Mortal Kombat X: Top 10 BEST Alternate Skins

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Lawless Phantom
Classic Reptile disappointed me because i hoped they would make his model a human model so he would look like a green ninja not a velociraptor cosplaying as a ninja
ernie samora
forever wanting a Deception Sub-Zero skin
Personally, I absolutely love Ronin Kenshi's design.
I'm a simple man: you mention my fav skin, I subscribe.
I love the injustice scorpion skin in my opinion. I reeeally like the brutal look to it
Lil Killer Jr
I don't have a favourite there all nice
Jeffrey Holub
You know revenant sub zero isn't Bi Han or Nood Saibot it's his brother Kuai Liang
Lawless Phantom
My top 5 are 5. Kung Jin-Shadow 4. Sub Zero-Tundra 3. Kano-Revolution 2. Cassie Cage-Kosplay 1. Scorpion-Injustice
Real Fergalaxy
I really liked the remodel of tournament Scorpion in mkx. I thought it looked awesome.
Phillip Miller
"I'm not a fan of this character, but..."
My favorite character is noob saibot
Christopher Ayala
I know this video is slightly old but where is my Future Raiden at? xD
Chris M
Not in any order, 1. Kraken reptile 2. Bounty hunter erron black 3. Blue steel sub zero 4. Revenant jax 5. shirai ryu takeda 6. Shadow kung jin 7. Kold war scorpion 8. Tournament kung lao 9. Samurai Kenshi? 10. Future raiden
Kahnum Mileena is literal bae
eggbot eggboy
Tundra sub zero
hunter 215
Revenant sub zero is my fav skin
Quan Chi
im glad im mentioned for once
I like the blue steel sub zero
fredric tigga
sub zero skin is best and takeda
Burglar Show
My top 10 favorite MKXL skins are: 10. Motherland Sonya 9.Revolution Kano 8.Bounty Hunter Erron Black 7.Shadow Kung Jin 6.Hanzo Hasashi Scorpion 5.Undercover Cassie 4.Ninja Mime Johnny Cage 3.Cyber Jacqui Briggs 2.All the revenant and dark skins 1.Ronin Kenshi
Ethan Bearry
Top ten worst characters
Ah shit He we go again
Sub zero is best
Ivan guzman
my favorite is revenant sub zero with unbreakable variation
Peter fat guy
My fav skin is dark emperor Liu Kang
yaqoub 5520_
Number 1is future raidin
Anyone else remember the abomination of sub-zero's alternate skin in Armageddon/deception I forgot which one
Monkey D. Naruto
Kold war skins are the best!!
The Official Cracker Man
10.Klassic ermac 9. Injustice Scorpion 8.Dark Raiden 7.Zombified Jason steel sub zero 5.Revent Zub zero 4.Jason X 3.Hanzo 2.Corrupted Shinnok 1.elder god Kenshi
Klassic Mileena and Kitana
6:13 buahahhaha his facee 😂😂
drdre gaming
i like sub zero revenant
Matt Deroches
the skins are very cool i like them
Oni !
My top three: 1-Injustice Scorpion 2-Future Raiden 3-Dark Raiden
Devin Hudson
Dark Empress Kitana. No.9
I see you love "dark" skins a lot. Haha I love them too. Nice top 10. I'd love to see those skins in MKX - tuxedo Johnny Cage, MK Deception/Armageddon Mileena, MK Deception Tanya
John Nguyen
OK 1.Ronin Kenshi 2.Blue Steel Sub Zero 3.MK3 Liu Kang 4.Revenant Kung Lao 5.Tournament Raiden and finally 6. Tournament Kenshi
Dio Brando
I like all the dark skins
Talaat Farooq
tournament Johnny cage
Wild Card Willy
The devs should've made a Jade skin for Kitana
Seil Epigon
10. Tournament Ermac 9. Revenant Kung Lao 8. Any klassic skin 7. Hotshot Johnny Cage 6. Revenant Jax 5. MK1 Liu Kang 4. Gold Scorpion 3. Injustice Scorpion 2. Tournament Scorpion 1. Hanzo Hasashi Scorpion *I L I K E S C O R P I O N*
Nice flawless bro ;)
Kadi Kass
i like all kitana skins
3:21 What Video is That From?
You complained about Outcast Erron Black showing too much skin, and chose Johnny Cage's alternate, where he is literally completely shirtless
Connor Hill
top 10 worst skins
superchoppylogan choppy
my favorite scorpion
Jose Mateus Ynocent
Juan Chavez
My favorite skin is the tournament Kitana
Old Gacy
1: Krimson Ermac 2: Revolution Kano 3: Ronin Kenshi 4: Blue Steel Sub-Zero 5: Carl Weathers Jax
My absalute fav of all time skin is the injustice scorpion and the crimson red ermac
every dark emperer and revenant
Random Topics
This is not a top 10 or top 5 but can you do a video of why subzero has white eye's
Paige Maynard
My favorites 1. Revenant Sub-Zero 2. Tournament Johnny Cage 3.Klassic skins 4.Dark Raiden
WhyYouSalty XD
My Top List of Skin All the revenant Skins,The Klassic Skins,The Alternative Revenant Sub Zero Color
ChristianGirl 101
Mk1 Raiden, Jingu Kitana, Wretch D'Vorah, And Endurance Cassie Cage.
Joe Odonnell
The tournament costume for Johnny Cage is great, but I prefer hotshot.
Aditya Prabhave Anbalagan
My favorite skin is Future Raiden
Cheetahjammerplays AJ
To me Kitana isn't the worst but Mileena is and Kitana is my number 1 fav character
My 3 Favorite Are Hanzo Hasashi Scorpion MK3 Kung Lao Revenant Liu Kang
Dwayne Vicario
mk deception your first ? game how old are you 15?
Arch Vile
My top 3: (In ascending order) Injustice Scorpion Butcher Variant Leatherface (Kinda counts as a skin) Wrathful Shinnok
Nathan D.
Personally, I love the Hanzo skin
Mathew Wilson
My favourite skin will always be the Russian Kano. It just fits him really well even though Kanos Australian
Ethan Cavallo
I like classic scorpion
RazerHD Gaming
There is Kung Jin Shadow Skin man !!
jingu kitana is my favorite skin in the game
Mark Paolo Dumlao
Dark Raiden fighting Dark Emperor Liu Kang: chills
SA7D Saad The King
Your Worst Nightmare
Fav character scorpion my fav skin hanzo hasashi....fav cutscene: quan chi: scorpion i- Hanzo hasashi: MY NAME IS HANZO HASASHI then you beat the hell out of quan chi
Jeff AND Jack
Dark Raiden: There are faiths worse than Death Me:OOOOOOHHHHHHH!
Hazonzo scorpen fav
my guess is infrared scorpion( i flipping loving him)
1. Dark emperor liu kang 2. dark raiden 3 injustice scorpion 4. ronin kenshi 5. revenant kung lao 6. klassic subzero 7. corrupted shinnok 8. pharaoh ermac 9. hotshot johnny cage 10. tournament sonya blade
Uros Babic
i really like the MK9 Scorpion next to Hanzo its fav for me!
Dmob Gaming community
Lowkey tournament skin for reptile invisible variant reminds me of shalin monks reptile...
Alan Alamillo
finally i found someone who favorite characters are lui kang and noob saibot best characters in MK9
Yeet Yeet spaghetti skeet
"Mutha Fucka I gotta bald head!" Hysterical!
Tristan Smith
Hanzo and Injustice scorpion are my fav
Tommy Babcock
Someone say number 1 hanzo scorpion and make my day with my fav
Our best Tovarish
Revolution Kano I hate Liu kang
My favorite skins are all 3 dark skins. (Dark Raiden, Dark Emperor Liu Kang, and Dark Empress Kitana).
Branislav Antic
I also like dark raiden,injustice scorpion and i like every tournament skins
Kakashi Sensei
My Favorite 1. Hanson Hasashi Scorpion 2.Tournament Scorpion 3.Klassic Reptile
the liu kang
Mama Venkman
Ty 4 putting the best character on this list: Johnny Cage!
Jamar Eiland
yea revenant sub zero being up there makes sense
you should make top 10 best characters
Mr. Ev3rything
We have the same #1 favorite characters! Noob & Lui Kang!
I also wished they brought back zombie lui Lang as a skin
Norma Samson
My favorite number 1 is dark emperor Liu Kang
Nati Miranda
Yep, I think Dark empress Kitana is awesome too <3
Elscio Vp
And sub zero from injustice 2
Blood dragon scorpion
David Freakin Stewart
Huh I agree with all these😂 I love the Hanzo hasashi skin he’s probably my favorite skins same with revenant sub zero
The Boss
dark emporer lue kang is my favorite and i just got him today YES
Almighty T.J.
My favorite costume is 🗣Kold War Scorpion🔥😈 I really love how he has chains on his arms. Well really I just love the whole costume altogether🖤
1.Tournament Scorpion 2. Revenant Kung Lao 3. Kuai Liang Sub-Zero 4.Klassic Scorpion/Klassic Kitana 5.Kotal Kahn (Osh-Tekk) 6.Tournament Jax. 7. Revenant Jax 8.Klassic Mileena 9.Tournament Raiden 10.Injustice Scorpion
1 ronin kenshi 2 shadow Kung Jin 3 blue steel sub zero
The Only OG
Ronin kenshi. Especially with the Kenjustsu variation.
Red Yoshi
kung lao and big broady🤔