TMK review Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Gameboy Advance

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I review MK:DA on the GBA. Krypt / Fatality / Shang's Morph guide here:

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance GBA Gameboy Advance TMK

lol you phail...there is no computer in this video, just a gamecube and monitor.
Yeah the youtube uploader does that sometimes :s
I'm never played MK: Deadly Alliance from Gameboy Advance before, but I am played this game for XBOX!
That game is much much better than MKA!!!!
Venom Beth
amen to that!
The Movie Dictator
@TotalMK do you pefer deadly alliance on gameboy advance or mortal kombat tournament edition on gameboy advance?
A true gamer plays all games on all consoles; age of the game has nothing to do with the quality of the game, nor it's playability.
Quigon-Gin and Juice
Actually, this comment was intended for MK Advanced, not Deadly Alliance. ^.^ (I forgot to mention I was talking about MKAdvanced)
i just picked up a copy of this at MOA love it almost done unlocking everyone lol. now to find a copy of tournament edition some where lol
This is one of my favorite GBA games, Incredible music and sound effect quality and great gameplay for a GBA game.
hahah i have the same GCN great review man
Casandra Valdez
hey do they still have those things for gamecube so u can play gba games?
Casandra Valdez
hey do they still have those things for gamecube so u can play gba games?
I got on gba i beat the game
Quigon-Gin and Juice
I expected SO much more from a 32-bit system. How could a machine more powerful than the SNES, look, sound and play so god-damn shitty? I don't get it.
Thanks for the review, I want to get this now!
but mortal kombat has just gotten better not just in gameplay but also in story
well what are you doing watching a vid about somebody reviewing a fighting game?