Keith Urban - Behind The Scenes of the "Coming Home" Music Video

Keith takes you behind the scenes of the making of his new music video - "Coming Home" featuring Julia Michaels! Listen to Keith's new album Graffiti U: /> Join Keith's mailing list: Join Keith's fan club: Connect with Keith: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Snapchat:

Keith Urban Julia Michaels Merle Haggard Coming Home Behind The Scenes Music Video Graffiti U

marie paradiso
Love that song .... ❤❤❤
Meghan Castro
I love these kinds of videos! Seeing how it was all put together!❤️
Patcharin Printarakul
Love're the best singer😘🎶🎤🎸
Yunsen Guo
This is amazing! It is always good to know how Keith made those splendid songs & videos, the stories behind the scenes.
Bat Man
One of my many favorites he has made
Bertein Zepp
Sweet singer
cheryl campbell
Great CD guys. Love all the songs ! Unusual that every song is fab. Only wish Blue ain’t your color was on it. Can’t have everything. Lol
Br1tta Eriksen
Your still going strong Keith your amazing man 💪👍🏻🍀🌟💥✨✨✨✨
Debra Hyde
I love how you show us these behind the scenes videos Keith. Love you so much and can’t get enough of Graffiti U. Can’t wait to meet u someday soon and see u in concert. Been a long 28 year wait but I hope the wait will be over soon. Love you always Keith.
Tracy Fellers
Cant wait to see more very nice of you Keith to share this and cant wait to here your newer songs .
Shirley Rael
Love, your video beautiful, looks like you had fun doing it... Beautiful place👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🌻🌻🌻
Love the song, love the video!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the road!!!
Wendy gaudley
Thanks KU for another outstanding video , and for making your fans feel special , Keep i up your amazing. work
Maria Debruhl
Sky Schofield
Awesomeness 🤠
TheSneakyAlex !!!
Keith urban my grandmother shirley Keith does your garden I hope I can meet you like my mom and my great grandmother Shirley kieth
Carter Watson
Yay another video this makes me so happy I waited so long for this album since ripcord I love it lol
I've got the FOMO for that FOMO song right now
pixie pixie
Carrie Sue George
You are for me Andy and I want you to come work with me please!!!!!! May God continue to bless us in the whole wide world of music!!!! Thanks for letting me see what I've been dreaming about since I was a baby!!!
Elsie Bell
Be careful and watch your steps !!!
It's always a real pleasure to see how Keith works on his videos! "Coming Home "thanks for this beautiful song🙌❤✨
James Connor
Keith Urban I used to live near Jeff's Family in Brookline projects in Brooklyn New York they were all alcoholic abusive motherfukers except for Jeff Jeff is a scapegoat don't listen to those m************ I was there evidence I used to live next door to them
Still respect Keith Urban but I have something against him here the last few years and that is selling his standing in front of the stage spots for money and that's not fair because you have to have enough money to go up there and person should just pay for seats like him and his wife do not have enough money already I think it's BS and I don't like it and
Bobby Ellers
You know it's true Jeff's lawyers really are after a lot of people going to go to trial everybody's going to get subpoenas the newspapers might be there the paparazzi
I love you so much Keith!!!  Was super happy to have  met you last summer at BVJ 2017....I WAS BATMAN (WOMAN)!!!  xoxo
Sharon FLOYD
Great video, great songs and great artists.....🇺🇸
Janine Bell
Fantastic, lovely video.
James Connor
Keith Urban Jeff's alcoholic abusive family is the one that abused the kids not Jeff they make Jeff to be the scapegoat I was there proof I was there neighbor there was other neighbors that witnessed the same thing
Jules Servant of Jesus
I love this song and video!!! I love Keith!!! 😍
KEITH URBAN it's a amazing music video LOVE IT 😍🎶🎸🎙
no name
I absolutely love this video...
Robert Vlogs
The music video is kind of like A Little Bit Of Everything with the way all the aspects changes
James Connor
farinos trafficking money laundering everybody knows
Carmella Miracles
This is such a great song I absolutely love this...
Caring B
This is such a great beautiful song...
The Lone Godfather
Very cool!
LOVE YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸
Christine Linge
Enjoyed the video!! Hope to see you in Dubai one day!
Ester Brohus Band
Really good. Thanks for fine videos. Best regards Ester.
Music Islife
Hey Keith, what kind of guitar is that?
Sara D. Bell
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎼🎤🎸🎸 thank so muck KU I really do love your songs! 😊❤️😇✌️
Brook Bauer
loved it soooo much!
Shelley Pakarinen
Very cool!! Thank you for sharing
Jo-Anne Squadrilla
Keith :) keith :)
Kami Reed Walter
Mary Barnett
He is so handsome
She is a sweetie
Alexis Jenkins
Love! :)
Yoshiki Hisada