Top 25 BADASS Guitar Riffs | Through The Years

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Paul Davids
I know I 'missed' a lot of awesome songs and probably agree with the song you are about to mention but let me clearify a little bit on how this video came to be: I came across some oldish really fun riffs, and wanted to make a video about that. I noticed a lot of em were played in the key of A, or E with powerchords, the I-iii-IV or the I-IV-V chords, and some other similarities. The list grew and grew, and I finally transformed it into just badass riffs, because I didn't really know a better name :) But sure, keep the suggestions coming!
Yaron Grushka
After Thanos wiped out half the universe, Captain America decided to follow his childhood dream and become a rock-star.
Rohan Pradhan
0:34 Boogie Chillen - John Lee Hooker 0:47 Rumble - Link Wray 1:01 Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker 1:15 - Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream 1:32- Crossroads - Cream 1:57- Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf 2:10 - Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix 2:27 - Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 2:48 - Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac 2:57 - La Grange - ZZ Top 3:11 - Rebel Rebel - David Bowie 3:19 - Walk This Way - Aerosmith 3:30 - Barracuda - Heart 3:42 - Back In Black - AC/DC 4:03 - Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood 4:23 - 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden 4:38 - Money For Nothing - Dire Straits 4:55 - Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine 5:08 - Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz 5:26 - Merciful Fate - Metallica 5:41 - Ball And Biscuit - The White Stripes 6:00- I Don't Need No Doctor - John Mayer 6:17 - I Got Mine- The Black Keys 6:30 - Psycho - Muse 6:46 - No Good - Kaleo 7:20- Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
Josh Ghaddar
0:25 Lmao this is way too relatable :D
kedean Duffus
25 riffs.... 26 copyright claims!!!
Lohon gaming
That amp fail was funny
WTF no spongebob theme??
Cristhian O
Damn bro I love your beard no homo
Man when you hear Hendrix in context, he was next level!
Darrell Thacker
I like the dire straits
And my brother gets mad at me because I never play a song all the way through.
Layla Crazy Train Sultans of Swing All Along The Watchtower Smells Like Teen Spirit Some honorable mentions
JasCorp - Gaming & More
Guitar = Paul Davids Bass = Davie504 Violin = TwoSetViolin Piano = Vinhetiero Planning on building youtube band...
Kai .Isensee
hahaha omg i was gonna leave a comment like "where the hell is smoke on the water" lmfao you got me there lol awesome video bro!
@1:32 WTF!? Hooow? How did that Pick flip? Is there a Pick flipping Tutorial, Mr. Davids?
*angrily takes off crocs*
where Johnny B. Goode at ? 0:00 - 7:44
Corruptdigit x
Thanks just cost me 2 grand. Hope you're happy. Had to get me another guitar....
Lucas McCain
No Smoke on the water? GTFO! No, seriously, thanks for the ride, bud!
Ed Lowe
Most Badass of all: pick flip without missing a beat @1:56. Love your vids!
Wow dude, you sure can rip a mean guitar, but shouldn't you be preparing for your fight against Floyd Mayweather next week??
TRS Rocket
How can you go through 1983-1991 without any Metallica, boi
benjamin refsell
Me: here I come ultimate guitar tabs
Uh buddy you forgot the greatest band of all time METALLICA!!!
Kendall R
money for nothing is my all time favorite riff that shit just goes _hard_
Hylian Legend
Seven nation army’s the classic.
Mark Blood
You did miss a few but you played very well, bravo. Could’ve been more zeppelin and Van Halen what riffs I grew up with in the 70s.
Gavin M
No estrogen was harmed in the making of this video
Steve Sellers
That was pretty cool. You can play that's for sure. I don't know how you can remember all of those riffs. I'm just starting out playing the guitar. I know 2 songs ha ha.
Nothing can't be more badass than Here Comes the Sun
Simon Templar
Maiden on a Telecaster... And it sounded awesome. This whole video was fantastic. Great playing, badass beard. Keep on doing what you do. It sounds amazing.
That Crossroads riff tho.. the sound is fucking amazing. Love it.
bruce adkins
well, you need to do one more video with riffs from judas priest and megadeth.
Raymond Hmuifoo
You already know that Smoke On The Water is gonna be in this video.
Prashanth Jakkula
1948 - Boogie Chillen - John Lee Hooker 1958 - Rumble - Link Wray 1962 - Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker 1967 - Sunshine of your love - Cream 1968 - Crossroads - Cream 1968 - Born to be wild - Steppenwolf 1968 - Voodoo child - Jimi Hendrix 1969 - Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 1969 - Oh well - Fleetwood Mac 1973 - La Grange - ZZ Top 1974 - Rebel rebel - David Bowie 1975 - Walk this way - Aerosmith 1977 - Barracuda - Heart 1980 - Back in Black - AC/DC 1982 - Bad to the bone - George Thorogood 1984 - 2 Minutes to midnight - Iron Maiden 1985 - Money for nothing - Dire Straits 1992 - Killing in the name - Rage Against The Machine 1993 - Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz 1998 - Merciful Fate - Metallica 2003 - Ball and biscuit - the white stripes 2006 - I don't need no doctor 1966 - John Mayer 2008 - I got mine- The Black Keys 2015 - Psycho - Muse 2016 - No Good - Kaleo 1972 - Smoke on the water - Deep Purple Thanks for Awesome Riffs, Paul Davids
Wolfgang Von Zubaz
No Raining Blood? ... the most underrated riff in my opinion is UFO - Rock Bottom
Thomas Denney
I think some of the more modern stuff should be replaced with spirit in the sky and crazy train. Then add 7 nation army, and you got your self a pretty damn good list.
Ben Donovan
Should of added “I was Made of loving you” - Kiss
No iron man? No nib?
Claudio Vargas
Conor McGregor ?
D W Conrad
Plugging into the headphone jack! instant sub!
WOW. He played 2 minutes to midnight, literally when it was 2 minutes until midnight where I am..
I love your channel. Its informative, your playing is fun and your presentation is interesting. But you wear crocs. Plz no.
Carl Denton
Bravo!! I have only just discovered you, love the videos and that Tele! ✌
Steve Schmidt
Good to see Obi Wan again... 😆
4:40 I think this is my favorite riff.
Getúlio Prates
"Here comes the sun". The best of them all, but it is an acoustic riff. I was also asking myself: "where in the world is Smoke on the Water?"
JDawg 98216
Yes he put Psycho 😭😭😭🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🖤🖤🖤
I wanna play riffs that are badass! - first riff 'boogie chillin'
Daniel Beverly
i didnt know Conor McGregor had a secret youtube channel
Rodrigo Gogola
Please a spotify list with this songs!
Just pick a LZ best of album, there’s your collection of badass riffs
Puting Pinoy
WHOA!!! You have 1 Million now! I was with you before you were even at 200k! You are such a crisp player!!
Can't You Hear Me Knockin' ?? For the next roll
CallofHuggs H2
Ighor Augusto
no way. There's no way to talk about badass riffs if you don't even mention Pantera dude. I know you tried to do a good job (and you did), but Pantera is mandatory.
Daniel Vogel
The gone jackals - legacy!
Martin Østervig Larsen
Great! "Life in the fast lane" could make the next one...
The descending pentatonic fill for Smoke on the Water at the end was pretty badass...
Patrick Bai
Every Single Riff In Chronological Order (the order of which is played) 1. 1948 Boogie Chillen 2. 1958 Rumble 3. 1962 Boom Boom 4. 1967 Sunshine of your love 5. 1968/1937 Crossroads 6. 1968 Born to be wild 7. 1968 Voodoo Child 8. 1969 Heartbreaker 9. 1969 Oh Well 10. 1973 La Grange 11. 1974 Rebel Rebel 12. 1975 Walk This Way 13. 1977 Barracuda 14. 1980 Back In Black 15. 1982 Bad to the Bone 16. 1984 2 Minutes to Midnight 17. 1985 Money for Nothing 18. 1992 Killing in the name 19. 1993 Are you gonna go my way 20. 1998 Merciful Fate 21. 2003 Ball and Biscuit 22. 2006 /1966 I don't need no doctor 23. 2008 I got mine 24. 2015 Psycho 25. 2016 No good 25+1. 1972 Smoke on the Water
Cesar Saucedo
daaaaaaaaamn barracuda was the badassest one
If you play The Crew 2, 6:46 is for you.
1k subscriber with no video challenge
I can't believe CAPTAIN AMERICA plays pretty good at guitar
Maxime Lavoie
Any black sabbath would have been welcomed. I liked the vid tho
jamie currie
Good selection but surely missing RHCP.
Altatude Animations
0:25 can relate
john savage
You are one badass guitarist man, massive respect for your skills, well jealous ha
Daniel Fořt
Since when you got the tele-style guitar? I thought you only had your stratocaster and that hollow body electric🤔
Gerard Underson
Bohemian rhapsody guitar solo?
That was really clean the way you put the slide on and took it off without compromising the riffs! I’m impressed.
Ric Hoffman
Walk this way and Barracuda, no...
Bernard Clement
What are the kemper profiles? Would like to know. Keep up the shared knowledge.
Missing some Brian May.
Martyllo Groover
Wanna sound badass... Takes a telecaster
Alston CHANG
All hail the Music GOD
dan pom
Even after the TKO loss to Mayweather, he can still jam some guitar. Gotta give it to him.
nice one Paul, you made my morning! 👍
Bill Alexander
And this is awesome. And this is why I also use a Kemper.
zach cartledge
I only have one you missed from mind Kashmir?!
sorry mayweather beat u
The intro of Straight To Hell by Rage (2001) would fit into it pretty well. Really badass. But nice choices!
There is no YES - Roundabout
Blair Darby
Or you could just do 25 led zep riffs
1962 - Miserlou (traditional) you're missing it
Emre Kara
Well done McGregor! :D
Chema Fernandez
Iron Man!?!? Great video dude!
John Considine
I asked John Lord what he thought was the best riff ever and he said 21st century schizoid man, King Crimson.
Ronnie O
That was fun, I loved them all, and as you were running through these it was interesting that I would think of others in the same period and wait for them, greedily, like I was deserving...and then let me down.......this was tragic.
Tony van de Laar
Fantastisch Paul! Deze had ik nog niet gezien 😁🤟🏻 Maar het meest badass is die oranje Haar!🤤💪🏻
Dino Saur
I knew it was over as soon as he put on the crocs
You fuxor got me smiling again ^^ awesome job
Eric Fountain
Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica is one of the most bad ass riffs I've ever heard in my life. And I've heard em all
Tim Kirby
Johnny Marr? The Edge?
Ситис Бог пустоты
God bless author of russian subtitrs
Eirini Spanou
I NEED a tutorial for all of these!!!!😍😍😍
Christopher Moll
That guitar is so delicious my gosh
Eye of the tiger 7 nation army
all i can do from this video si from 7:42 to 7:44