Hunter x Hunter Ep 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Eng Sub

YaBoi Nate
alfa queena
killua look so cute
Hannah Wallace
Bruh I have been searching for the 2011 anime for like forever! Thanks.
Andrei Te
Menchi is the girl version of Gordon Ramsay in anime 😂
sam petty
Gon:i can tell there's a storm by the smell in the air. *next shot shows a giant storm cloud right in front of the ship lmao
YaBoi Nate
I’m a teenager just like you guys 🤯😱🤯 Definitely a 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥
lila shiota
my back is sore because i was sitting down for 2 hours 48 min and 47 seconds. But i'm still glad I really like this anime >.0 great video
Ana Guevara
I love this anime
Michael Martanegara
first thing i saw was kurapika oh naw hes hot
All of Jimin's Jams Namjoon stole
who else knew the hunters at 0:31?
lt chhakchhuak
Nothing change my feelings for killua3:$
Gabriel Stone
There is so much stuff missing out in the 2011 version I like the 1999 version
Can't wait to see captain iron man
mariaeleonor aurelia
I still prefer the older version. Their personalities have been altered a bit. They also omitted many scenes that shows each of the characters skills and abilities.
Maizily Maisie
That is some strong fishing line
XxAqua PhoenixYT
Rewatching this for the third time xD
Who else like killua gon kurapika?
Muneerah Sadique
did anyone find out that they skipped episode 3?!
Emmy Te Narwhalicorn
2:47:30 when he said whenever he saw a spider he went to a frenzy I laughed cuz I imagined him stepping on the spider so many times
satotz face after "i am the examiner" is so funny XD (1 hour)
Killua could rip my heart out of my chest and I’d probably thank him just sayin’
Alan Pinote
this is diffrent from the 1999 v.since mr.satotz is like sprinting but in the original,he is fast walking.
#01Maggie Z.
This is great! I love it. It has been I long time since I found something interesting as this.♥️♥️😅
who else is fan girling over Hisoka the whole time
HaxterGT76 BLANK
Im used to this since i watch about 30 episode of anime everyday or even more.
Poe Meh
I really really like killua so so muchhhhh
elli loveington
What about leorios spot light and the wound sene, in the original he found him out by a shot mark on his shoulder
It skipped a episode???
SJ Films
Thanks Netflix doesn't have this anymore but I still got to watch it
Dude kurapika has arachnoRAGEia
Alan Pinote
why does netero in the chimera ant arc is rocking some guns?
YaBoi Nate
I wish I was gon being smothered by mito-Chan’s breast
Happy Boio
Spends 10 episodes telling us how talented your main character is
Crizz X gaming
Leorio made me laugh when tonpa press X button hahaahaa leorio's reaction really made me laugh
Potato Is Good
Im started this now how i dont know but im finished shingeki no kyojin now :(
Samuel Keller
Who else originally thought Kurapika was a girl?
i like this pls download more videos i realy realy like you page
60km !!! LMAO
TBH if you stop the guy in front you don't have to run right?
Neko Cat Girl
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Lillian Le
Killuas a sadist
Majestic Goldthwaite
im watching this show for the 4th time every 148 ep and i just love it ohh just saying who ever is new to the show the 3ed season is the best 0///0 GO WATCH IT ITS GREAT
thank you so much for uploading!
Unpredictable Human
Aw no sushi :(
MeowGacha 515
It misses out episode 3, so you’d have to watch. It introduces Killua a little! He’s my favourite, so CUTEEE
Killua Zoldyck
People say the Hunter exams are the worst arc of hunter and idk what they're talking about, granted it's not as deep as Yorknew or the chimera ant arc but it's still a really enjoyable arc on its own and it's the only time we have the full squad together until Yorknew city
Henna Canaday
Why did you skip some parts?
Sasuke Uchiha
I'am love you channel
คนที่รัก รักที่คน
Killua Playz
Hello Gon Freecss have you find your dad?
ao mam
ถ้าเป็นพากย์ไทยคงสุดยอดเลย สู้ๆๆ
feefwqef efwqfef
a lot of important details were skipped don't watch hunterxhunter on youtube
I’m up to 1:04:08 at the moment. Already loving the series.
Shiraz Rashid
(In future episodes spoilers)These Guys spent like 27 episodes on some chimara ants
Laynee Delarosa
Menchi, the second phase examer needs souma here😂
gerald cambronero
XD anyone seen one punch man in this
Malvar Vince
He said that its 42 applicants but killua killed two right?
Luis Barradas
Grayson Sorrow
1999 so different
Cj Bias
Rewatching this for the 7th times. Still in love with killua.😍😍
BOOTY eater
Just... fight... alreadyyyyyy
Aleksandar Nikolic
1:57:47 he said he want touch them wtf
Thank you for bringing these back to us. The 2011 version of this series was magnificent. It captures the human journey and more perfectly.
Georgie Moore
When you can’t find your anime on Netflix or any single episodes on YouTube so you have to watch them in vids like this
Damsy Gaming
My 5th time re-watching this anime. Am I weird?
Roger Ducrin
“I’m gonna miss you when you’re Gon”
Jonalyn Rabusa
2:38:14 FRANKY!!!! That iconic laugh! AH AH AH AH AH
Chiahang yang
I love this anime 😭
Fishypool Savage
Waited 4 hours to watch this
Rewatching this for the 10th time and it still doesn't fade away as my favorite anime
The Golden Toilet
Man after rewatching it, kurapika looks so chubby?
Truong Tran
How 7 ?
General World
I'm going to be truly honest. My data sucks and Hunter x Hunter 2011 seems very interesting because everyone is talking about this version. I am currently watching the one 1999 and may I say. Big difference. Though I ended up barely not that far on both versions...😧So many time wasting just waiting for the video to load...😧 Edit: Still watching it since I have no data left on my phone...anyways, Gon is sooo adorable! I just want to hug him! Plus, the 1999 one is way different than this one. Though, the one 1999 is way more detailed than this, but since I watch the first 21 episodes it made sense. I'm going far as the episodes watched so the then I could compare...Peace Out✌ Edit: Killua is cute and his voice >,< Gon is adorable with his voice matching >^< Can't believe it >u<
Watching this again for the nostalgia
Danielle Rux
i liked the 1999 version better
Yolvin Toledo-Davis
7th time watching
Royal Theos
0:05 Thicc doggo
Omar Mix
1:51:31 i didn't knew how evil knocking down a house of cards can be into this scene opened my eyes lol
Gangsta Penguin
How does leeorio wear that badge when hes going up the stairs?
Zedukel Starstryker
ugh damn its 1 am right now and i just finished..... i regret nothing!!!!!!!
Nonisah Pacalna
Hisoka Is Gay For Gon....
Travis Fulayter
1911 always be better tho
having the top and side bars so damn big really makes it hard on the eyes. Center the video and put the bars around the out-side. it helps more. Watch your videos in Full Screen before posting them/uploading them. Ensure your quality a bit before slapping stuff out there.
The Broken
I am in love
Danial Haris
Its the fifth time I watch this anime never get bored
Lazy Gaming
MeowGacha 515
If this is the first anime your gonna watch, do a different one because no other anime is as good as this one
Vauge Waves
so his dad had him at age 12 wdf
King Evan
1:33:43 they all look so cute
Kelly Holder
Disapointed that it missed ep 3 but other than that it is really good thanks!
KassieThe Tiger
YaBoi Nate
Is hisoka gay cause he is always like Tht is getting me all excited 😜
sounds like that'll hurt 1:36:23
Bottle CAPS
Arigato senpai
Gamers Gurl
its like yin and yang hair black and white xD
Mitzuki Miku
I wish hunter x hunter have season 2
Porky Choppy
Gon is thug life hahahhaha that candle was blown away like he never even cared if it was breaking rules lol
Destiny W
What happened to ep 3?