Damien Walters 2011 Official Showreel

To be up to date with all the latest from Damien Walters be sure to subscribe here: /> Make sure you also check out the Flow network. YouTube's biggest Parkour hub: /> Buy your Damien Walters T-shirt here: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel: Professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner Damien Walters returns with his annual video: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel. Here Damien showcases his latest stunts, flips and tricks in true creative fashion. Track: Yogi ft Ayah Marar - 'Follow U' (Xilent Remix) ITunes link - /> /> Follow me on twitter: /> Add me on Facebook: /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professioneller Stuntman, Gymnastik Trainer und Free Runner Damien Walters kehrt mit seinem jährlichen Video zurück: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel. Hier demonstriert Damien seine neuesten Stunts, Flips und Tricks in wahrer kreativer Manier. Track: Yogi ft Ayah Marar - 'Follow U' (Xilent Remix) /> Folge mir auf Twitter: /> Adde mich auf Facebook: /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "damien walters" damin damon damian waltesr "Free Running" "Falling (accident)" flip "Jackie Chan" Sport November 111111 11.11.11 premier "james harris" action "follow you" ministry Official Xilent World Freerun Championships Ninja Assassin Kick-Ass acceleration "action movie"

Jimmy Biggums
I finally found agent 47
Hey look its the bald guy from Brazzers!
Calen Chan
Damien, you need to start making showreels again! You're loosing popularity on YouTube, and you deserve better!
IFrost Origins
God forgot the implant gravity in this guy!
1:53 That's me coming home from work on friday
Viva Europa
When black people say white man can't jump
Sometimes in life you have to choose between hair and awesomeness. He made the right decision
Kenneth Wong
I wish he could go back to making these kinds of videos
Juliya Koropatnik
молодец! реально крутые возможности. безграничность досягаема! респект!!!
Elayna Hallbeck
1:18 when you see ur ex somewhere
alex morel
This man broke science lol
this video and "people are awesome 2011" (by failarmy) and their songs shaped my childhood. there were like 10 videos on youtube and i watched them hundreds of times :D #nostalgia
Рыцарь Киклос
Ну порно у тебя лучше получается. ..
Raghav Vijay
Why did he stop It's 2016 I expected him to keep going
Да это же лысый из бразерс!
Русский мясник ты ли это?
Didn't know that Milow does Parcour :D Awesome video by the way :)
Zayna Shakir
Does anyone know what the song is called or who's it by?
Trend Now
Wasted some time for not having you in the movie. You should be the main star of action hero martial arts. Just like "The Transporter."
so glad this guy got somewhere with his talent. pure talent and hard work
Edited :P
TASweets 8
Omg Amazing and outstanding job. I got some more ideas for parkour moves
Mohamed Bikary
being amazed for more than 2 minutes that is the undoubtedly amazing!!
Lydia Kusżpit
You inspire me! I'm learning tumbling and you are the best person to watch.
nicholas games
vcs são br
dang man,you do the best tricks eeeeeever!!
10/10 would break spine
Bae : baby come here Me : But i'm at work Bae : but i'm naked in my bed Me : 1:54
Ferwnc Nyitrai
Respect a clubnak!!
Will Hart
always ignore the dumb comments....
Когда будет землетрясение,он выживет вместе с Беар Гриллсом.
Mihai Ene
its that Saitama from One Punch Man?
ksh super
ты лучший грейт!!!
I will follow you... on facebook ;)
Is been 8 years , and this is even crazy by todays standerds
Skander ben aissa
what the name of the song
minas moschovitis
Wow!! Are you the superman??!!!
The Clash Of Clans Vidz | Damien Elledge
I'm proud that my name is Damien lol ^^
I bet his parents had a lot of first aid experience with him when he was little. He must of been a pretty busy toddler.
I used to call him a king, WHAT HAPPENED
ana appa
يستحق ان يكون زعيم الباركور بجدارة
Кто из 2014 лайк!)
علي احمد الاشول
مذهل جدا وووووووووووووووووووووووووووواااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا
Beto Araujo
This man is a POWER RANGER! The red one, obviously!
Adam Paul
I can do that, hold my beers for the next 18 weeks....
Inge Bruyndonckx
THIS is so cool!!!LOL
Devon Miles
Cast for Altair in assassins creed...just wear a hood and boom...perfect casting choice lol
Sland [Roblox]
А я Русский лайк)  Посмотрим сколько нас
I bet he see in eagle vision
Alex Top
the real one punch man 😂
mouad akira
This Is Awesome
Антон Народов
Лысый из Браззерс?
Samba GmbH
Saitama got bored of his normal exercises?
Chris Evans
Is this guy in the Olympics? If not, he should be.
Assasin Creed
Boss Guy
anyone here in 2019??
👍👍👍👍. Que se quite los caaaalzooooneeeeeees
Rachael Ruddick
he's currently working on the Assassins creed movie.
On jest Epicki :) Dzięki niemu zapisałem się na gimnastykę :D
Dimitris Psaltis
Sam Sparacino
Goddamn, a real life ninja...
Игровой Канал Demix'a
что за трек ?
Awesome Damien Walters
AdamMarcus Show
есть же такие люди как не люди=)
Ɗiaries øf Kate
То чувство, когда знаешь, что ничего из этого ты не можешь повторить... Но хочется)
Kevin Libertowski
This guy is incredible!
imagine if he was a thief...
Rock Do Salmista!
Damien Walters 2011 Official Showreel Damien Walters Parkuor nota 10.
Jonny sins :d
Ian Mclachlan
Like This Comment If Damien Walters Is Badass
Dima Sharonov
Вы тоже ввели лысый из брэйзерс
Ak Shooter 7
DUDE!! Where is all that Agility,Power,Flexibility and Grip Coming from?! I wish i could be this guy!
Николай Александрович
Если ему заходят вломить пизды,он точно сможет убежать
noel leon
hey damien walters! i think you are the best freerunner ever  i know all your videos and like it please do more videos
Philip J. Cry
Well that was entertaining.
Asghar Jami
This epic I love this guy
James King
Johnny Sins parkour brother.
holy god this is a flexibility from beyond
Transmission Inc
I was always wondering who those people who pressed dislike button?? This guy literally breaks laws of gravity ,wow!
if they make a one punch man movie this dude needs to be saitima.
Music says: "I will follow you" No way anyone can follow this guy!
Anything is possible ~Everything:-) AlwAys #Amazing✨
rasmus keinicke
you are legendary Damien:D
Alex Qwert
Этож какие троли и компьютерные красноглазики , задроты и прочие  зависливые инвалиды поставили 1671 дизлайк ? посмотреть бы им в глаза .
Legend of the parkour stills !
Shadic 400
Damien Walters is controlled chaos.
goga xiladze
Damien walters is kill pk damien walters I love you you kil damien walters kill
Sunnie 'Daze' Coleman
By far... This is my favorite video on your channel! 💔👊💋 Xoxo -Sunnie 💔My Modern Valentine💔
1601 pauvres merdes frustrés de la nullité de leurs vies ont mit un pouce rouge 
you are the devil son ebless!!!
Zak Pope
Your the best
Urakage Tazura
Now that's how you parkour. 😄
Makke Seppäkä
Damien Walters
elias franco
yo hago parkour y freerruning y Demian Walters es mi rason para levantarme y seguir
You are officially the most awesome dude I've had ever seen in My life
There can't be any way to be this good without have been doing gymnastics your whole life.
The way you flow is just amazing. It's like poetry in motion.