World's Best Parkour Spring2011

A showcase of Traceurs from all over the world. from City to City. Song: Maps by: Emancipator

YaPac 96
Karan Arya
Jeff Demers
Has good shots, but also has a bunch of 12 year olds doing fairly beginner stuff. Not sure if they qualify as "world's best."
Lucid Beats
Trip hop is the best music 😊
Rayon Green
This is for the noob down there talking about people being the best. There is no best. There is always someone going to be better than someone else. Even the great David Belle said parkour is an art not a sport.
PK impulsion fin de la chaine
Super video du pk a l'etat pur sa c'est du deplacement ! ;)
Ahniyalate VLOGS
WEre prpared fot anything
PSS Network
Im sorry but this is not worlds best
enjoy the music :)
David V Pettus Poetry
man time flies matt, I Remember we where chilling and hanging around and you were creating this vid. Hope to see ya soon man. Happy travels!
i loved this song ill like to know which song is this
Karan Arya
now that's what we can say PARKOUR
Martin Amberger
+Achilles1776 I also join freerunning and i have to say that we can compensate the pressure on our knees with a simple roll :)
Rayon Green
I watch this video Everyday, this is very calm & fierce: CHECK OUT OUR efficient channel
Luka Bodrožić
True parkour
Ahniyalate VLOGS
Parkour seems t b the best athletic hobby ever, but its just an opinion
Happy I uncovered this vid. Like You tube because of this sort of content. My good friend had been bullied. He explained he was intending to get bigger. I did not believe him. Right up until he added 40lbs of pure lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He doesn't get bullied these days. :) I personally registered last week. See what happens. Not to mention this guys emails are cool!
Beak them all what at the end
fuk soccer , basketball and baseball parkour owns them all ;)
nice !!
David V Pettus
sophie cassier
better, it's a lifestyle
Derek Lee
Bob n' Weave.
Cade Williams
Yeah, no.
Greg Williams
Are you broken?
yach :)
it's actually the oposite XD
guns suck
Sverre Arnegård
it is not parkour,parkour are flips sick flips but this is freerunning sorry:-\
Kew Million
its free run dont do any flips or..i dont know sorry for my bad english
OpsaID IReapzZ
Daniel Robson
Why do they all where long shorts?
Goose sixtynine
these ppl must of play "The Floor is hot lava" alot growing up..g
Dylan Bolton
got that right!!!! ;) and check my channel XD
Fri Zoq Pa
I'm just stting here because ı am Anticheat
Do you know how hard it is to shoot something moving? Chances are the tracers will get away without any bodily harm.
محمد بشادى
who is the guy in 2:27 he is cool
Timothy Tibbles
Disaster, if they aren't tearing anything up then they aren't harming anything. I say just let em be. No need to be jelly
محمد بشادى
guys could you help me i wanna the full video for that guy in 2:29 please
Itchhy Bumcheek
thats what teenagers need to do not smoke, drink and do drugs
Brent Godersky
Julio Rodriguez this video is labeled best parkour. The title goes against my opinions on parkour with the word best because I don't think there is a best in parkour. But flips and stunts aren't parkour. They are for the people who don't believe in efficient movement and only do stuff for a camera. So don't watch a video labeled this and expect all that pizzazz.
Seth Kos
u cant do that
julio rodriguez
You guys are lame this isnt the worlds best at all wheres all the flippin nd stunts all you guys are doin is jumping Dislike
Siani Parny
sooooo cool awsome :-)
Why so serious?
Feelus Maximus
T_T Try the description next time. I'm sick and tired of these comments.
you would hate your job if you were a cop trying to chase these guys(with no weapons to use)
Jarrett Staten
where as that is tru Barack, but they dont use them while there running only if they pull one out then they shot so nice try but dont be a smart ace (i say ace cuz i dont cuss.)
ygor santos
look at this video watch?v=ddYTbXt7vxg
Zacdefilius Jenner
Emancipator -Maps. :D
Nicolas Sauter
Cool ^^
I CAN DO 1:52... and thats about it
Nathália Pietra
Esses são bons em ><
Ненад Шкрбић
You should do more flips!
Parkour is needed in the zombie world. :|
Micheal Myers
Best parkour up loader. Subscribed!
Hùng Nguyễn
Hay wa ak. Good!
Valentino Smajli
speed hack.
I did that stuff, until I got osteochondropatics :(( I fucked my bones,
Darkly Araxinito
Would love to see the police chase down these guys lol!
This joke is in danger of becoming over-used...
Leg End
Unfortunately, guns took over the world. No runners can defeat the bullet :(
Ahmed Karem
pshhh i can do this. let me just pop in assassins creed 3
shut up dont let them know that retard!....... lol
Sim on
Sim on
All they are dong is precisions
Eli Truth
were can i buy the music?
Teru StreetBall
70 personas no saben todo el esfuerzo que te toma aprender estos movimientos sobre todo el llevarlos tan lejos
The original chelsey
Who needs a gym to get a good workout not these people
andy tirei
whats is the name of the song ???
bob bobby
Nah man cops have these things called guns.
elias bolognesi
nice stunts
Idk bout anybody else, but parkour is an amazing advancement for human kind
Andrew J
It looks like they're flying half the time. lol
work hard, body weight exercises is the way to go.
well its very hard for me
Hanyuu Furude
a message to anybody who does this: You are so cool
Tony S
Am I the only one who feels inadequate to live after watching these videos?
Ricky Huang
Is this some jackie chan shet?
Talk about Assassin's Creed in real life.
Martti leppänen
so awesome
sean oneill
i can do this hold my beer
Its actually the opposite, Freerunning is doing mostly the flips (its parkour with flips and not trying to get to destination as fast as possible, just being "free"), Parkour is getting to point A to point B reaching there fast as possible (vaults, wall running, etc.) flips would decrease your momentum.
Raymond i
this is free running, free running is the art of movement and speed hence the "running" aspect of it. Parkour is the art of flips. back flips. front flips, side flips. whatever more u can think of. of course every one is good at something. other prefer free running (like myself) and other like my brother prefer parkour if u don't believe me or agree thats okay, but either way this stuff is cool. i don't make videos but my bro does, search them up his names "pkgordon" they are pretty good vids
Daday Next Door vlog
Wat if they fall
Usually criminals don't do parkour.
Henry Stöbener
Die wären bestimmt gute Ninjas ;)
Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής
Very cool....
имдър бимдър
it IS a sport :)
Tyler Smith
Jay Tee Kay
Be one awesome game of Cops and Robbers
Kuwaja Sabree
its easier to do it sweat pants cause you can get around through faster parkour isnt hard if you train.
i can't do stuff that goodin minecraft=P
Mike Wellington
ninjas in training
Derrick O'Neal
its like watchin an assassin's creed how to video in climbing
true parkour :)
Snowie May
i know its like a sport