Californication season 3 episode 8

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the best episodes ,in this hank get caught by becca for having sex with her friends mom,his ta and his student

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Best episode.....
Andreas Palmblad
My favorite scene ever.
James Johnson
Lmaooooo this whole scene is just gold.
always come back to watching this episode
Bruno Marley
That's Rick Springfield.... No other problems dude? Haha
Zanther Stone
God I've basically had this happen to me IRL.
I miss this show
Severus Versus
I would have go with Jill... She was like perfect in my opinion :P Than again, I am not Hank the GOD xD
is that rick Springfield!? lol
Aayush Shastri
One of the funniest scenes... LMAO
Michael Harris
What, is it a snow day?
Hank handled that like a boss
Ryan Hunsader
Love how calm he is the entire time. That sells the scene. But all this chaos is topped off by Rick Springfield coming out the door. #hankmoodyprobs
Alexander Carter
So obvious this was going to happen, and yet still so god damn amazing!
Mo3taz Elsaadawy
The Bessttt😂😍
best episode so far, i watched the first 3 series. amaziingg
Amanda Cialeo
Favourite episode, epic!