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Very funny man .very highly entertaining
Nick Zad
this crowd is all a comedian needs...
Rokhsona Nassiri
he is even funnier when you watch him live
Mark Marsh
Djalili would have AMAZED George Carlin. ... absolute GENIUS!
Hedge hog
Very funny man. Not surprised at some of the comments below,in time there will be no large organised religion.Our grandchildrens children just might have a chance of a decent life if they are not all underwater or starving through overpopulation.
Martin Besserman
Very funny man .very highly entertaining !!!
ritenrong jusayen
Highly intelligent,very clever and quick witted.nicest com.ever.
Rhys Tomos
You couldn't do this as a White Man.
Amid is legendary!
William Hetherington
for someone so active how can he be so fat? lol
يا حسرة على العباد! ما أتاهم من رسول إلا كانوا به يستهزؤون
Daniel Federico
I think Hugh Laurie may be to blame for that central London face.
VideoRocketz007 Millar
Omid...u r FANtastic...did you see I'm a FAN..lol. I made a funny. If u use it pls pay me...lol
Kevy Elyod
ali ahmadi
You can't make fun of Shia Muslim