv it lol
neil cokeley
I cant believe they actually accepted that gift! so much work and hes truly a fan! I would never give that to them lol
Read Love Listen
Dang I remember watching this show. It was such a big deal at the time. Left Eye can never be replaced but whatever happened to O’So Krispie?
Monica Morrow
Wow. pic or autograph for the superfan? That photo montage was beautiful. ....Love you TLC.
Goddess Kekelike a boss
If there was something I could get and use to go back in time to save all the songer and raper that die I would and I go to Japan to get one just you wait
Kimmie BeLike
BAFFAHAHAHA!  Why they bust that waiter out like that?!  Dude really from Jamaica, QUEENS!
Mas Emarod
Brandy is too old school soul for a pop girl band.. they gave her En Vogue's "Hold On" to cover, that's hard...
Briana Tabron
This was such a great show!!! I used to watch this all the time ♥️♥️♥️ Long live TLC ♥️♥️♥️
Kidd Starburst
bye bye brandi
Oryandlee Mormont
Isn’t that Miguel’s wife Nazanin Mandi at 1:44??
Nene Johnson
They are the best
Miles Taylor
Jamac yo a*s up the street-T-Boz 🤣
Derrick Robertson
But Brandi tho
Michelle_ 96
I love tboz was like you gotta respectful of feeling then fake punched chilli
sameri tarrer
I need to form a fan page or group or something with Mark
Ebony Smith
There will never be another lisa 😣💯
Tera Lawrence
OMG the waiter, "Tingstown"! "GIRL HIS ASS AIN'T FROM NO JAMAICA" tboz & chilli are hilarious 😂🤣😂😂r.i.p lefteye ..
Geek Chic
They faces when Brandi was performing had me like....😂😂😂
DLP Princess D
T-Boz Is So Funny And Awesome. 😀😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
What's with the Town Car? TLC should be rolling in a S500 lol. RIP Lisa.
alju reminds me of brandy
Shai Allen
Mesh is good
Shai Allen
LOL the fake punch,
bboi william
Chili go hard on sum food!!!!! Okra candy yams greens corn bread
nadia satterfield
omg meah is great
nadia satterfield
brandy horibe
nadia satterfield
she not even over reacting that much see this whole thing fake i mean if they met me ied be blowin off the charts to see them and if it was lisa i would of gone to jial for retartedness of to much happen and excitedness over seeing lisa alive
nadia satterfield
why u gone inter view before u get her now i see why its fake they need to do shows real
nadia satterfield
no body is like lisa nobody can replace her even try to act like her try to be her talk like her have her personalty cause shes one of a kind so dont even try that show just tear it down
this fool has taken a toll on me .....bwahahahahaha
Shila Iris
Who edited this show! They couldn't cut out TBoz cleaning her nails at 26:00? I'm just saying! My fav part was the waitress guy who was lying. Chili is so funny! Why did Meah wear that bra to perform an Etta James song? Lauren was ok, but a bit too corny to perform at a tribute show. Actually, although Alju missed her cue, she had the most energy and personality. Brandi had an attitude or something. This was funny, but NO.
Zion Davis
Lmfao Did This Guy Just Say "T-box"? Omg I Canttt
The last girl was all over the place with her vocals. She's got potential, but needs a lot of work.
Sometimes it snows in April
They recored the ambush FIRST. Then they go and record everything else.
lawd chilli can eat
kmsl I hate mf lie say they 4 sumwhea wanna have a fake ancient
Ellen Tasker
Please come see us
Ellen Tasker
Rhumbline open jam. Gloucester ma
Liyah Chanel
No they said TLC is forever they just looking for somone to be there so they can perform
Christian Edwards
Damn, Alju look and sound just like Brandy.
Elise L.S.
Even when they get older they still act have that kid in them, I LOVE IT!!!!
Tingstown lol!
Pretty Inez
lmao this so funny old girl Auju had a great personality and that dude at the restaurant ain't from no damn Jamaica lol they funny
Lois JáNett Reborn Nursery Campbell
T-box is so cute and cool
Thalecia Lindsey
The guy at restaurant faken Jamaican ,Brandi please don't sing every again
Kristen Naidu
Le Williams
when chili was orderin i was like damn gurl r u gon stop now shit lol. she can eat and she skinny af. buh i love tlc realtalk
Colin Ok
This is SO disrespectful to Lisa. Leave the band alone and let people remember the good times as the trinity that was T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye.
i don't think its fake, they obviously know they auditioned to be on the show so they could have been led to believe that the cameras were there to get to know them etc.
Ramon White
Look All TLC had to do is take Left Eye Sister and mold her a lil bit with her own style and put her in tlc and they can continue making music and videos like the old days. Left Eye not coming back so they gotta do what they gotta do. It's not that hard. And I'am sure Left Eye in Heaven would rather see her sister. But TLC is in they 40s now so this message may be a lil late.
Sheryll Javier
The intro is so sad when T-boz says she misses Lisa all the time. Broke my heart :( We love you TLC and RIP Left Eye we miss you.
tboz licking her lips during that girls audition lmao!
I love TLC · I remember watching this show and not ever missing 1 episode.
Lil Wayne
look at they face when brandy was singing
Mama and grandma look like sisters.