Shooter Game (Media Genre)

Top 10 First Person Shooters of the 90s


Top 10 BEST FPS GAMES of the 90s Subscribe: TIMESTAMPS BELOW ...

Top 10 Classic Shoot 'em up Video Games


You are one ship against an entire enemy air force; They don't stand a chance. Join as we countdown ...

Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes


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"shooting games"-Shooter game - Media genre.


"shooting games"- Shooter game - Media genre .Shooting - Disaster type free shooting games 100 Тринидад и Тобаго online ...

TOP 10 Offline FPSShooting Games 2017 [Android iOS]


TOP 10 Offline FPSShooting Games 2017 [Android iOS]! ★ Join Amazon Prime (30 Day FREE Trial) ➜ ...

Game Genres are Dumb


Game genres are dumb, but what defines genre ? What can it learn from other mediums? How can it help video games grow?

Is the FPS Dying or Evolving? | GameShow | PBS Digital Studios


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Top 10 Xbox 360 Shooting Games of All Time


Ranking the 10 best shooting video games on the Xbox 360. We compiled critic and user scores of all the first-person ...

7 Days to Die - Torches - Do they Raise The Heat Map? Are Zombies Attracted To Them? (Alpha 17)


In this 7 Days to Die Video, we are testing Torches and whether they Raise the Heat Map level, or if they attract zombieshordes.

What is Genre? | Let's Talk Theory


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How Cover Systems Ruined Shooters


Cover mechanics gained a pretty infamous reputation during the 7th generation of games , leading many to feel that the entire ...

Is The First-person Shooter Genre Dying On Consoles Because FPS Games Refuse To Evolve? - YouPlay!


Is the First person Shooter Genre dying on consoles because developers refuse to evolve it in the right direction? My buddy Josh ...

Top Ten 2D Shooters


Get ready to descend into Bullet Hell as we talk about a genre that for the most part seems to go untouched...the 2D shooter .

Speedrun #7


Left 4 Dead 2 speedrun on The Parish in 06:24.

The Past of Paladins


We must remember where we've come from, to know where we are going. Enjoy this trip into the past of Paladins, and recall the ...

War Robots - State of The Game Episode


EPISODE - War Robots - State of The Game Episode. We're going to discuss my opinions and views on the current state of the ...

Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups - JonTron


Jon looks at some of the weirder games that the Japanese Shoot 'Em Up genre has to offer.  ...

Have single-player FPS gone backwards?


TotalBiscuit brings you an exposé on the current state of first person shooters in comparison to older games in the genre . Follow ...



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