Cromartie High School Episode 25

"A Hole in Lotta Love" When everyone brings their pets into school, Maeda get stuck taking care of them. The next day, he gets into a debate with Kamiyama on... final episode "Suda!! Cromartie Girls Highschool" It's Cromartie Girls High School and everyone is a princess! It's Ms. Kamiyama's first day and "she" walks ... Cromartie High School episode 26 FINAL English Sub Anime ありがとう,私は広告をクリックして助けてください Thank you,Please click advertising or help me Playlis ... YouTube - Cromartie High School - Episode 25 - English Dub (1-2) 5. Sentimental Bus Alternative title: Charge!! Cromartie High Le Bahut des Tordus (French) Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Japanese) 魁!! クロマティ高校 ...

Michael Tariga
"Its good to see you... Nya." "I'm a normal high-school student... Nya."
Blue Velvet
I Love Maeda ❤💯😉