Black Sabbath - N.I.B. (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

BECOME A PATRON AND GET ANY SONG YOU WANT: />TAB PLAYER I USE: />TABS HERE: />FACEBOOK: />TWITTER: /> Tips And Comments: - Playing Technique: Played next to the fretboard (more even in choruses) to get a more percussive and round sound. Intensity in playing is quite hard in most parts except for the chorus (and intro, but not that much), in wich i use low dynamics. Just neck knob activated - Gear Sound: For the whole song i use a guitar amp emulator, with a guitar cab too. Cut down most of the treble and bass and added lots of mid. Other settings vary through the song: For the intro i use lower gain and i set up a little bit of wah in the mix. For the main parts of the song i use high gain, same settings. Finally for the choruses i lower down the gain and add a little more of volume. All of this goes with some compression (not that much) and some other eq here and there - About The Song: Please remember the most of the sound goes with the fingers, you probably could get most of the sound with half of what i did. It's hard to keep applying the same dynamics through the whole song, so be prepared to get tired easily. Smashing the strings isn't the answer tough, so please be careful with that. Transcribed from studio version with help on positions from live videos. I think the transcription went good, probably positions are not exact. I took the liberty to jam a bit a the end, i hope i doesn't bother you, lol Need more tips? Just comment! *All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment! *Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings or Dunlop .045)/ Ibanez SA 120 Guitar/ Alesis Dm6 Drums - Fcusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface - PC (Digital Processing)

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I have 2 thumbs, but I cannot like twice. I find that disheartening.
Joshua Dennison
Finally someone did a video with the bloody solo at the start
I left a really detailed description with tips, but if you have any other question i'll answer it right here in the comments! See you soon with more
Niko Patokoski
who could not like that bass intro?
The Wandering Internet Wizard
I'm eating the softest ice cream right now.
Andrew Pappas
This song is maybe my favourite Black Sabbath bass line to be honest, it's so awesome
Rob Ch.
My favourite band ever. What a brilliant cover, Gezeer must be proud if he heard you.
Rubén Serrano
what does the H and P between the notes mean?
Stephen Day
The best Black Sabbath song, and also the greatest chorus in existence.
Fuckedy Fuck
Who else pauses and plays then un pauses???
Could you please make a bass cover of Metallica - Master of Puppets
Apoc 0239
I do not understand how you can do this so frikin good man. Your so talented
Mateus Resende
Please do Them Crooked Vultures - Scumbag Blues
Could you possibly do children of the grave? It'd make my whole entire month
Ignacio Reyes Contreras
fairies wear boots- black sabbath pleaaaaaaaaase
sigizmund 1488
System Of A Down – Sugar
Lautaro Montoya
Black Sabbat-Sweet Leaf pls
The Conner's Channel
you need to do Hand of Doom
Matt Day
Do Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden
that surprise solo at the end gave me chills man
Daniel Szczepański
I would really like to see your cover of "Go Robot" by RHCP
Fábio Montone
Love all your videos man! Best regards from Brazil!
I would love to see a cover of "Shakedown" by Spyro Gyra. It's a very cool sax-driven jazz fusion instrumental. There are some slap parts in the bass line I can't figure out.
Luuk de Ruijter
the only thing i hate about these videos is the fact that as soon as you no longer play a certain note, you immediately let go of the key. you certainly are a skilled player, but this just really ticks me off and it most likely hinder your progress (in the long run) aside from that, you are a real treasure ^3^ (#nohomo)
Carlos Prete
🇧🇷👍 Música show ! São Paulo/ Itaquera. 2018
Erick Hetfield
Finallu the bass is more audible.
Caesar Damascus
About time. I've been waiting for this since I found you. Thanks for doing it.
what pedal is used for the sound/effect?
Jack A
black sabbath sign of the southern cross ?
Charlie Goodman
Great Cover!!!! This was really Great. Could you do "Jack Bruce - Theme For An Imaginary Western", please? Thank You.
You do geezer butler Justice my dude.
rolly estrada
great bass cover ! respect
what effect is used to have that sound?
Ryan Barba
About time.
light Gorkin
Just awesome. That intro is perfect.
could you do more black sabbath covers plz?
Jefferson Freitas
Hi! Please, "killing youself to live" Black Sabbath!! No one on youtube made it!
I dont know if you take suggestions from non patrons but I would LOVE to see you play "Let it Whip" by Dazz Band!!!
Silas Olveda
It would be awesome if you could possibly do (Heart of the sunrise by Yes).
Sr Palomitez
War Pigs por dios... Esa cancion es un orgasmo continuo XD Perfecta cover
would you do wicked world from the same album. having a hard time finding anything
Alaska Picazo
cool one of my favorites song of Sabbath.. thanks
Alvaro Pereira
podrias subir la tablatura a mediafire por favor ;)
sherlock bombs
I've waited so long for this <3 you're my hero
One for my favorite bass'song ever ! Thank you to share us to you !
J.D Hawkes
Black Sabbath yes!
Diego Zeron
Solan McComber
Love your videos man keep them coming please
Espreitador de Gudul
Best Bass line of all the time
Liz Holliday
Can you tell me how you find comfort in the right hand when playing close to the fretboard? I just cant find a technique for that that suits me.
Yargin Gnb
Oh yes please!
Brian Osbment
Nice job on this! I need a bass player. No serious musicians where I live.
Tyler Smash
I love this song on bass guitar!
paper flowers
Awesome cover! Can you do Lady Evil by sabbath?
Gabrielle Unger
I'm in a band and when we play this song live I always use envelope filter for the intro.
One of the best intros of bass
joe brown
Vaaaxi K
Finally solo at the starttt
you cant play electric funeral by blac sabbath?
my fav bass(y) song from Sabbath
Jarmo Jokela
Well done
That rocked.
Diego M-A
Now I have you with me under my power
Shitter Pounder r34
could you cover la villa strangiato by rush
Konungr Edocsil
That intro I love. Great job.
Lance Wallick
Best bass line ever!
@cover solutions If you're gonna do Nib might as well do iron man too. Keep up the amazing work !!
Minos s
Fucking Slayer
Kiss- Deuce
Alex Lopez
War pigs pls!
ありがとう! Thank-you!
moon butt74
I always thought N.I.B. stood for Nuns In Bondage xD
Harvmontz lml
Have you heard "Impious Devious Leper Lord" of Mayhem? Couldn't find ANY bass cover of it. Would you play that one PLEASE. Btw, loved Orion cover!
Spike Bones
your awesome dude! you should do WARPIGS!!!!!
David Velasquez
Next Iron Man
Congratulation !
Lisa Reagan
Gigø Gardø
More black sabbath please
Bro you crushed that good job
Ryan Whitehead
Primus- my name is mud
David Johnson #BeRedSeaRed #NoFlyZone
Hola cover tengo una targeta de debito pero vivo en mexico cuanto te estaria pagando por video?
Vinny DiGiovanni
avenged sevenfold afterlife
Aldwin Bowley
Can you please do a David Bowie and Suede cover!!
zahiry Dans
Tuning E flat..u can get simulate sound
Nathan Haynes
pablo torres
How did you tune the bass to make it sound like that ??
Marilyn Manson great big white world please
claudia souza
I will type like the way u understand ,ok? I not know tabs just make like well f... But respect the real good job u r doing u turn pipl important n sabbath too,so plz thank u a lot!
unknown unknown
Eliseo Zamora
vale gracias
Josue Reyes
Eres muy bueno C: En mi caso , me ayudas bastante Podrias tocar "Ángel para un final " de LOS BUNKERS , te lo agradeciria mucho. Saludos C:
Paul ofTarsus
Gittin it and skittin it buddy yea, Geezer was bad. GREAT cover. Makes me feel young again :)
Kevin Canterbury
Do you think you could do Shelf In The Room or The Down Town by Days Of The New? Seems there are no correct tabs for any of their songs and I'd love to learn some of them.
Etan Jay
When i read this tab i can remember only main section. I can't remember intro is to many notes for me. I try remember that intro many times but i can't. Main brain exploded. Maybe because i'm 30+ and evolution goes something wrong. To bad but i'm still happy.
Chris Blackburn
Awesome! That aggressive "choppy" playing style perhaps began with Geezer? Steve Harris was around that time as well. Cliff Burton played that way too.
German Martinez
hermanó saludos des de España puedes tocar algo de korn
Black Sabbath
Gleep Wurp
Reminds me of a brontosaurus stompin around in a tar pit ... love it.