Top 25 BADASS Guitar Riffs | Through The Years

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Paul Davids
I know I 'missed' a lot of awesome songs and probably agree with the song you are about to mention but let me clearify a little bit on how this video came to be: I came across some oldish really fun riffs, and wanted to make a video about that. I noticed a lot of em were played in the key of A, or E with powerchords, the I-iii-IV or the I-IV-V chords, and some other similarities. The list grew and grew, and I finally transformed it into just badass riffs, because I didn't really know a better name :) But sure, keep the suggestions coming!
m i n a
*angrily takes off crocs*
Rohan Pradhan
0:34 Boogie Chillen - John Lee Hooker 0:47 Rumble - Link Wray 1:01 Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker 1:15 - Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream 1:32- Crossroads - Cream 1:57- Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf 2:10 - Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix 2:27 - Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 2:48 - Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac 2:57 - La Grange - ZZ Top 3:11 - Rebel Rebel - David Bowie 3:19 - Walk This Way - Aerosmith 3:30 - Barracuda - Heart 3:42 - Back In Black - AC/DC 4:03 - Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood 4:23 - 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden 4:38 - Money For Nothing - Dire Straits 4:55 - Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine 5:08 - Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz 5:26 - Merciful Fate - Metallica 5:41 - Ball And Biscuit - The White Stripes 6:00- I Don't Need No Doctor - John Mayer 6:17 - I Got Mine- The Black Keys 6:30 - Psycho - Muse 6:46 - No Good - Kaleo 7:20- Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
Josh Ghaddar
0:25 Lmao this is way too relatable :D
Cristhian O
Damn bro I love your beard no homo
Dyslexic Batnam
Wheres Johnny B. Goode?
u got no jams
Excuse me, but where's "smells like teen spirit"
Hylian Legend
Seven nation army’s the classic.
5k croc haters.
Anthony Lazaro Music
Ahah, man, best intro ever ! At first I was thinking: OMG, why is he starting the video with gummy babouches. But then came the twist ! :D Great selections: it would be great, one day, a video that also helps set up the pedals to recreate the sounds ;)
Surprised there's no Arctic Monkeys riffs
Lohon gaming
That amp fail was funny
211 pirate
Hell yea AC/DC should be on every badass riff list
Darrell Thacker
I like the dire straits
Tjarda Rosendaal
Part 2 pleasee
Ammar Siddiqui
I didn't know Captain America played guitar!
i Shean
Wanted..... Sweet Child O' Mine
Titus Cato
Ok, it's nearly half 12. I was settling down for the night. Now I feel like a few JDs & more music. You rock. 🤘🏼
WTF no spongebob theme??
Evil Avocado
The most badass guitar riff is "Mr Sandman" By Chet Atkins. \m/
where Johnny B. Goode at ? 0:00 - 7:44
Hewerton Barros
Enter Sandman
Gary Mepsted
Is it just me, or do the riffs get lamer and less less interesting as we get to the 90s and beyond? Great playing Paul.
*Ive always wanted to play the guitar, but the beginning always seemed so slow and frustrating*
Bad Hombre
1:32 sounds like john mayer's version and its always the first thing i play when i pick up a guitar lol......
oh yea yea
I think guitars in ww1 and ww2 were called fender holocausters Like if you think so too
Willowby Y
Oh my God oh my God that was an horrible guitars sting I ever heard and next time choose a song from Linkin park, Green day and Blink 182
i Shean
Yaron Grushka
After Thanos wiped out half the universe, Captain America decided to follow his childhood dream and become a rock-star.
Pedro Henrique
3:43 melhor parte!!
Simon H.
I'm impressed.
I wanna play riffs that are badass! - first riff 'boogie chillin'
Shakir Mika
Amazing bro...
Prashanth Jakkula
1948 - Boogie Chillen - John Lee Hooker 1958 - Rumble - Link Wray 1962 - Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker 1967 - Sunshine of your love - Cream 1968 - Crossroads - Cream 1968 - Born to be wild - Steppenwolf 1968 - Voodoo child - Jimi Hendrix 1969 - Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 1969 - Oh well - Fleetwood Mac 1973 - La Grange - ZZ Top 1974 - Rebel rebel - David Bowie 1975 - Walk this way - Aerosmith 1977 - Barracuda - Heart 1980 - Back in Black - AC/DC 1982 - Bad to the bone - George Thorogood 1984 - 2 Minutes to midnight - Iron Maiden 1985 - Money for nothing - Dire Straits 1992 - Killing in the name - Rage Against The Machine 1993 - Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz 1998 - Merciful Fate - Metallica 2003 - Ball and biscuit - the white stripes 2006 - I don't need no doctor 1966 - John Mayer 2008 - I got mine- The Black Keys 2015 - Psycho - Muse 2016 - No Good - Kaleo 1972 - Smoke on the water - Deep Purple Thanks for Awesome Riffs, Paul Davids
My Life
One of the best guitar riffs ever is Ted Nugents stranglehold..
Altatude Animations
0:25 can relate
Loskoors 2 Mamés
La grange 3:00 respect 🙌🏼💯❤️
Wow dude, you sure can rip a mean guitar, but shouldn't you be preparing for your fight against Floyd Mayweather next week??
Fang Lil
Seven nation army ??? No okay
The Fuzzy Dice
No 96 Quite Bitter Beings? :( great video tho
Santiago 34
Crazy Train?
Altatude Animations
I got an ad from you on this video.
Sarbjeet Kumar
Smoke on water on 7:21 , enjoy 😊😊
patitodonal :v papu
Playback :v
T. M. Hoy
Pretty goddam badass, Paul ! You had me rockin ! Good on ya, mate !
João Vítor
Wich video editor do you use?
furkan gülergün
4 Thousand dlislikes for what? Are those Skrillex fans or something??
Gremory Delicia
LoL, No Anastasia from Slash????
Trudie M
Crocs 👌🏼😂
Highway to hell?
mika mostert
Hey can anyone tell me why he had that plastic tube looking thing on his finger?
Nothing can't be more badass than Here Comes the Sun
Jacob Harper
What pedal are you using?
Stephen Awesomeness
You should’ve did All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix! This was still a great video, also this is the the first video I watched from you. Keep up the great work I hope one day you reach 10 million!
A. Royal
And that's how I feel in love with rock music.......
Stop Motion is the Best of Motions
La Grange is still one of my favorite songs
Daniel Beverly
i didnt know Conor McGregor had a secret youtube channel
bitch cute
4:04 ♥️
oh yea yea
Video ends at 7:45 Thank me later
thunder clap
whats the first one he plays in the beginning
CallofHuggs H2
who have backing track for "no good-kaleo"?
Nicholas Maddever
Johnny B Goode though
Purple Fox
"Killing in the name" is better than original Nice work, dude
jesus christ himself
missed so many
dat calculation tho
Back in black! *Hell Yeah*
Nicho Wins
I'm jealous of how handsome you are, dude
Jairo Reyes
Nada mas badass que unos crocs
Nicolaï Eristoff
You can't be badass playing a telecaster
Was looking for "La Grange - ZZ Top" searched for "most fun rock guitar riffs" this vid came up, I'm not disapointed. Wished it was a top 1000 though, thanks! ;-)
Steve Schmidt
Good to see Obi Wan again... 😆
Mike Shades
Killer tone.
David Kloehn
Dude... that was genius
No blitzkrieg bop? Really disappointing
Max Sh
Wrong bass in Back In Black.
Greta Van Fleet?
Hermione Granger
I can include some cool guitar riffs Crazy little thing called love(theres an electric guitar part) And listen to mcr or queen, Elvis Presley
I guess you've never listened to metal before...
You missed do i sanan know of the arctic monkeys
Isaac Ennor
good to see you've got some death grips in there
Yup , all bad ass , one more , Nugent "Stranglehold"
Adrianna sanchez
Awesome crocs bro! Most comfortable footwear eve made
Andrew schwing
No Tony Iommi?? He could've filled 5 slots on the list.
No GNR riffs?! Shame on you, you fender-styled player! :P
Claudio Vargas
Conor McGregor ?
Why does the guitar look so oddly small?😂
respect for the video! but from 98 on I wouldn't call the songs badass... honestly, most of them I heard for the first time in your video😂
Who else thought the first song was la grange at first
Lil Height
I don't know McGregor can play a guitar.
sorry mayweather beat u
I'm surprised Day Tripper isn't in
Aerodaptel Tv
killing in the name in standart tune...
great video but i'm missing sweet child'o mine. XDXDXD LMFAO (come to the dark side **moth**: no thank you XDXD)
Ssatisfyy YT
You forgot knights of cydonia
eve _kali
00:26 actually made me laugh out loud lmao happens to me all the time
Francisco Hinostroza
A practicarlas en guitarra
João Victor
Essa telecaster tá uma delicia em!
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You forgot one. I'm not sure if you know how to play it but if not you should learn it. Technical difficulties