Teen Arrested for Impersonating a Doctor | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, who calls himself "Dr. Love," is accused of grand theft and fraud. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: />Watch More on />LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK />FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: />GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE:

Rand Y
"I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look" - Dr. love
Wesley Williams
How did he get a whole ass building lmao 😂😂
Julez Rulez
I almost suffocated from laughing so hard. This dude is a living legend.
his finesse game strong
" I don't know where you're getting this information but it's inaccurate" 😂
Monique Franklin
I don't appreciate your tone. I don't appreciate how your portraying this interview to be.. Ok doctor..😂
Khadeem 'Bow
He watched "Catch me if you can" waaaaaay too young.
SCREAMING at his replies. This whole story is hilarious.
Can't even get mad at this kid. The way he talks and the way how serious he looks when he says he has a PH.D. It's so funny.
Beau Stark
I'm gonna have to cut this iiinterview short, I'm gonna have to cut this iiinter interview short
"Bend over, baby. Let Doctor Love work his sweet magic on your fine ass." - Dr Love
d loren
You must admit it takes a pretty intelligent individual to come up with this scheme and carry it out at such a young age. Be it audacious or insanity, I'm sure if he where to use his talent in a productive way he may have have become relatively successful..
bruh at 2:10 that document is written in Comic Sans 😂😂😂
Rell Brooks
one question...... where is his MOTHER??!!??
Suzy Whitten
So, he has a PhD in something/anything at the age of 18?
This kid a a total sociopath. He knows how to talk well, he's an impulsive liar, manipulative, no remorse or empathy. Just imagine how many sociopaths like him that are out there. They're your judges, cops, doctors, leaders.
The Rachel Dolezal of Medicine.
buz butler
He needs a 18 year old lawyer!
Brother Three
"are you a fruad" lmao 😭😂
que en
He FEELS like a doctor so he must be one.
Steven Bowman
I think he has asperger's
William C
This kid is phenomenal bullshitter. Run for president!
this guy is dangerous. he's a psychopath never answers the question he's shifts blame to the accuser and shows zero remorse for what he did.
Bob Zanveghana
So basically, Dr Love is a Black Dr Phil.
I feel like he has on extra chromosome😂
Jamie Craig
Masters degree in Fuckolagy
He never even finish high school...
Brit D
This dude is a savage I'm dying!!
this is the best thing ever 😂😭
TXejas19 TXejas19
how?! did he open an entire practice at age 18 (looks 12) with employees? lol i simply can't...
t lavouge
Awww him just wanted to play Dr .😂😂😂
Independent Sunset
Like what????? so who funded his clinic???
Fred Akins
I acually think this young black man is very intelligent to accomplish what he has at 18, but I wish he would use his gift of BS for a better purpose. I respect this young black man though. #IDontappreciateYourTone 😎
Don Pedro
" I don't appreciate your tone" Ctfu
Interviewer was very unprofessional. You are suppose to remain unbias at all times and her was being very bias.
marco abreo
Let my man be a doctor if he wants. He ain't hurting no one. If Trump can be president with no political experience then Dr. Love practice medicine?
Najee Fareed
he my role model lmao
Sasha Xo3
He is very funny lol
humza raza
Asshole reporters always trapping ppl into interviews and then attacking them verbally
Good Spoonbread
Is this kid related to Kanye?
Bangtan trash
d loren
He had his own clinic?? lmao genius!
Asha Nicole
lol he seems to be more intelligent than you old goofballs interviewing him
Delightful Addition
I have seen this story being discussed in other videos. Very interesting story. But it is kind of a shame that many people are not saying anything about his performance or if he was actually good at what he did or not. Not to say that this individual at his age should be a doctor, but it would have been interesting to see how this individual did at his job. It could bring up important topics. Because it really is a shame how the system is set up to where there are individuals would make for better doctors or would make for better doctors with the training than some of these people who have degrees and are certified but were unable to get all the degrees and certifications because of the unnecessarily high costs to be a doctor. It seems that the system is set up more for those who have instead of those who are more qualified. Unnecessarily high college cost to be a doctor is one major thing. There are people who are trying to become a doctor to make a living, but they have to spend money they don't have just to get the degree and certification for it before they have even started making money many times. Then many times these doctors visits and medications are unreasonably priced.
juan gomez
Con man like this are dangerous, they might convince you that they are doctors or fit to be president, but they are just low life con artists.
Alex Vaz
It's only February and this kid already won 2016
Clorox Bleach
Someone pay this man the education to be a doctor. Tbh he cares about his job more than others.
People will always figure out a way to make a dollar...
Carlos Hernandez
this guy is a legend😂😂
Dyce Averruncus *
Honestly the whole situation is so funny and at least nobody got hurt. O think he really wants to be a doctor but doesn't want to do all those years of medical school.
I think this young man might have a case. As long as he did not portray himself as a "MD" and performed any type of procedures that would need qualification to perform, I don't think he is in the wrong. If the prosecution tries to argue that he was going off the moniker as "Dr Love", then how come Dr Dre hasn't been arrested? I can tell he is pretty intelligent and hope he makes that cocky ass ABC reporter eat his words. ABC and all other mainstream media outlets should look in the mirror if they are trying to look for fraudsters.
Acquisitions are merely acquisitions.
He need some milk
Patrick felton
Savage 😂😂😂
when playing doctor goes too far
Best ofPOC
Dragonoid Fox
the legend
he is bipolar and schizophrenic. I think he needs to be on some schizo medicine.
Adele Reed
G- Field
Just by the people defending this mental case in the comments section answered my own question as to how in the hell can this joker think he could get away with this .... Smh 🤔
Courtney D
he made hella bread too lmfao this dude
lamar gilchrist
Am I the only one on this kids side hoping he wins and is innocent
Grim Reaper
"Are you a fraud?" This coming from an American.
abianah howell
I love him he is like the ethnic Joanne the scammer
kellianne spry
Delquin Jones
He's smart I'll give him that much
Why are they trying to stop this mans shine. He has studied in this field for ´a while´ .. he knows what he´s doing. #accusations
"I don't appreciate your tone." lol, I am dead.
This kid needs to get a pschy evaluation haha his training is "shadowing doctors" wtf haha
Zion Curaçao
Why is this any different than a televangelist selling Jesus water to some uneducated person? Because they hide behind religious freedom? When we arrest all the fraudsters that sell prayer napkins and holly water to cure you of cancer than arrest this guy also.
This guy is my idol.
humza raza
This guys smart
Jack Fistfite
Snoop Doogie Howser
John Canham
Finesse god
mallory r
"I don't appreciate your tone" 😂
"Dr. Love" a lot of sucker types live in Florida
Jermaine Johnson
believe it or not this guy is smart and even doe he was wrong you got to respect he's hustle
MyStyle Cakedup
PhD...Playa Haters Degree!
Gizmo Gremlin
What a liar. He robbed an old woman of money and had m.d on the sign. He did not answer any questions and just bullshitted his way through those questions. He does not have a phd at all. This man needs to be locked up. He is delusional and a danger to others and he conned an old woman.
Jeff Billon
World class politician
Tiffany Zhang
He can't even speak right
Does Dr. Love give prostate exams or he ain’t about that life
Rashad Branch
This is too funny to me lol! Its confusing at the same time though. I think he shouldnt go to jail but if this is illegal I think he should be punished or something. I admire him for going after his dreams and all but I wouldnt want a guy my age, unlicensed working on my mom or sister. He seems very intelligent. This is funny to me because if he is a fraud......he has a whole website and clinic!! Id be fooled too lmaoo
babygirl peachy
ICONIC *Joanne The Scammer voice*
Catch Me If You Can-movie
jon brown
When you think your smart
Drew V
look at America trying to bring ANOTHER young black man down
It's true there are other types of doctors but none of them put a M.D. (medical doctor) at the end of their name!! Stupid kid
James Le
Bruh I've been watching house md I can be a doctor. 😁🙌🏼
Kim Jong Un
I think they're very very racist.
Robin Hood
I can be his Nurse, i can burp him, change his Diaper, and give him a Shot in his ass! Lol
Constipated Snake
"I don't appreciate your tone" 😂😂😂this man had me rollingggg
where's Dr Beat when you neem him? Aint he from Florida too?
he probably watched catch me if you can, and was like, hold my beer
Jan Nuke
what a wonderful world
His training is Shadowing hahaha! I completed residency with no sleep and managing pt in house, out pt, and ER. Lol
Paul Dickinson
Me: It's finally the weekend! Time to relax! My teachers: 2:58
lol but how did he get that office he was showing?
Lucas Cady
DOUGY HOUSIER!! Teach me how to duggy!!!