Megadeth - In my darkest hour (lyrics)

My first lyrics video :D enjoy Music by: Megadeth Album: greatest hits back to the start this video is fan made and i dont take any credit for the music all the music was made by megadeth

Girlfriend: It's either me or Megadeth Me: *Plays this song*
]V[ E G A D E T ]-[
Александър Павлов
I'm glad Mustane left Metallica because if he didn't left it there wouldn't be such a great band like this :D.
JD Ickshot
Dude if this song is about Cliff Burton, then it has the most amazing hidden messages ever constructed.  
Corundum Krabble
RIP Cliff Burton, may you Rust In Peace
James Mccarraher
this to me is the ultimate break up song, my fiance just dumped me
Anyone get the feeling that the lyrics, deep down inside, are actually aimed at the boys from Metallica for kicking him out, but disguised as if it's about some chic who dumped him? -In my hour of need... (When he needed help with his alcoholism) -You were not there... (They didn't care about HIM) -And though i reached out for you... (He wanted to get treatment and stay in the band) -You wouldn't lend a hand... (They didn't even consider helping, just kicked him out) -Through the darkest hour... (When he was deep into alcoholism) -Grace did not shine on me... (They didn't let him get treatment and stay in the band, they just literally kicked him to the curb) -...No one cares for me... Ect.
Austin Walls
Stop the hate and enjoy the music. Metallica and Megadeth are equally as amazing.
Tally Candy
in my darkest hour, you weren't there.
steve Humphrey
So far, so good, what? Top 10 metal album 1980's!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
I personally love both Metallica and Megadeth.Dave and Hetfield are some of the best frontmans in metal.I cant hate one of this bands.Maybe i like more Metallica,but thats only my opinion.I cant even understand that fans of one band hate the other band because of hetfield's and dave's fight.This guys are friends now,but the fans continue get fucked...
Its Over
Dave.... god of Thrash metal.
My flesh still crawls as i hear this song.
Beth Gibson
never get tired of this song 🎵🎵
Still one of my favorites. These lyrics spoke to me soo damn much when I was younger and first heard this, I practically memorized the whole song.
Evan Barton
my foreskin crawls as I breath your name.
Tommy Tolo
This is the kind of break up song you can relate to in your early 20's the 1st time one of them little hoes betray's ya. After several divorces, I just expect it. lol. Love MegaDeth. This official video where Dave is smoking the Cig is even better.
SweetAnnie Rich
the pain, the pain, the pain
*album: So Far, So Good...So What?
Steve Sullivan
Don't wanna be "that guy", but there's a few lyric issues.  Great song though.  Hung back stage with 'em in '99. Friedmans last show!  Ellefson was cool to my mom.
Abdurrahman Polat
Best megadeth song.The lyrıcs are just awesome
Akash Panda
in the memory of cliff burton....
What an amazing tribute to an amazing person! RIP Cliff Burton! To Live Is To Die!
Benito Faggotini
You just feel the emotion punching you in the face through the vocals and lead solos. It’s amazing how the lyrics are so relatable to literally everyone
I love you!!!! Megadeth!!!!!! the best!!!
\metalero/ \minerva/
my favorite megadeath song \m/
MegadavE (song for Cliff Burton).
Felon Momma
Dave Mustaine did the best thing he could have ever done when he started Megadeath...this band deserves way more credit than they ever got for the Amazing music they do...LOVE these guys..One of the Greatest metal bands Ever...
Ines navy blue
How much emotions art Dave <3
You’ve Killed The Saint In Me
This song gives me goose-bumps :)
James Thomas
What do you mean could you call it a solo. Do you understand the meaning of the word solo? Or am I solo on this thought? Not much going on with satan  there.
Tori Metzler
My feelings exactly.
lee wilson
Great song. THIS  is for my ex wife lol LISTEN AND LEARN !
jairo alcides villamarin
thise bring me back in time
Never will be married again.
Things will be betterrrrrrr.
Jamie Norton
Great song :))))) \\M//
Armando Batista
2X speed it sounds like 4Horsemen/Mechanix
Noah Stone
daves best lyrics
Sai Kota
I just cant stop listening to that riff at 1:02
Akshay Sehgal
It was unfortunate that a great band was split into two groups,MEGADETH and METALLICA. A tragedy in metal history...
Sohit Shrestha
this is master piece thank u dave mustaine::;
Steve W
One must travel to a dark place to write lyrics like this
No matter who or what this is about, its an amazing song everyone can relate to at some point in our life. I feel this way about the divine sometimes.
Knackered Irishman
Such a bad ass guitar riff. Always has been, always will be!!!
Grace Armendariz
Badass jam!!!! 2019 who’s with me!
Naked Pictures Of Your Mother
When your roblox girlfriend cheats on you
Andrew J
My god those lyrics. incredible. pure feeling.
Murat Zorlu
fucking adorable song
Fast Hands
I'm about to ruin this for everyone: This reminds me of doki doki literature club...
leo myers
:))) \m/
Mercedes AC.
🤘I love ❤Megadeth 🤘👽
Civil Defense
The theme song of my youth.
Marc McCourt
And Metallica thought it was a good thing getting rid of this guy!!! Hahahahahaha!
The Real Eric Mitchell
Amazing song!
Love you!!!!!!!!
Kieler Klenk
]v[ E G A D E T ]-[ 4 LIFE
Donald Little
SnipeR X
Bj Russell
Jamila Andersson
Rob Murphy
This album, & Rust In Peace, are my faves from Megadeth, but i dig all their albums. Can't friggin' wait for Dystopia to drop
Sharon Filichko
Megadeth til death do us part. Mustaine is the man!!!!!
ShanFromTheBookOf Legends
Dave's voice is eargasmic😍
j Finn
lotta' upset souls and wounded victories ;)
Simone Scozzari
wrong text!
Your Name
Grom well
Things will be better when I'm dead and gone...don't try to understand,knowing you I'm probably wrong.... Been married 20 years and my wife makes me feel like this Sometimes
Logan Shank
By the way, "God" is capitalized
Fade to black in my darkest hour
Bboy(with a banana)
Some of the best lyrics i've heard. Almost as good lyrics as Dyers eve. Maybe even better.
Yours has a clearer sound
Paulo Henrique Parizotto
dave mustaine got so much mature along the years,this lyrics sounds so ingenuous.
look art
te amoooooo DAVE MUSTAIN...Gracias por tu genialidad lml
mc q
1:55 he sound like axl rose hah
Jordan Shaw
Favorite song.
Christine Johnson
Absolutely shows the talent of Megadeath/ Metallica... I love both & will admit they both kick ass.. ❤
Jonathan Morata
Nochevieja con Dave!!!! Meeeeetal
From Wikipedia: A non-Metallica tribute to Burton is the song "In My Darkest Hour" by thrash metal band Megadeth. According to Dave Mustaine, due to hearing of Burton's death, he sat down and wrote the music for the song in one sitting. The lyrics, however, are unrelated to Burton's death. Sorry for posting if you are aware, I wasn't.
Shannon Williams
Metalawho Dave stayed true
james harvey
thank you
Nemo the Fallen Angel
Your picture is quite amusing friend. And thank you for this video. :)
Donald Little
Grace did not shatter Me
Jsvsubejen Hsjsjwbqkqe
Mustaine wrote this song after hearing about burton's death
Michael Horn
Absolutely love this song!!! This is my life for now!!!!!!! It is so me!!!!!
Gold Roger
diiiid you ever think :) woooow
Randy Berken
Why does the beginning remind me of darksouls 1
Ryan Peterson
Every song a masterpeice every song on the spot prophecy unfoliding before my eyes~!! Ry
Christine Johnson
Mustang beautifully orchestrated his band,which made him a success & THAT he WAS 🔥❤
Tonya Beck
I can so relate lmao X
Alex Tozzi
Fk yeah!
He does?? WOOOO
This is my own interpretation about the song. Of course it is about a love relationship. Diana's break up could influenced a lot this song. But as I see it, it happens the same effect with the Cliff's death. What if Dave is singing like he was Cliff, in his moments between life and death. The love could be to anything, Art, Music, Metallica, Megadeth, a girlfriend or to life. Life can be very disappointing sometimes. In those times, we feel in our darkest hour...
She is the reason he kicked Jeff Young out of the band. He thought that he was trying make something happen with her and vice versa, but Ellefson helped write the lyrics as well.
louis Hernandez
This is like #hashtagthebestsotherecouldbe #
The WoodenMan
its about cliff burton
louis Hernandez
I love this Song so fucking much
Connor Walsh
can any one explain why he made this song I am intrasted
dude im so highhh...
Fair Fanx
Great song!