AT&T Best Unlimited Plan 2019

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Goober Jones
“480 p??? “ (Soulja boy voice)
Goober Jones
At&t plans are garbage , I have at&t old unlimited data plan and can’t see why people would buy the unlimited & more plan
AT&T sent out updates this morning One UI 9 Pie Update Note 9.
The best plan was there retired one I have the unlimited plus multi line is the cheapest and the best I can add a hotspot or a tablet or a smartwatch can have its dedicated unlimited data which the new plans they a separate tiered plan will increase your dollar cost
Buddhist Elder
I would take tmobile over this, no 4k streaming or 5ge. Definitely not.
Nico Villalobos
The Unlimited & More Premium also comes with your choice of free entertainment stuff, so you could get free HBO and free watch tv, etc. It’s on their website. This is definitely the best plan and I’m glad to be on it
Chanse Ormon
This is to all the 4 carriers in the USA please bring Unlimited 4G LTE Hotspot because customers like that better than having the 15-20GB limit on their Hotspot plans for their Smartphones
I have Sprint it picks up good where I live AT&T and T-Mobile doesn't pick up so good where I live only Sprint and Verizon picks up good where I live and I have 50 gigabytes of hotspot
Crying Freeman
I don't know why but for some reason greggles TV I can't get notifications turned on in the YouTube app and I used to have them for all of your videos but it won't let me know I can't even hit the Bell icon it just does nothing.....
I have a 2k screen and it doesn't bother me that I have to watch 144 sometimes get over yourself.
Mark Forest
dont buy mint mobile service goes down no customer service help
Hi ,is AT&T can call to verizon and sprint?
Juan Hernandez
This is way too much. Other carriers do 4 lines $100
Martell Tha Cool
480p? Our phones is at 720p/1080p/2k screen resolution and what the hell is going on with at&t with that crappy plan is disgusting 😡😠
Lil Alfalfanator
Thank you so much this was extremely helpful and now I know exactly which unlimited plan to get from AT&T :D
jesu gonza
why so many plans why only one phone per a single person dont have any family.
Frank Cox
metro by T-Mobile have best unlimited
Enrique T
Just a warning with the premium , the last I checked ,do not I repeat do not expect Watch TV too work I promise , I tried for days initially with 6 different customer service idiots to get registered ,I gave up It works just fine if you want to put your credit card information funny how that works, but the link to get get it free for purchasing the premium plan through AT&Tdoes not work I repeat does not work
Zoë Lkjsdhf
What about throttle, can you watch vid and music when they throttle bow you couldnt with the old one
you need to have direct tv in order to get that "entertainment" package on premium
Patro Chism
Neno Jlr
I have $85 prepaid with AT&T but got $20 discount with auto pay come to $65 plus taxes $71.00 total. Got the deal in December holiday. I was thinking of postpaid AT&T premium and all the perks for single user. Single line get no perks or love with T-mobile no Netflix!!
Michael Granaldi
Just to clarify what he said about the 22gb slow down on the non premium, yes you will get slowed and massively congested areas like a sporting event. Although if you live in NY or major city that does not apply to your slowages. As well as when you are in a sporting event it is not unusable that information is incorrect. Currently work for best buy mobile and can confirm it's not disgustingly slow. Of course it slows but very temporarily on all carriers for a second or 2. (Generally speaking). Otherwise fantastic video look forward to more to come!
I want to ask you a question why are we getting Android Q when we just got Android pie
Patro Chism
Main1stConsulatant At&t
I also can provide phones
scotty thompson
cool tech video talk greg i like [email protected] i like [email protected] one of the best company in my area superior wi i have my phone lg phoenix 4 is exclusive to [email protected] prepaid i get 3 bar cellphone service i think my phone will be compatible with 5g then i will get 5 bar
Tony Singhavong
I currently on a grandfathered plan 6GB unlimited talk & text with Rollover Data up to 15GB with HotSpot I used less than 2GB of data each month my plans have 2 IPhone lines & 1 IPad Pro all have insurance instead of paying $60 for 6GB I pay $40 $20 discount total my bill is $139 every month
John-Paul Ginley
I live in Auckland, New Zealand and travel to the USA mostly LA for vacation once every 4 to 8 years and now that I have an iPhone Xs Max I will be getting AT&T unlimited prepaid eSIM every time I go
Are you high
Tim Turner
When did you make this video? AT&T doesn't offer 4 lines unlimited for this price. Runs $240 and $215.
Joseph Lopez
I still have the unlimited data plan they were offering a few years ago when you get uverse or directv. Its equivalent to the premium plan with hbo free as long as I have directv. When they came out with these new plans I asked about the hbo perk and she told me I wouldn’t be able to watch hbo on my tv anymore. Only on the hbo go app. Can someone clarify this? Maybe she didn’t know what she was talking about.
Phil PJ Davis
O Lord
AT&T is disgusting.