Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 5-0 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Copa 11/01/2018 HD

Sam M
milo miriam
2 goals in 2 min lets goooo!!!!🔥🔥
On the road to being a wizard
What an assist to Alba from messi i am bloody lost for words
Matthew Ledford
Rakitic really wanted and deserved a goal, he worked hard for it, good job Rakitic!
Maruo Odisho
messi and alba better love story then twilight
neha chauhan
that pass from messi was insane in setting up 3rd goal. bloondr 6 loading for sure..some idiots compare messi with dolphin, what a same for those suckers..
On the road to being a wizard
Brilliant job done boys Up next stern challenge sociedad ;buckle up nd trash them as well!
Dj Kc Spanish Music
coz messis team didnt play well last yr..penaldo took d ballo d or..i feel it was soooo harshhh fr him..treble is en route ..king LEO 🦁🦁🏆🏆
English with Ghassan Nakdali Teacher
Obviously,Messi makes 30 percent of Barcelona.
Asish Malhotra
That goal keeper is noob.
Tama Fachreza
What?2017? LoL
Sahil Mambilly
Chemistry between Messi and Alba - 💯
Durga Magar
Messi messi messi
True United fan
Alba is becoming better and better with every match!!!
dekna comel
Past = dani alves Present = jordi alba Like if u agree
okenwa chimkamso
Messi world best
Mario Messi
Messi the best player 2018
Quiero que un madridista me explique , de donde sacan que Cristiano Ronaldo es mejor que Messi? Acaso no se dan cuenta de lo fácil que hace ver el fútbol este man?
Andrew Nicodemou
That combination between Messi and Jordi Alba has been so good this season. Can't wait for Dembele to start a game and Coutinho to recover from his injury. Barca will be unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥
Match News
Match News accurately predicted this match
Виктор Никитин
Барселона!!!!! Виска Барса!!!
Julio Cesar Chavez
Copa, Liga y Champions 2018!
Zaki Zamzami
Jago banget Tac-ticnya Barcelona
Anwarul Huq
How can people compare any player in present or in history with this Man, Messi is incomparable, he is better than Maradona and Pele combined
Siddhant Sharma
I am a madrid fan but i gotta say that messi and barca are in amazing form! their game is actually worth watching!
Hilmi Syaifurrohman
Barcelona is da best
Frosty ICE the original one
Messi 2018 Ballon dor loading......
Kamran Khan
Good performance from Ousmane dembèlè and a great assist to rakitic this prove's why dembèlè is a real quality player. And the people who think dembèlè is a waste of money have a dumb brain and you are wrong.
Lennox /God Of Dual Agar
Dembele future Best player
Abdullah Rabbu
Messi is the best footballer.............😊😁😍😘
Quinn Alexander
Andres Iniesta is the maestro in midfield. His vision and passing from the midfield is incredible. 1:29
FC BARCELONA fan till i die.
Messi and alba are connected telepathically Best duo on the planet 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
HazZi VivA
Truly Incredible Assist by Messi to Alba
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Mustaffa ibnu rijam
You can give ballon dor to any body you want FIFA . i wil still stick with the little man .
juan hdez
Messi el mejor del mundo en la actualidad no tiene rival que se le compare
FC BARCELONA fan till i die.
Magical performance from Messi and alba🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻👏🏻. Brilliant game from the rest of the team Next challenge real sociedad anoeta!!!🔵🔴Visca el barça.
Luis angel Periañes vazquez
Siempre Messi el Mejor del Mundo.
Leohan Agustlim
I know what GK thinking " why coach pick me for this match? "
Chelsea Forever
Leo the king of camp nou......!!!
Baffour Kyei
Goal keeper is such a waste
Frosty ICE the original one
Last weekend Real drew with Celta 2-2 today Barca trash celta 5-0 #TheDifference
theannointed one andrew
Love you Barcelona messi the 🐐
Rizvi Ahmed
Jordi Alba is just superb this season. His chemistry with Messi is the key to success for Barcelona.
Mario Nugroho
Messi and Alba 👹😎
Rayan Hossain
Suarez is finally back in his form
sunan kr
That assist from messi??comfirmed alien..😎
Abdullah Rabbu
Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi the best..
Daberechukwu Nwoha
I'm done waiting for Messi to start playing shit like Cr7. Messi is really from another planet, That assist to Alba
I'm a Real Madrid fan and I have to say good job, it was a great game. But what makes me laugh is all these 12 year old Barcelona AND Real Madrid "fans" fight at every chance they got. Messi is better than Ronaldo, you can't deny it. Anyways if Real falls out of UCL I will be cheering for Barcelona.
zahurul islam
Don't need to say who is the best ever
Black ★
Holy shit that pass. This lad is upper 2/3 of the pitch player in the world.
Mijing Basumatary
Come on L Messi
יוני דיגה
uzoma Arinze
ceka abbosov
Mesi Alba 👍👍
ntina a
Força Barça😍😍
Hugh Lynch
Como había declarado Cristiano Ronaldo? Que era el mejor jugador de la historia????? Si, JA!
juvenal Martinez
Dembele played with more confidence today. That good to see that he is adapting to the team real quickly.
Somnath Nayek
This is barca... No talk only work... what a match and whhhhhhaaaattt aaaa Messssssssssi......😃😃😃😃😃😃
Atul Kaushik
Messi at 4:04 and 4:30 god assist👌🙏
Diego Ans
Así Messi vamos Barcelona y viva Argentina
juvenal Martinez
Thank you Mascherano for this past few years in barca. We will not forget what you did for all of us. Wish you the best on your next chapter of life. ✌
Veselin Baychev
Messi punished them once again
Adrian Ibañez
Messi es dios del balon ⚽🏃🏃🏃
El primero de Messi..misma jugada que abanica CR7 en el clasico...! Y despues los comparan...?
Mihnea Pavel
QVT Official
Vn điểm danh
james brown
dam, semedo at 8:51. that wouldve been a goal for sure. this i y i think semedo will even be better than dani alves. i know dani alves is one of the best right back ever, but semedo will surpass him gor sure. and no disrespect to dani alvis
Ahmed Moiz
Barça now known as marça
2018 not 2017 XD nobody saw this?
emmanuel palacios
CR7 the best 🚩
chemistry between messi and jordi alba was very awesome
Julio Nterai
Barcelona sucks
James Uganda
*FAGdrid fans angry and scared.*
Anime Pro xD
Goles: 1 - 1:31 2 - 2:45 3 - 4:29 4 - 5:57 5 - 10:30
Fethi Kulaksız
turkleri goruyum
Hokey Channel
salam rival btw, saling subs back yok, komen aja :)
im fan real madrid but messi is the best footballer he is genius
nigthmare bonnie
Jaja el real 2-2 y el barça 5-0 ✌
Exuberant AbHi
Alba==>>Messi Messi==>>Alba The Perfect Duo <3
Areeb Zafar
moiz malik
Whole match story in just one word=Messi❤❤❤
Ter Stegen Alba Umtiti Pique Semedo Coutihno/Iniesta Busquets Rakitic/Sergi R. Dembele Suarez Messi 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for everything mascherano!
Conoaldo is the best.
430 alba look a like assassins creed on nokia gameplay
Τζένη Πατ.
Messi is the best but can we talk about Alba this season? Best LB in the world at the moment, no doubt!
Sufiyan Productions
The second goal reminded me of el clasico😂😂
juvenal Martinez
Messi scored 2 goals in 2 minutes. GOAT! 🐐
Anthony Disla
Barcelona OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥
Grown men hugging and kissing each other WTF!
Jorge Peinado
That Rakitic header was pretty high? Ask him! Slick celebration.
Nicolas Devis
Wow...... just wow
Emanuel Raimundo
Dembele was beautiful to watch.
ben davies
Ronaldo is not even in the same universe. Messi GOAT!!!
Miran 88
Congratulations for winning la liga Barcelona (From madrista fan)😐